The Strongest System

Chapter 699: The Imposing Old Man

Chapter 699: The Imposing Old Man.

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“Benefactor, check it out! It’s an Ancient race being! We can head over to reform him!” The moment Reverend Shakya caught sight of that figure that appeared between the world, his heart leaped with joy.

“Reform your mother! That’s an Utmost Being of the Ancient race.” Lin Fan had once exchanged blows with the Essence Spirit of the Utmost Being. Therefore, he was extremely familiar with this guy.

Given his current strength right now, if he had to go head-on with this fella, it would undoubtedly be a straight road to death.

“What! He’s the Utmost Being?!” Reverend Shakya was stunned at this moment. For every single living being of the thousands of races, the Utmost Being was an existence of unparalleled might.

“Are we all going to die here?” Reverend Shakya’s face was pale with fright. “Can we not? This poor monk has yet to live long enough!”

Cruel floated gently in the void. Looking at the two living beings trapped within that protective barrier, his eyes shone with a matchless essence.

He had felt the presence of Feng Qingzi. Because of that, he came forth with his true body immediately. To think that he would discover that accursed human instead.

“Human, you couldn’t have expected meeting me here, could you?” In the blink of an eye, Cruel appeared before the protective barrier. “The current you are just a fish in a net. There’s no way Your Utmost here is going to let you escape.”

The moment Lin Fan caught sight of Cruel, he could not help but gulp down his saliva.

“You must have gotten the wrong man! I’m not a human!” Lin Fan was nervous in his heart right now. Given his current strength, there was no way he was a match for this fella!

Just that Essence Spirit alone was nearly enough to have him killed. Now that his true body was here, wouldn’t he be squashed into a pancake for sure?

“Haha! To think that that cheap skank Fire Water Empress would take a liking to a human of this standard. Bow down before Your Utmost or you shall receive death.” Cruel’s aura was supreme. Just that aura alone was enough to send shivers down Lin Fan’s spine.

‘So strong! Seems like the difference between Yours Truly and him is still quite substantial.’

“Benefactor, what should we do?” Reverend Shakya was trembling right at this moment. He was truly afraid. Now that he was before an Utmost Being of the Ancient race, no matter how deep a Buddhist nature he had, he was still scared sh*tless at this moment.

Lin Fan truly did not know what to say any longer. That old man had truly f*cked him up big time now!

“Screw that sh*t! What can an Ancient race being such as yourself do to Yours Truly? Fine, you’re right. Yours Truly is the Motherf*cking Human King, Lin Fan, who specializes in culling the Ancient race dogs. Come at me if you’ve got what it takes! Today, if Yours Truly were to bat an eyelid, Yours Truly would even follow your surname!” Lin Fan was angered by now. This Ancient race being had insulted him time and time again. This was intolerable!

Wasn’t a fight all he wanted? Even though he knew that he couldn’t match up to the Utmost Being, one must never lose their dignity!

“Benefactor, p-please calm down! You must not anger him at all costs!” Reverend Shakya remarked hurriedly.

“There’s no way I can calm down. If I’m unhappy, I f*ck them up. So what if it’s the Utmost Being of the Ancient race? Today, we’ll work hand in hand to f*ck up the Utmost Being! We’ll see who’s the stronger one then!” Based on the current situation, there was no use crying for mercy at all.

This old man was too damn bloody savage! At the same time, Lin Fan could have never imagined that the Utmost Being would find his way here.

“Courting death!” Cruel’s face turned green with rage as he grabbed at the protective barrier with his palm.


The protective barrier vibrated immensely and a massive surge of energy rippled out. Even Lin Fan could sense that repressive pressure.

“HAHA! And you call yourself an Utmost Being of the Ancient race. To think that you can’t even break open a protective barrier!” Lin Fan jeered out really loudly. However, his laughter was more terrible than it could have ever been.

At this moment, worry was the least accurate emotion to describe Lin Fan’s mood right now. Even his heart was thumping furiously.

“Hmph! Even if it’s the protective barrier of Feng Qingzi, it will not stand up against the might of Your Utmost! Get destroyed!” The abysmal hand of Cruel descended from the sky and squeezed onto that protective barrier. Instantly, a tremendous amount of power rippled forth from it.


Dense cracks began to appear on the surface of the protective barrier as though it could shatter apart at any moment.

“Benefactor, what should we do? This Utmost Being is trying to kill us!” Reverend Shakya was fearful now. Even though he had not personally had a taste of the powers of the Utmost Being, he knew that this was an invincible being.

“Don’t worry. No need to fret.” Lin Fan’s brain was fluttering rapidly right now. However, no matter how long he took to think, he couldn’t come up with any good ideas at all.

