The Strongest System

Chapter 697: While Virtue Is A Single Foot Tall, The Demon Is Ten Feet Tall

Chapter 697: While Virtue Is A Single Foot Tall, The Demon Is Ten Feet Tall

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Within the void, Feng Qingzi was watching the situation below with eyes wide open. As long as this lad were to come out, he would definitely arrest him right there and teach him a good lesson. How could he take the items of this old fellow here? Where was the heavenly justice in it all?

At the same time, Lin Fan was observing the situation up in the void with eyes wide open as well. He was feeling a little exasperated. This old man was simply way too crafty!

But fine, so be it then. Time to see who could hold out for the longest.

Right now, Lin Fan laid on the ground without daring to budge a single inch.

Such a powerful being would definitely be able to pick up on even the slightest changes in the air currents. Therefore, for safety’s sake, Lin Fan chose not to move at all. Even if there were no disturbances, he kept his still.

Three days later…

Feng Qingzi did not appear any longer.

Lin Fan felt that by now, that old man should have left. After all, anyone with a normal intellect would have definitely assumed that he would have run off instead of staying where he was without budging an inch at all.

However, just as Lin Fan was about to get up, a figure appeared in the void.

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this figure, he was momentarily scared sh*tless as he went back to being a dead corpse obediently.

‘Bloody hell! This old man is really dodgy! To think that he would choose not to emerge for the past few days. But the moment he emerged, it was really earthshattering!’ Lin Fan was truly speechless right now. He was nearly shocked silly by this old man!

“It’s been three days. Could he truly not be here? Seems like I can only head elsewhere to seek him.” Feng Qingzi checked out the situation outside. He looked way more haggard than he was just a couple of days ago. After he said that, he delved right into the void once more.

However, this time around, Lin Fan discovered a golden beam descending from the sky.

To his surprise, that golden beam was from a storage ring!

‘Holy f*ck! This old man here is luring me to commit a crime!’ The moment Lin Fan caught sight of that golden sparkling storage ring, he was rendered pretty speechless.

‘Just what sort of a person is this old man taking me for? Did he really think that Yours Truly was someone with an insatiable greed?’ Lin Fan was angered in his heart right now.

This was a form of provocation! This was one last ditch at scamming him before he left!

How could such a powerful being neglect something just like that! Was he taking Yours Truly for a fool?!

‘No, I’m not going out. Definitely not going out.’ Lin Fan shut his eyes tightly, determined not to be seduced by this storage ring before him.

At this moment within the void…

Feng Qingzi looked at the storage ring he had just dropped with a fixated gaze. If he wanted to catch the wolf, he must be willing to pay the price. He refused to believe that he couldn’t lure that lad out.

From the unknowns, there was a gut feeling that Feng Qingzi had, telling him that the lad from the Human race did not leave and was just hiding around in the void.

This was a sort of sixth sense that one would obtain after entering the Divine celestial level 10, Eternal God state.

Towards oncoming danger, towards treasure, they had a sense towards things.

‘Hmph! This old fellow here refuses to believe that you wouldn’t come out. And once you do, this old man is going to give you one tight slap to teach you a good lesson. At such a young and tender age, how can you learn something such as stealing and scamming an old man?’

Feng Qingzi was angered right now. If one did not experience it for themselves, they would not understand the pain in his heart right now.

Within the storage ring that was scammed away by Lin Fan were treasures that were accumulated by Feng Qingzi over a few thousand years. If he were to lose them just like that, it would truly be heartbreaking.

Just like that, yet another ten days passed…

Lin Fan was close to his breaking point now.

‘Holy f*ck! Is this old man going to leave or what?’ Lin Fan was utterly exasperated right now, ‘Could it be that the storage ring on the ground is truly something that the old man had left behind due to a moment of carelessness?’

After hesitating for quite some time, Lin Fan decided on waiting still. By the looks of it, this old man seemed like someone cunning with many plans. The only reason why he had managed to deceive him this time around was all thanks to the old man’s overconfidence.

