The Strongest System

Chapter 700: My Heart Is Made Of Glass

Chapter 700: My Heart Is Made Of Glass

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“Damn it!” Cruel was burning with rage in his heart while looking at the disappearing Lin Fan. “You’re going to regret this, Feng Qingzi!”

Towards Feng Qingzi, Cruel had his own reservations as well. At the same time, Feng Qingzi had an agreement with the Ancient race, that neither party would interfere with the other. However, both sides knew that this was only a temporary tactic to delay for time.

“Senior, you’re really way too powerful! To think that even the Utmost Being of the ancient race would fear you!” Reverend Shakya remarked in astonishment.

He had yet to see a living being who could act so imposingly before an Utmost Being of the ancient race.

“That’s for sure. Lad, do you feel like you’ve gained quite a bit of face by taking me as your master?” Feng Qingzi looked at the dejected Lin Fan and chuckled out.

“Old man, stop bragging. I was forced to do it by you.” Lin Fan felt that his luck wasn’t all too good recently, and that he was running into all sorts of misfortune.

To think that he would be shammed by an old man. That was quite the tragedy indeed.

“Huh? Force you? This old fellow here would never ever do something such as forcing others against their will! But since that’s the case, then so be it. I guess I should just toss you down from here right now. Given Cruel’s powers, he should be able to hunt you out in the blink of an eye.” The moment Feng Qingzi was done talking, he started motioning as though he was truly going to toss Lin Fan out of the void.

“What are you doing? Old man, you had better not get touchy and all! Yours Truly here is just showing the virtues of respecting the elders and young. I would never bully an elderly! Don’t take that as a sign that I’m fearful of you!” Even if he had to die, Lin Fan could not go down right now! If he did, there would only be death awaiting him!

But, even if that were the case, he could not throw away his image just like that. Looking at the gloating look on the face of this old man, Lin Fan was brooding in his heart.

“Alright, alright. This old fellow is afraid of you then. Alright now, I’m not going to take you as my disciple any longer. You can feel free to leave now. I will not hold you back.” Feng Qingzi came to a stop, indicating that Lin Fan could leave any time he wished to.

Lin Fan looked at this old man before him and at the distance up ahead. All he could see was Cruel standing there and eyeing them with a ferocious look.


Lin Fan could not help but feel a little nervous now. If he were to head down now, he was dead meat for sure. But, how could he toss away his dignity like this?

“If you want me to leave, I’ll leave then! Yours Truly has never been scared of anything in this world! It’s not as though an Utmost Being could have me fearing him!”

“Sure. This old fellow welcomes you to leave.” Feng Qingzi said casually without the slightest intention of keeping Lin Fan.

“Yours Truly is really going to leave now, eh? You had better not regret this uh?” Lin Fan looked back every few steps and couldn’t make up his mind.

“I never ever regret my words.” Feng Qingzi stroked his beard.

Lin Fan had a feeling that he was being set up right now. This was a feeling of being unable to leave despite how much he wanted to. If he were to leave right now, he would definitely be left lying down the next moment.

Looking at the sight before him, Reverend Shakya sighed helplessly.

Seemed like one needed someone evil to curb another evil person. Indeed, the older the person, the more experienced they were, and women still had the biggest breasts amongst both sexes.

But then again, that saying might have to undergo some changes now. After all, this chest of his was the larger one right now.

“What now? Can you not bear to leave any longer?” Feng Qingzi smirked while looking at Lin Fan, as though he knew that there was no way the latter could escape his grasp.

“Who said I couldn’t bear to leave? I’m just taking a slight breather!” Lin Fan even had an urge to cry out right now. Why the hell did he have to be obstinate earlier on? Now, he couldn’t even have a platform to let down his pride at all!

Furthermore, why the hell was this old man not playing along with him at all? Damn it. This was hurting!

Looking at the situation, Reverend Shakya felt that it should be around time for him to make his entrance.

“Benefactor Lin, can’t you tell how sincere Senior Feng Qingzi here is for taking you in as his disciple? To think that there are so many geniuses who couldn’t even have him accept them as his disciple. How about giving this poor monk here some face and letting this matter go? Let us leave this place first, shall we?” Reverend Shakya commented.

The moment Lin Fan heard these words, he cast his sights at the bald monk. He realized that this bald monk’s brain was getting better and better! They should get out of this place first before planning long term!

“Forget it! I’ll give this bald monk some face here today!” Lin Fan waved his hand dismissively and awkwardly found a platform for himself to step down from.

However, the words of Feng Qingzi that came next had Lin Fan pretty disgruntled.

“This old fellow is never one to coerce others into things. You don’t have to give that face then. If you don’t wish to take me as your master, there is no need for me to save you either. This old fellow will definitely not make an enemy out of an Utmost Being of the Ancient race just because of someone I do not know at all.” At this moment, Feng Qingzi’s tone turned solemn.

