The Strongest System

Chapter 690: Bald Monk, Just Speak The Truth!

Chapter 690: Bald Monk, Just Speak The Truth!

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A flash of red light pierced through the world as though an infinite number of swords had slashed through.


“Ah, that hurts! Dang it!” At this moment, fresh blood was dripping from Lin Fan’s body. His entire body was filled with wounds all over it. Even if his physical body state was that of a Divine celestial level 8, Universal Elixir state being right now, he could not defend against the brutal attacks of the Gleaming Blood Lord.

‘Ding…Eternal God Body Experience Points +20,000’

“Holy f*ck. What’s the use of gaining experience points right now? Yours Truly is not going to be able to hold out for much longer!” The Mythical Parasol Tree was transfusing a large amount of lifeforce to repair Lin Fan’s body.

However, the attacks of the Gleaming Blood Lord were way too sharp. Even if it were any normal Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state powerful beings, they might not be able to take down this incomparably tough body of his.

However, before this Gleaming Blood Lord, the physical body state that he was so proud of was getting shredded like a piece of paper.

“Are you on crack or something? You’re obviously just a Divine celestial level 9, Eight Desolates United state being! How is it that the power sent forth from you is so damn strong?” Lin Fan was helpless right now. He even had the slightest intention of committing suicide.

This was one hell of a f*ckfest for Lin Fan. How in the world did he meet such a powerful opponent?

“Spirit of Biggra, are you bloody done with your preparations yet or not?” Lin Fan looked within his Paradise impatiently at that Spirit of Biggra, which was preparing himself.

“Yes, I’m done! Allow me, the Spirit of Biggra, to truly strut my stuff today!” The Spirit of Biggra nodded his head solemnly.

“Gleaming Blood Lord! Prepare to thoroughly enjoy the strongest move that Yours Truly have!” Lin Fan bellowed out. Slapping out with his palm, the Spirit of Biggra yelled out as well.

“Hmph!” The Gleaming Blood Lord snorted coldly as his robes danced in the air. A mighty aura emanated out from it, plunging straight towards the Spirit of Biggra.


The Spirit of Biggra exploded into a thick, dense mist. Lin Fan was waiting with bated breath right now, wondering if the Spirit of Biggra would succeed.

“Gleaming Blood Lord! Later on, Yours Truly will let you experience what it’s like to f*ck the ground! You’ll definitely feel pleasure beyond anything else!” Lin Fan held both hands together, starting to gain some control over the pace of the battle now.

The Spirit of Biggra was Lin Fan’s ace up his sleeves. Against any powerful being he faced, Lin Fan would always be sure to go a few rounds with them first. Once he was certain that he couldn’t win against them, he would then let the Spirit of Biggra into the battlefield to clean up the mess. As for the outcome later on, Lin Fan was already expecting it.

This Gleaming Blood Lord would be sure to get into a frenzy and give in to his lust before getting all berserk and raged up.

And of course, to ensure that the Gleaming Blood Lord wouldn’t end up coming over to f*ck him, Lin Fan made sure to enter Stealth mode. If the enraged Gleaming Blood Lord ended up f*cking him, it would be an utterly unbearable sight for sure.

Lin Fan was waiting patiently in a relaxed manner. However, all of a sudden, he saw the Spirit of Biggra scrambling all the way back!

“Master! This guy is way too twisted! His inner heart is all filled with lust and desire! Even his second Essence Spirit was masturbating! When I entered his Paradise, I was nearly caught by that second Essence Spirit of his and was so close to losing this pure body of mine!” The Spirit of Biggra bawled out in tears. For the Spirit of Biggra, this was a humiliating experience, a shame that he had never once experienced before!

“Huh?” Lin Fan’s jaws dropped agape. ‘That f*cking works too?’

“Hmph. Here I was thinking what sort of a move that will be. To think that it’s just something that will tug at my desires. I am the most tainted blood within this entire world. You honestly think that someone like you can manage to control me with my lust?” The eyes of the Gleaming Blood Lord shone with mockery before he burst out laughing wildly.

“Motherf*cking Human King Lin Fan, your death sentence is here. Your Essence Spirit there, I shall thoroughly savor it!” The hands of the Gleaming Blood Lord opened wide as an ocean of blood that encompassed the entire sky gushed over, emanating a strong bloody stench from it. In fact, there were even countless baleful spirits that were howling out within it.

