The Strongest System

Chapter 688: Gleaming Blood Lord

Chapter 688: Gleaming Blood Lord

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‘F*ck! Yours Truly has maintained such a low profile recently and yet someone is still hunting after me? This doesn’t make any sense at all!’ Lin Fan was pretty exasperated right now. By the sounds of it, this person seems to be here for him.

“Hmph! What sort of a person is this who dares to seek trouble with Your Motherf*cking King here? Can’t you see all the underlings behind Yours Truly right now? All of their cultivation states are heaven revolting! If you dare to act so insolently here, Your Motherf*cking King shall have them bust your anus!” Lin Fan tossed back his robes and said out domineeringly. However, within his heart, he was busy trying to think of how he should get out of this.

Given the state things were in right now, anyone could tell that this was probably going to be quite troublesome.

Before him stood a BOSS while behind him stood a bunch of elite buggers. This was truly a situation he had yet to come across thus far.

Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state.

‘This cultivation state should be manageable, I suppose.’ Lin Fan looked at the figure before him and started thinking real hard. Divine celestial level 9 state… This was just in between, neither high nor too low of a cultivation state. Based on his current strength, he should be able to give the other guy a run for his money.

However, there was some really strange feeling that Lin Fan was getting from his aura. He could sense that something wasn’t right.

“Just these trashes? I can easily take them down with the back of my palms!” That figure was wearing a mask that was fully red and covered everything except his eyes. Everything else was filled with runic symbols cramped together.

The moment this figure heard the words of Lin Fan, he replied with disdain.

The moment all of those powerful figures who were chasing after Lin Fan heard those words, THEY were the ones whose expressions turned extremely terrible.

“Who are you!”

“How dare you refer to us as trashes? You’re just courting death!”

“Hmph! There’s so many of us around today! Even if you’ve got some godlike capabilities, you’re not going to be able to run away!”

Which of these powerful beings weren’t individuals who were high and mighty? Now that they were referred to as trashes, how could any of them endure this at all?

“That’s right! This is simply intolerable! How dare this masked man refer to you guys as trashes? Even I am getting a little pissed listening to that!” Lin Fan said, adding oil to the fire.

“Based on my opinion, we should all head up and kill that fella!”

Lin Fan had not expected for this masked man to appear before him. Furthermore, this guy gave him a really ominous feeling. Even if they were to all rush at him together, they might not be his match at all.

With a wolf up ahead and dogs behind him, if the dogs and wolf were to work together, he’d be the one in a bad state.

“Hmph! YOU shut up! You want to make use of us as your bullets? You’ve got to be looking down on us!”

“That’s right! Today, BOTH of you must die!”

Looking at how these powerful beings were shouting out one after another, Lin Fan was helpless in his heart as well. To think that his little secret would be exposed. That was pretty hurtful man!

“All of you guys are wrong. This masked man here is someone sent by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race, Cruel. If you guys don’t join forces, do you think you can get out of this place alive?” Lin Fan asked.

“What? Someone sent by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?!”

The moment all the powerful beings heard these words, their spirits were rattled. Evidently, they were in some disbelief over the fact.

For all of these powerful beings, the Ancient race was a really sensitive topic to talk about. This was even more so for the Utmost Being of the Ancient race. That name was akin to a gigantic mountain pressing down on their hearts.

The masked man stood there motionless. For him, these guys were nothing more than mere ants before him.

All of a sudden, he raised a single finger. With that, a bright beam of red light burst out, followed by a tragic scream.


Within the group of powerful beings, one of them suddenly ballooned up before exploding into pieces of flesh.

“Darn it!”

The pieces of flesh rumbled around furiously, trying to regroup into a new body. However, a massive surge of energy gushed down from the Heaven all of a sudden, mincing those pieces of meat into nothingness.

“All of you shall die.” The voice of the masked man was frosty beyond anything else. These so called powerful beings were not a threat to him in the slightest bit.

