The Strongest System

Chapter 687: Nearly Ran Away

Chapter 687: Nearly Ran Away

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Reverend Shakya was hating himself in his heart. What the hell did he froze up for earlier on? Now that he had finally snapped back to his senses, it was all too late. Lin Fan had long disappeared to god knows where.

He could only hope that he would still be able to catch up eventually.

“Reverend Shakya, please hold up!” Mu Manfeng blocked Reverend Shakya in his way.

“Benefactor, this poor monk here has something to do. Please make way for me.” Even though Reverend Shakya was extremely impatient right now, his attitude towards Mu Manfeng was still kind and benevolent.

Even though there were so many powerful beings who were chasing after Lin Fan right now, Mu Manfeng on the other hand did not join them and was waiting for Reverend Shakya instead.

“Of course, I can make way for you. However, Reverend Shakya, I heard that the skill of Purification possessed by you is pretty miraculous. I wonder if Reverend Shakya could resign yourself to part with that treasure of yours. I will be eternally grateful for it.”

Even though Mu Manfeng possessed the heritage of the Great Sovereign Buddha, there was a skill lacking within it, the skill of Purification. If he could learn this Purification technique, he could reform and cleanse the living beings in the world and have them provide faith for him. At that time, Mu Manfeng’s Great Sovereign Buddha techniques would definitely be able to reach a new level.

The moment Reverend Shakya heard these words, his eyes shone with a glimmer. Placing his hands together, he continued, “Benefactor, the skill of Purification is one that is exclusive to the Buddha race alone. I’m afraid that I would have to disappoint this benefactor. Do make way for me, benefactor. This poor monk has something he must do.”

“Everyone says that pray and you shall receive. To think that Reverend Shakya would reject me outright. Seems like your cultivation isn’t quite there yet eh, Reverend Shakya? Since that’s the case, I’m afraid I’ll have to squeeze it out of you myself then.” Mu Manfeng had planned for this from the start. While it might be true that Lin Fan did provoke him, he knew that he would gain nothing out of killing him. He might as well hold back Reverend Shakya and try to learn his skill of Purification instead.

Even if Reverend Shakya refused him, Mu Manfeng had intended to suppress Reverend Shakya forcefully. Using a soul-searching technique, he would then seek out the skill of Purification himself.

Even though Reverend Shakya was strong, Mu Manfeng wasn’t fearful in the least bit.

“Benefactor, you must be possessed.” Reverend Shakya was enraged momentarily as the Angered Buddha within his heart rose. If he were to continue dragging on with this, he would truly be dead meat once Lin Fan escaped far away.

If he wanted to find him once more, it would be extremely difficult by then.

Seeing this Mu Manfeng being so obstinate, Reverend Shakya was feeling exasperated. He looked pretty amicable on first glance, but to think that he would be this vicious.

“Angered Buddha! Master, you do have a deep affinity with Buddhism. How about you take a look at my Greedy Buddha then!” Mu Manfeng sniggered out sinisterly. Instantly, a bright streak of golden light shone out and spread across the world, overpowering even that of Reverend Shakya’s.

“Hais…” Reverend Shakya sighed out. He did not wish to say anything any longer as he slammed a fist out towards Mu Manfeng to suppress it.

“Given the situation right now, the chance of me making my escape has risen quite a fair bit!” As Lin Fan was streaking his way across the sky, he made sure to check back from time to time as well.

All of those powerful beings were in hot pursuit like rabid dogs.

“Little bald monk! Yours Truly is going to make his escape now! If you can still hunt me down, Yours Truly is going to eat sh*t!” Lin Fan gloated in his heart. He wasn’t bothered in the least bit about these guys chasing behind him.

If he wanted to take them down, it would be relatively simple. However, in order to not cause any unnecessary commotion, Lin Fan decided not to strike back. All he wanted to do was escape.

“Little degenerate! You had better stop there!”

“Even if I’m going to hunt you down to the end of the world, I’m going to kill you!”

“Damned sh*t! How dare you provoke us? Courting death!”