“Holy f*ck! Sh*t has truly hit the fan this time around! To think that I would meet with a f*cking gay boy!” Lin Fan was so frightened that his face had gone pale in shock, “Gleaming Blood Lord, the tides are ever changing! You had bloody f*cking wait for me!”

Right now, there was only a single way out. In order to not let himself be f*cked to death by this gay boy, Lin Fan could only enter the Heaven and Earth Smelt before cultivating for a long time within it. Once he had his physical body state trained to its highest peak, he would then come out and f*ck this Gleaming Blood Lord up!

“HAHA! How dare you remain so brazen at death’s door? Go to hell!” The might of the Gleaming Blood Lord was unparalleled. Even though he was only a Divine celestial level 9 right now, the foundation for his powers were so deep that there was no measure for it. Even the Utmost Being, Cruel, would be given a run for his money!

After all, the Utmost Being, Cruel, was the weakest existence amongst the eight Utmost Beings.

“Bloody hell! This is really one hell of a f*ckfest!” Lin Fan was always playing on the edges and taking huge risks. However, to think that the stakes would be this high this time around! This was something that Lin Fan hadn’t considered at all.


“Benefactor, this poor monk is here to save you!”

At that moment, a Buddhist chant suddenly rang out as the sky was filled with golden Buddhist scriptures. A series of gigantic Buddha palms slammed out at the ocean of blood.

“Bald monk, didn’t you run off? Why are you back here again?” Lin Fan turned around only to see Reverend Shakya, who had appeared from God knew where.

“Benefactor, if I don’t enter hell, who…” Reverend Shakya’s face turned solemn as he replied with a serious look.

“Alright, alright. That’ll do. Tell me the truth.” Lin Fan couldn’t bring himself to believe even half a word of this bald monk.

However, the sheer fact that this bald monk has come forth to render assistance disregarding the dangers was something that had Lin Fan pretty touched. To think that someone would actually step forth for him in the face of such immense dangers in this inhumane and savage Ancient Saint World. Lin Fan even had an urge to bestow his body to this person with marriage as a gift.

“Benefactor, this poor monk is a being of the Buddha race. My heart lies with cleansing the world. Now that there’s a demon wreaking havoc, even if I know that I cannot defeat him, this poor monk cant just stand idly by…”

“Bald monk’, enough, please. Please speak the truth. Who knows if the both of us might just die later on. At least let me die with a peace of mind.” Lin Fan was resisting the urge to hang this bald monk and whack instead now.

If it were any other person, they might have found themselves hoodwinked by the words of this bald monk. But, what sort of a person was Lin Fan? He had long seen through this bald monk’s tricks.

“Benefactor, you…! Hais, forget it…” Reverend Shakya was hurt right now. To think that this benefactor before him would read him like an open book! He wouldn’t even give him a single chance to put on a show at all!

“Yes, just speak the truth.” Lin Fan replied seriously.

Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan and those bright eyes of his blinked, “Benefactor, there’s something I do not know if I’m allowed to say.”

“Speak.” Lin Fan replied.

“Benefactor, if you were to die, what would happen to this chest of this poor monk!? This poor monk is someone who has to turn into a Buddha! How can I have this body of a sinner?” Reverend Shakya was pained beyond words right now, “If not for the fact that you’ve caused my body to be in this state, this poor monk wouldn’t have returned for you!”

“Bald monk! You’re courting death!” The Gleaming Blood Lord hollered out as his face looked ever more venomous right now. The skills of the Buddha race were his biggest nemesis. They were skills that could neutralize that tainted Qi.

“Benefactor Gleaming Blood, do refer to this bald monk here as Reverend Shakya. Otherwise, I’m going to get angry.” Reverend Shakya reprimanded with a stern tone.

“Bald monk, how should we f*ck him up?” Lin Fan patted Reverend Shakya’s shoulders.

“Benefactor, what do you think?” Reverend Shakya reversed the question.

“You’ll take the front, I’ll take the back. Let’s split up the work.” Lin Fan replied after contemplating for a moment.

“Alright. This poor monk shall put in immense effort to work together with you today, benefactor. If we can get rid of this vile demon, it would be a form of salvation for the masses of the world as well.” Reverend Shakya lamented.

“Alright, let’s cut the crap. Time to f*ck him up!”

“Alright. You go first.”

“You first.”

“Benefactor, you can’t do that. How about we go together? Will that do?”


“You guys are truly courting death.” The Gleaming Blood Lord laughed out coldly as his killing intent rumbled furiously.

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