The Strongest System

Chapter 692: A Not-So-Perfect Act

Chapter 692: A Not-So-Perfect Act

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“Benefactor, well, what should we do with the Gleaming Blood Lord now?” Reverend Shakya looked at the Gleaming Blood Lord with sparkly bright eyes. If he could reform someone as powerful as the Gleaming Blood Lord, that one be one hell of an awesome experience!

“Bald monk, let Yours Truly kill him. A single glance is more than enough to tell that a demon as such must have massacred countless of innocents.” This Gleaming Blood Lord was one hell of a powerful being. If Lin Fan could kill them, that was going to be quite a bit of experience points there! Who knew, there might even be some good stuff that might pop out of it!

“I don’t think that’s too good. The Heavens value the virtue of compassion. How about letting this poor monk reform him instead so that he can repent and amend for his sins in the past.” Looking at the pitiable state the Gleaming Blood Lord was in right now, Reverend Shakya’s heart was thirsty at just the thought of reforming him.

After all, reforming such a powerful being would really be one hell of a huge gain!

“Haha…!!!” At this moment, the Gleaming Blood Lord, who was still clutching his groin with both hands, burst out laughing wildly. That laugh was vile and evil.

“Do you guys really think that you can suppress me?!” Both of the Gleaming Blood Lord’s eyes had regrown out by now. However, the pain at his groin was still the most substantial damage to him.

He did not know what sort of a method this human had used to render him defenseless against it.

“Eh? Oh, we can’t suppress you? How about you flip over and let Yours Truly take a look then? Are you feeling a strong energy that’s ramming itself at your inner heart? And this energy is causing you immense pain while you’re unable to draw yourself away from it at all?” Lin Fan smirked smugly.

“You…!!!” The Gleaming Blood Lord had not expected that he would let these two ants get what they wished for. He was way too careless. If he hadn’t been, there was no way these two fellas would be able to match up to him all alone.

“Benefactor, this skill of yours is way too strong. Is there any way to be released out of it?” Reverend Shakya asked curiously.

“Naturally.” Lin Fan chuckled.

“What’s the way to break out of it?” Reverend Shakya asked once more.

“Bald monk, I can tell it to you. But, you must not let this fella hear us at all.” Lin Fan put on an act as he inched closer to Reverend Shakya’s ears and whispered.

However, to Reverend Shakya, this method of being released from the pain was so shocking that he leaped up in astonishment.

“What? The way of releasing it is to cut off that ding dong down there?” Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan in disbelief. To think that the release method would be this cruel! This is absolutely inconceivable!

“Not good! I’ve accidentally revealed the method of release!” Reverend Shakya was surprised as he covered up his mouth quickly. His eyes were startled now, knowing that he messed up.

“Bald monk! What are you doing? How could you spout out something as important as such?” Lin Fan’s expression changed immediately, “Run! We’ve got to run!”

The moment the Gleaming Blood Lord caught sight of their expressions, he burst out laughing once more.

“HAHA! So that’s the release method!” The Gleaming Blood Lord had been using all his might to resist the immense power that was cruising through his body right now. However, there was no use at all. Therefore, the moment he heard this method mentioned by the Reverend Shakya, he leaped with joy in his heart.

“The both of you have got to die today!”


He acted as quickly as he spoke. A bright flash of light streaked by as the Gleaming Blood Lord chopped down with his hand, severing that ding dong of his.




Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya exchanged glances with one another before sighing out.

“Finally, the Six Senses have come to find peace. If you were to convert over to the Buddha race, your achievements would definitely be limitless.” Reverend Shakya remarked.

“Hais! How can you come out to play in the adult’s world with that level of intellect? Believing in the words of just about anyone… Gosh! You really deserve to be suppressed.” Lin Fan commented regrettably.

“Does it hurt?” Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya asked with the same weird tone as they cast their sights at the Gleaming Blood Lord together.

“Y-you guys…!!!” The moment the Gleaming Blood Lord severed his ding dong, he did not feel the pain disappearing in the least bit. Instead, that malevolent face of his turned ever more berserk.

“Benefactor, how was my cooperation earlier on?” Reverend Shakya asked Lin Fan.

