The Strongest System

Chapter 689: Running Faster Than A Rabbit

Chapter 689: Running Faster Than A Rabbit

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Lin Fan watched every single cruel method of the Gleaming Blood Lord carefully. He knew that out of all the demons he had encountered thus far, the Gleaming Blood Lord was the most vicious entity out there.

He was a powerful being that had existed a thousand years ago. Now that a thousand years had passed, how much firmer and stronger would his foundation be?

Out of all the powerful beings from earlier on, there were no lack of Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state beings. However, before the palm of this Gleaming Blood Lord, all of them were squashed like ants.

Amongst the powerful beings of Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state, Grandmaster Yun of the Cloud Sect could be considered the strongest of them all. However, not even he might be able to withstand this palm strike from the Gleaming Blood Lord.

“This is certainly going to be troublesome now.”

At that moment, Lin Fan felt his spirits being rattled. The pair of eyes beneath that mask of the Gleaming Blood Lord were fixated on him, akin to a gigantic, rumbling ocean of blood. And, within that ocean of blood lied the tormented souls of countless powerful beings who were screaming out at the top of their lungs.

“Gleaming Blood Lord, Yours Truly isn’t feeling all that comfortable today. How about we delay this battle of ours for another day?” Lin Fan did not feel like going up against a twisted f*ck as such.

The Gleaming Blood Lord was a Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state being. Every single move of his would encompass energy from all the eight desolates. This was no ordinary being to deal with.

“Motherf*cking Human King, your meddling with affairs here has become cumbersome, and is interrupting with the plans of my Master!”


An ominous glow flashed out. Clearly, the Gleaming Blood Lord did not want to say anything much anymore. Two beams of red light shot out of his eyes like sharp blades.

“Holy f*ck! Gleaming Blood Lord, don’t you go overboard now! If Yours Truly were to get serious, even Yours Truly would be afraid of myself!” It was in Lin Fan’s character to get into a fight if he were displeased with something. But damn it! This Gleaming Blood Lord was even more overb*earing than him! This was pretty intolerable!

Lin Fan’s body flashed as countless erupted forth. A single palm could encompass the Heavens while another could quake the ground. Ever since he had entered the All to One state, any skills could move freely at the back of his hands without any loopholes in them.

“Gleaming Blood Slaying Sword!”

The Gleaming Blood Lord pointed out with his finger, as a single drop of fresh blood burst out. Instantly, it transformed into a blood red long sword. That single sword brought with it the ghastly cries of spirits and gods as the skies were filled with the ocean of blood. The entire world was sliced into two with that sword.

“Good sword! Alright, Yours Truly shall have a go with you today then!” Lin Fan knew that there was no way out of this. Instantly, the nine Sword Wills of the Firmament Sword fused together as they converged into a spot of light on Lin Fan’s fingertips.

“The Utmost Dao of the Sword that possesses everything in the world!”

The nine Sword Wills brought with it everything within this world. At the same time, it possessed all the enlightenment that Lin Fan had received along his way. That single sword that slashed out shone with a radiant light in all directions.


A loud explosion rang out. Lin Fan stumbled back dozens of miles as a deep wound was cut on Lin Fan’s chest by the Gleaming Blood Lord’s sword.

On the wound, the gleaming blood rumbled as the sharp blood tore its way into Lin Fan’s body.

‘So strong! This is a pure oppression with brute force! Even though my cultivation state is only that of a Divine celestial level 7, the powers within my body are extremely dense, and I’m able to go against someone of Divine celestial level 9 for sure. But, to think that I would take in such disadvantages under the hands of the Gleaming Blood Lord? Just how strong is this guy?!’

Other than the eight Utmost Beings of the Ancient race, Lin Fan had never really been bothered with any other beings of the thousands of races. However, to think that this Gleaming Blood Lord before him could cause him such substantial damage. With that, Lin Fan could not help but get more serious.

The fact that he could kill enemies that were higher level than him did not mean that there wasn’t anyone from the thousands of races who couldn’t do so as well.

The Fire Water Emperor who could suppress an Utmost Being of the Ancient race was a savant genius. Considering that, this Gleaming Blood Lord must definitely be one of them as well.

His cultivation state was strong, with a deep foundation to it. There was no way to tell the depth of his powers at all.

“Motherf*cking Human King, you’re strong indeed. However, in my eyes, you’re no different than a dead dog. The Utmost Being, Cruel, is simply way too weak. To think that he would have to run in circles because of you, and even have a single Essence Spirit of his fall because of it.” The Gleaming Blood Lord spoke up in a cold tone.

“What crap are you spouting? Even if Yours Truly is a dead dog, I’ll ensure that you will die in the hands of this dead dog then!” Lin Fan bellowed out as a hundred thousand feet long Colossal Dragon burst forth from his body.

The dragon’s roar was explosive, as the manifested Colossal Dragon growled out relentlessly. The Heavenly Dragon’s Music churned out into the world as this irresistible tune permeated the void.