“F*ck! How long more are you guys going to continue watching for? The other party has already started making his move to kill you guys! If you guys hesitate any longer, you might be the ones left dead!” Seeing that scene, even Lin Fan’s heart could not help but feel slightly rattled. To think that this masked man would be this f*cked up! Killing them over a single sentence he disagreed with! That was even more overbearing than Yours Truly!

Before Yours Truly killed anyone, he would still at least bother to sprout some crap with them! But this guy here just threw out a finger, bringing with it absolute force to crush them into bits!

This was absolute oppression through pure power! How frightening was this?

Lin Fan did not wish to strike out right now. All he wanted to do was to get out of this place. He was truly afraid of that bald monk, who was one hell of an annoyance.

He had finally gotten this chance to run out this far. Naturally, he would make sure to escape as far as he could possibly get.

“Everyone, strike together!” The powerful beings were tensed up right now. However, their sights were focused as they bolted up at the masked man together.

“Hmph! What a bunch of ants!” The masked man snorted coldly. A gigantic blood red palm descended from the sky. Bringing with it a devastating amount of power, it swept across the battlefield and suppressed everyone.

“Ah! That’s the Blood Demon’s Mega Palm of the Gleaming Blood Lord!”

“He is THE Gleaming Blood Lord!”

“The Gleaming Blood Lord isn’t dead! Everyone, run!”

At this moment, some of the powerful beings were familiar with who the Gleaming Blood Lord was. The moment they caught sight of the bloodied palm, they started exclaiming out in shock.

Wherever that huge blood red arm passed, everything would wither and die. As the fingers of the palm started pulling, everyone could feel as though the essence, spirit, and vitality within their bodies were getting sucked dry.

Legends had it that the Gleaming Blood Lord was a powerful being formed from a pool of blood that had cultivated itself to the Dao. It could devour all the essence, spirit, and vitality of the word, strengthening itself in the process.

However, a thousand years ago, the Gleaming Blood Lord was surrounded and ganged upon by a group of powerful beings from the thousands of races and severely injured. Even though he had managed to escape successfully, his Essence Spirit was on the brink of dissipating through the grave injuries.

For all of the beings of the thousands of races, the Gleaming Blood Lord was a truly heaven-defying, powerful being. For most people who bumped into him, the only outcome was none other than death.

“Senior Gleaming Blood Lord! Please spare my life!”


A powerful being cried out, seeking for mercy. However, in the blink of an eye, he was splattered by the palm and turned into a pool of blood.

“Run! Everyone, hurry up and run!” All of the powerful beings were stumped right now, screaming out in their hearts. This deep rising fear was surging its way into their hearts right now.

The repressing feeling of the fear was so intense that they were suffocating from it.

The might of the Gleaming Blood Lord was unparalleled. Even after a thousand years, it was still a shadow that lurked in the darkness of these powerful being’s memories.

“I am the genius of the Jade God Sect! Gleaming Blood Lord, you can’t kill me!” Yu Liutian screamed out in fear.


In the blink of an eye, Yu Liutian was disintegrated into nothingness.

Xing Wangong and Jia Yongye were horrifically pale right now as well. To think that they would meet such a supremely powerful being within this secret ground!

“Run! Hurry up and run! We’re definitely no match for this Gleaming Blood Lord!” Xing Wangong and Jia Yongye were horrified right now. There was no room for them to even think about anything else as they darted out into the distant skies.

However, just as the both of them were about to run, a gigantic banner of blood gushed down from the sky, encompassing both of them.


The both of them struggled within the red colored banner. However, it only tightened up continuously. With a crack, fresh drops of blood dripped out of this red banner.

By the time the banner opened up once more, the only thing that dropped out of it were two sets of corpses.

In that instant, the essence, spirit, vitality, flesh, and blood of Xing Wangong and Jia Yongye were consumed by the Gleaming Blood Lord.

“Such a cruel skill.” Witnessing this sight, Lin Fan could not help but freeze up for a little.

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