However, now that the old man knew that he was scammed, he must definitely be making all sorts of plans to capture him back.


All of a sudden, a loud explosion rang out.

“Feng Qingzi, what are you doing over at my territory?” An aura of unparalleled might burst forth from the void. This aura was extremely overbearing, filled with a tyrannical nature.

‘Isn’t this the aura of the Utmost Being, Cruel?’ The moment Lin Fan sensed this aura, his face changed immediately.

“Cruel, this old man came forth to settle something. I shall leave now.”

‘Indeed! That old man did not leave at all!’ The moment Lin Fan heard the voice of Feng Qingzi, his heart jerked a little. Holy f*ck! This old man was really too good at enduring! To think that he could tolerate for this long!

“Hmph. Do you think you can come and go as you wish? Stay here!” The voice of the Utmost Being, Cruel, was akin to a booming thunderbolt right now. The moment he struck out, the void trembled.

In a flash, Feng Qingzi’s body shifted out nimbly as he dived into the void in the distance.

Bang! Boom! Thump! Whoosh!

The battle that ensued was earthshattering. Eventually, it moved further and further away into the void at the far reaches of the skies.

‘To think that the one who would save me eventually would turn out to be the Utmost Being, Cruel.’ Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. If not for the appearance of the Utmost Being, who knew how long more this old man was going to wait for.

But, as they said, ‘all’s well that ends well.’ Eventually, the old man still left.

However, right at that moment, Lin Fan’s sight was caught by a dazzling golden flash!

“Hahaha! That old man has forgotten about his storage ring!” The moment Lin Fan saw this, his heart leaped with joy.

What was this called again?

Right, trying to catch a chicken but ending up losing the rice used to lure it? Did Yours Truly really come across as someone that easy to deal with?

Based on the outcome? Obviously not.

“Rich! I’m definitely rich for sure this time around! Oh well, this storage ring that you’ve dropped, old man? I guess it should belong to me, oh ho!” Lin Fan stood up straight and walked towards the storage ring immediately.

But right now, safety came before anything else. Lin Fan still did not exit his Stealth status.

Looking at the storage ring, Lin Fan gulped down his saliva and stretched out that kind and compassionate hand of his.

‘Ding…Congratulations on discovering Jail of Greed’


The moment Lin Fan touched the storage ring, the notification from the system rang out. When Lin Fan heard the sound of the notification, he was stumped entirely.

“Holy f*ck! That old man scammed me!” The color drained from Lin Fan’s face immediately. He wanted to toss away the storage ring. However, before he could react, a bright burst of light shone out from the storage ring. It took on the shape of a jail, trapping Lin Fan within it.

“Earth tunneling!”

Without any bit of hesitation, Lin Fan wanted to tunnel into the ground. However, he realized that the ground seemed to have been sealed up! No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get into it at all!

“Haha…HAHAHA!!!” All of a sudden, a cheery laughter chirped through the world.

“How now, lad? You’ve been tricked, haven’t you?” A figure appeared before Lin Fan. And when Lin Fan caught sight of who it was, he was flabbergasted.

Two streams of tears flowed streaked down his face gently.

“While virtue is a single foot tall, the demon is ten feet tall.”

“Old man, weren’t you chased by the Utmost Being of the Ancient race?” Lin Fan could not even bring himself to cry out over his anguish right now. This was the last stretch now. To think that he would be done in by this old man.

“Utmost Being of the Ancient race? Oh, did you see him? That’s just an aura that this old man here simulated out. How now? Do you submit?” Feng Qingzi laughed out brightly. All of those sulky feelings he had accumulated over the past few days had disappeared entirely by now.

“You…!” Lin Fan had nothing to say right now. His plan was already well laid out. To think that this old man’s plan would be even craftier than his.

There was always someone better than one out there. Seemed like there were people who were way more cunning than he was.

“Now, are you willing to take this old fellow here as your master?”

Lin Fan, “…”

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