“Hmph! Heavenly Dragon’s Music… know your place.” The Gleaming Blood Lord laughed out icily. Instantly, a shrill, sharp noise burst forth from his mouth.


The hundred thousand feet long Colossal Dragon exploded into pieces and was sent back into Lin Fan’s Paradise.

“Flying Heavens.”

Lin Fan’s motions were akin to that of a dragon’s. With the power of his Paradise boosting him, Lin Fan’s powers were as vast as the seas, as they slammed out towards the Gleaming Blood Lord.


Flying Heavens tore through the void and swiveled within it. Instantly, it appeared behind the Gleaming Blood Lord and aimed at penetrating his body.


A gigantic blood red arm suddenly appeared and grabbed Flying Heavens within it.

“Hmph! A mere Dao Weapon and you dare to use it so impertinently before me? You’re truly courting death.” The Gleaming Blood Lord scoffed coldly.

“Not good!” Lin Fan had not expected this Gleaming Blood Lord to be this tricky to deal with. To think that even Flying Heavens which was hidden in the void would be discovered by him!

In fact, the thing that was giving Lin Fan a bad feeling about this was the fact that both Weapon Spirits within Flying Heavens were being attacked by that boundless power of the Gleaming Blood Lord right now.

“Shengyang Pills, burn!”

Lin Fan did not hesitate at all as he burned up 200,000,000 Shengyang Pills right away. Even though it was a sizeable fortune, burning it right now would be enough for Flying Heavens to go wild.

The Gleaming Blood Lord frowned slightly as he realized the Flying Heavens was rotating faster in his hand. Suddenly, a tremendous amount of power burst forth from it.


The palm of the Gleaming Blood Lord burst into pieces with that as Flying Heavens seized the opportunity to run away.

“Hmph! To think that you would burn Shengyang Pills. Seems like you’ve got some capabilities then.” The Gleaming Blood Lord snorted coldly as that exploded palm of his began to regenerate.

“Yours Truly has all sorts of capabilities to me. You’re dead for sure!” Lin Fan tensed up. This was the first time he was coming face to face with a truly powerful being.

Even though this Gleaming Blood Lord was only at the Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state, his powers were definitely comparable to that of a Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state being.

“Amitabha! Benefactor, this poor monk has finally found you! Why are you being sealed up by this blood sea here?” At this moment, a small little gap was breached through the entire ocean of blood that was sealing up the entire place.

Reverend Shakya shone with a bright Buddha light, as though the Land of Bliss itself had appeared personally.

“Bald monk, this is the Gleaming Blood Lord here. Bloody hell run away!” Lin Fan had not expected this bloody bald monk to really catch up with him here.

“Buddha race.” The moment the Gleaming Blood Lord caught sight of who it was that had arrived, his eyes shone with an ominous glint. It was as though he possessed an endless amount of hatred towards the Buddha race.

“What? Gleaming Blood Lord?” Reverend Shakya was not up to speed with the current events just yet. However, the moment he heard the words of Lin Fan, he was petrified, as that benevolent and compassionate face of his turned a little pale.

“Benefactor! This poor monk is going to take his leave now! Gleaming Blood Lord, you guys carry on!” Without waiting, Reverend Shakya fled off instantly. In the blink of an eye, he was nowhere to be seen.

“Holy f*ck!” Lin Fan was stunned at what had just happened. This f*cker ran way too fast, didn’t he?! Even when they were walking usually, he was just taking his own sweet time. To think that he would be scared sh*tless just by the name of this Gleaming Blood Lord!

“Go to hell!” The unparalleled might of the Gleaming Blood Lord exuded forth once more as he targeted Lin Fan again.

“F*ck! We don’t know who’s dead for sure just yet!” Lin Fan gave up every other thought in his mind and focused every single last bit of his attention into fighting with this Gleaming Blood Lord.

Reverend Shakya was sprinting the entire way as that little heart of his thumped furiously.

“To think that the Gleaming Blood Lord isn’t dead! How could this be?” Reverend Shakya could not believe everything he had just witnessed. A thousand years was a long time before he was even born. However, he did read through the records after that.

The Gleaming Blood Lord was a demon who was never supposed to be born. Back in the past, it took three powerful beings from the Buddha race to kill the Gleaming Blood Lord. At the end of it, the Gleaming Blood Lord had still managed to kill one of them in reverse. This was a huge calamity for the beings of the Buddha race.

Those three powerful Buddhas were all tremendous pillars of support for the Buddha race. Losing even one of them was an immense loss for the entire race.

“Benefactor Lin is dead for sure! This time around, he’s surely going to be killed!” Reverend Shakya was thinking about it while he was making his escape.

“What should this poor monk do?!” Reverend Shakya was in a dilemma right now, wondering what the best course of action was.

Meeting such a powerful demon was undoubtedly a dead end for anyone. It didn’t matter how many people there were fighting against him.

“This…!” Reverend Shakya came to a stop and looked over at that ocean of blood right there.

Eventually, he clenched his teeth and blurted out, “F*ck it! If I’m going to die, then so be it! Damn!”

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