“Yes, it wasn’t too bad. However, it’s a little exaggerated. But that’s fine as well. The intellect of this Gleaming Blood Lord isn’t too high. He couldn’t even tell that we were putting on an act for him.” Lin Fan said.

“Benefactor, you’re right. The moment I made that small action, this poor monk did realize that it was a little over the top. In fact, I think it came off as a little fake. I thought that this Gleaming Blood Lord would be able to see through it. To think that it’s as you have mentioned, benefactor. The Gleaming Blood Lord’s intellect isn’t all that high. He couldn’t tell at all!” Reverend Shakya rubbed that gleaming bald head of his as he revealed a bright smile.

Looking at the two degenerates before him, the Gleaming Blood Lord nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. He was the great Demon Lord! How could he be toyed by these two ants?

“Alright! ALRIGHT! Even if I have to expend all my core, I would ensure that you two are killed!” The Gleaming Blood Lord screamed out. Those eyes that were hidden beneath that mask were ever more venomous right now.

“The boundless blood sea that possesses all living beings!”

“This isn’t good! The Gleaming Blood Lord’s about to manifest into his true body!” Reverend Shakya’s face changed. He could sense a vast amount of energy bursting forth from the Gleaming Blood Lord’s body. The void of the Buddha’s Land began to vibrate out violently.

“This…” Looking at the sight before him, even Lin Fan was getting startled.

Instantly, the Gleaming Blood Lord turned into a puddle of blood. The puddle of blood began to boil as a tremendous amount of tainted powers filled up the entire world, causing all sorts of negative emotions to breed from it.

Broop. Broop. Broop.

The puddle of blood was getting larger. In the blink of an eye, it encompassed the entire world and caged them within.

“How dare you two ants humiliate Your Lord as such? Your Lord is going to devour you guys!” The boundless blood sea that was filling up the sky suddenly opened up with a huge mouth. That titanic mouth was akin to a black hole. Far in the depths of that mouth, the head of the Gleaming Blood Lord was embedded within.

“Benefactor, that skill of yours isn’t working anymore!” Looking at this formidable might of the Gleaming Blood Lord right now, Reverend Shakya commented out nervously.

“Bald monk! No sh*t, Sherlock! I know that too!” Lin Fan was pretty taken aback by the Gleaming Blood Lord right now as well.

At the same time, he did not expect that the Gleaming Blood Lord would be able to remove the BUFF from Twisting Heaven and Earth after reverting to his true body!

“Benefactor, what should we do now?” Looking at the Buddha’s Land trembling under the might of the blood sea, Reverend Shakya knew that this would no longer contain the Gleaming Blood Lord. Even the Sarira of the Dragon Elephant Buddha within was finding it hard to hold out soon.

“What else can we do? Pack up and run!” Lin Fan did not dare to hesitate and fled immediately.

“Right, right!” Reverend Shakya did not dare to dilly dally either. Keeping his Buddha’s Land Paradise back into his body immediately, he followed closely behind Lin Fan and darted into the distance.

“Haha! There’s no way you guys can escape. Within this boundary of Your Lord, there’s nowhere you guys can run off to.” The Gleaming Blood Lord bellowed out with a booming voice that quaked the entire world.

“Bald monk, how is this guy so strong after returning to his true body?!” Lin Fan was a little bewildered right now, and at the same time, this was quite the frustrating situation.

“Benefactor! The true body of the Gleaming Blood Lord is the strongest blood in the entire world! However, returning to this form expends up a lot of his energy. After being struck by our sneak attack, he had no other way out but to turn back to his true body!” Reverend Shakya explained.

“Bald monk, how can you speak like this? Could you consider that as a sneak attack? We were attacking righteously in his face!” Lin Fan said.

“That’s right. You’re right too, benefactor. That’s a righteous sneak attack in the face.” Reverend Shakya was realizing the errors in his speech.

“F*ck! Isn’t that still a sneak attack nevertheless?”

“Benefactor, we had better stop talking and save some breath so that we can continue fleeing. Otherwise, once that Gleaming Blood Lord catches up with us, both of us wouldn’t even have any scraps left at all.”

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