Yu Liutian and the others bellowed. They had intentions of killing Lin Fan. This was especially the case given how short-tempered Yu Liutian was. Before he had even entered the secret grounds, he was already filled with rage from the incidents prior.

And, to think that he would meet with this provocation of Lin Fan. This was just the avenue for him to release all that pent-up frustration of his.

“Hmph! A bunch of dumbf*cks! If not for the fact that I’m trying to avoid that bald monk, I’d have long killed all of you!” Lin Fan’s figure flashed nimbly. Instantly, he activated his Stealth to its maximum and deployed So Near, Yet So Far, running a hundred miles out.

Within the void, Lin Fan was like a fish that had found water. His mighty body went against those void currents with ease. These voids currents that posed a threat to everyone and ripped everything in their way could not deal a single bit of damage to Lin Fan at all.

“That little degenerate is bloody good at running!”

“His movement skills are indeed pretty slick! We must definitely kill him and obtain his skills!”

“That’s right! The wealth within the storage rings of Old Master Triple Corpse and the others must definitely be frightening! Even if we don’t get anything within this secret ground, this trip wouldn’t be a wasted one if we could obtain all those items within that little b*stard’s possessions right now!”

At this moment, Lin Fan was a moving treasure chest for all of them. Everyone wanted him dead.

“Bloody hell! All of them are acting like rabid dogs!” The distance between Lin Fan and these powerful beings was getting wider. Before long, he would be able to make it out of this place completely.

His second Essence Spirit had already managed to suppress the connate Element of Wood. Even though the connate Element of Wood was strong, it was something that Lin Fan could take down with a single raise of his hands.

“Eh? What’s up with this sh*t before me?” Just at this moment, Lin Fan’s brows creased. Far in the distance ahead, a sea of blood was rumbling, looking extremely strange.

The clouds in that area were all stained with the same blood red color. In fact, the affected area was spreading out rapidly. Before he knew it, the entire patch of redness extended out above Lin Fan’s head in the sky.

“Guys, look! What is that?”

The powerful beings who were chasing after Lin Fan had noticed this weird phenomenon in the sky as well. However, they did not know what was going on at all.

“There’s something strange going on up ahead. It must be the birth of some sort of treasure!”

“Could it be the treasure of the Gleaming Blood Lord?”

“Just what in the world are these?” Lin Fan frowned. He had a bad feeling about this. Raising his head, the only thing he could see was blood red. It was as though his entire body was lying within an ocean of blood right now.

“There must be a demon in every single strange place there is.” Lin Fan wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

After all, everything was truly way too sinister.

However, at this very moment, those weird looking blood red clouds started shining with a series of bright gleams, having mysterious runic symbols within them.


The void vibrated out as a tremendous force gushed out from all directions. Lin Fan was instantly pushed down from the void.

“Such a strong power!” Lin Fan’s heart jerked momentarily. This was an irresistible power. Even if he were a Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state being right now, he would not even have the power to resist being pushed down from the void like now.

“This is a sealing power!”

Lin Fan suddenly realized that the powers churning within his body were gradually slowing down. In fact, the passage of time seemed to be stalling within this place as well.

“F*ck! This fella isn’t even revealing himself fully!” Lin Fan stopped his footsteps. Hurling out the Doomsday Calamity God Fist, a figure of a Skill Spirit carrying with it a typhoon of disastrous calamity slammed forward into the void.

However, the moment it made contact with that sea of blood, it drowned within, as though it had just dropped into quicksand. In fact, there weren’t even any ripples about it.

“Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan, just that sort of a cultivation state is enough for you to cause Cruel such troubles? Indeed, that guy is just all talk and no show.” A loud voice boomed out from all directions.

“Who is it?” Lin Fan’s face changed. He had clearly heard the name Cruel within those words. Could this be someone sent by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?

At this moment, all the other powerful beings looked at their surroundings warily as well. They could sense a formidable surge of power filling up this entire world.

Instantly, a figure appeared before everyone in the far reaches of the sky.

That figure was shrouded in a black mist that was slowly gathering and culminating into a true body. The moment the true body was fully formed, the entire world descended into a blood red state.

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