Looking at that calm expression on Lin Fan’s face, Reverend Shakya began to regain his composure as well. To Reverend Shakya, the only reason why Benefactor Lin could be so composed right now must be because he had thought up of some plan or something.

“Your Utmost here shall ensure that you undergo endless torments and suffer harshly. Evidently, that piece of trash Gleaming Blood Lord has already fallen in your hands.” The Utmost Being, Cruel, laughed coldly. Meanwhile, the power in his arm was increasing.

Lin Fan knew that this protective barrier of the old man was not going to hold out for much longer. Once this protective barrier shattered, it would be the time of their deaths.

The thought of hiding within the Heaven and Earth Smelt did come across his mind. However, if he had to hide within, it would be really messed up. By then, he would be under the control of the Ancient race forever.

“HAHA! Go to hell!” The Utmost Being hollered out as a torrential aura burst forth from him, causing the entire world to darken.

Lin Fan could no longer keep his cool anymore as he started slapping out at the protective barrier. “Old man! Hurry up and come save our lives! This mess was created by you! You can’t just sit back and watch us die for nothing!”

Looking at the state Lin Fan was in right now, Reverend Shakya was almost close to tears. “Benefactor! Didn’t you say that you weren’t afraid?”

“What crap are you still spouting? Hurry up and call for help with me!” Lin Fan was exasperated right now. Bloody hell! Was it really that easy putting on an act? This person before them right now was the Utmost Being!

“Senior! Please save us!” Reverend Shakya screamed out.

“Old fellow, I’m convinced now! Save us!” Lin Fan yelled out in a bout of snot and tears.

This life of his was what Lin Fan cherished the most. If he had to die in such a humiliating manner, it would be one hell of a loss for him!

“What should you be calling me?”

All of a sudden, a voice rang out from the void. This voice belonged to Feng Qingzi.

Lin Fan’s heart leaped with joy. He knew it! This old man hadn’t left at all!

And to Lin Fan, this old man was really one hell of a bloody harsh motherf*cker! In order to have him convinced, did he really have to go to this extent?

“Feng Qingzi, do you wish to interfere in this matter?” Cruel barked harshly into the void.

“Lad, let this old fellow ask you once more. What should you call me?” Feng Qingzi ignored Cruel’s question and asked out again.

“Y-you…!” Lin Fan was almost going to spit out blood right now. This was the first time he was forced to such an extent by someone. Cheap old man! This old man was simply way too cheap!

“Benefactor, hurry and go on with it! Otherwise, we’re going to die!” Reverend Shakya requested.

Lin Fan took in a deep breath, ‘Damn it, old fella. Fine. You’re tough.’

“Revered Master…” Lin Fan’s eyes were streaming down with tears of shame. He was being forced to do this.

“Haha. Are you finally convinced now?” Feng Qingzi was feeling pretty good right now.

“I am.” Lin Fan replied. He was totally disgraced today.

“HAHA! This old fellow has trodden across the Ancient Saint World and has never failed just yet. Now that you’re calling this old fellow your Revered Master, I’ll naturally watch over you.” Feng Qingzi chuckled out.

All of a sudden, a colossal hand broke out from the void and grabbed Cruel’s gigantic hand away from the protective barrier.

“Feng Qingzi, you’re breaking the rules here! Unless you’re wishing for the place you guard over to be overrun by the Ancient race?” Cruel seethed out in a sinister tone. To think that Feng Qingzi would dare to save someone in front of his face?

“Break the rules? Cruel, you’re trying to kill this old fellow’s beloved disciple here. Do YOU wish to incur the wrath of this old fellow? If the Ancient race dares to trample over the place which is guarded over by this old fellow, this old fellow shall destroy all the cities of the ANcient race as well.” Feng Qingzi’s expression changed, no longer that cheeky and childish one. In place of it was a domineering and ominous one, no weaker than an Utmost Being of the Ancient race.

“You dare?” Cruel roared.

“What wouldn’t I dare to? You’ve got to remember this. You had better not anger this old fellow here, or I shall speak of no ties with you. At the very same time when you guys are striking over at my guarded place, I can overrun and annihilate all of your Ancient race cities. Do you believe it? Try me.” Feng Qingzi’s tone was cold.

“Imposing…!” Lin Fan was initially in a tragic state. However, the sight of this old man acting as though he was a completely different person right now, Lin Fan was convinced. This motherf*cker was even cockier than Yours Truly!

He was so cocky that even Cruel could not rebuff his words! Such capabilities were something Lin Fan had to acknowledge as well.

“Hmph!” Feng Qingzi snorted coldly. Ignoring how terrible Cruel’s face was looking at that moment, he brought Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya with him into the void and left the place.

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