At this moment, the atmosphere around them changed.

“Senior…” Reverend Shakya realized that things were starting to get out of hand.

At this moment, Lin Fan retracted that smile of his and leaped out of the void without hesitating.

“Hmph! I, Lin Fan, am a man who dared to stand up against the world for my entire life! I’ve never ever been threatened by anyone else! So what if I am to die? So what if I am up against an Utmost Being of the Ancient race? It’s not as though Lin Fan is someone who can bow down to the beck and call of others just for the sake of living! Cruel, come and fight me if you’ve got the guts! I’d rather lose my life than be a dog today!” Lin Fan’s temper was high strung. Even though he was usually cheeky and cunning, he would definitely not bend down for others just for the sake of his life.

“This lad…” Looking at how stubborn the temper of this lad was, even Feng Qingzi was feeling a little frustrated.

“Benefactor Lin, just why are you doing this?” Looking at this, Reverend Shakya felt a little anxious as well.

On the other side, the moment Cruel saw the human leaping down from the void, he laughed out coldly and appeared before Lin Fan instantly.

“Damned human, let’s see who can save you now!” Cruel had not expected this human to come knock on death’s door by himself. Without hesitating, he grabbed out at Lin Fan immediately.

This single palm of his was formidable, as though it could seize the entire world and seal everything. There was no one who could escape from this.

“So strong!” The moment Lin Fan caught sight of this, he was taken aback in his heart. However, he did not reveal it on his face.

“Senior, hais…” Reverend Shakya looked at Feng Qingzi for a moment before sighing out. He then leaped down as well, “Benefactor, let this poor monk render you some assistance.”

“Bald monk, what are you doing here?” The moment Lin Fan saw how this bald monk would leap down without any fear for his safety, he was extremely touched.

“Benefactor, even you can stand up front against the Utmost Being of the Ancient race without any fear for death. Does this poor monk look like someone who’s afraid of death?” Reverend Shakya asked.

“Haha… Good! Today, we’ll see just how strong this Utmost Being of the Ancient race is!”

Looking at these two fellas, Feng Qingzi’s brows creased, and the aura around his white beard rumbled furiously.

‘Damned lad! This is really a damned lad. I have trodden across all the ancient times and have never ever bowed down to anyone else. But, so be it. I can’t help but like you the feistier you are. If you end up not being some unparalleled talent in the future, I’ll be the first to slap you to death personally!’

Feng Qingzi did not hesitate at all. Even though Cruel wasn’t the strongest out of all the Ancient race beings, he was still someone that these two couldn’t handle nevertheless.

Lin Fan looked at the palm that descended from the sky and felt his heart tightening. This tremendous power wasn’t something he could defend against. Even this one slap alone would be more than enough to have them killed.


All of a sudden, Feng Qingzi appeared before Lin Fan. Tossing his robes aside, he dissipated the oncoming force entirely.

“Cruel, what are you doing!” Feng Qingzi bellowed out, “My disciple has just come down for a piss and yet you dare to strike at him? Do you really think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

“Feng Qingzi, you had better wait for Your Utmost.” Cruel barked coldly and then looked at Lin Fan with baleful eyes one last time before taking his leave completely.

“Old man, who asked you to come and save me?” Lin Fan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. Whew! He didn’t have to bloody die now!

“Lad, let’s take it that I’m the one who really can’t beat you. I’ll apologize to you.” Feng Qingzi took a long sigh. This lad was simply way too stubborn. Even when he was younger, he was nowhere as obstinate as this lad right here.

The fact that he was even able to live till now was quite the miracle indeed.

Lin Fan looked at Feng Qingzi and wondered if this old man was going mad to treat him so nicely. However, humans had emotions. It wouldn’t be all that bad to have a Master as such who could care about him.

“Forget it. On account that you aren’t getting any younger, I’m afraid your heart wouldn’t be able to take it if I were to agitate you any further. Since you’re so keen and have begged so hard for me to be your disciple, I guess I can only accept you reluctantly then.”

“Disciple Lin Fan pays his respect to his Revered Master.”

“Haha…! Good, good!” At this moment, Feng Qingzi burst out laughing happily, as though his mood had lightened up quite a bit.

“Disciple, about that storage ring of your master…”

“What storage ring? It’s gone. Earlier on, you had gravely injured the heart of your disciple here. Do you know that my heart is made of glass? The moment you touch it, it shatters. In order to amend for it, I’ve got to take that storage ring to soothe this heartbreak of mine! Otherwise, it’s hard to say that I wouldn’t just fall dead due to a broken heart, you know?” How could Lin Fan return something that he had gotten in his hands?

“This…I-I…!” The moment Feng Qingzi heard these words, he clutched at his heart momentarily as though he was hyperventilating.

Bloody hell! Where else in the world would there be such a cheap, dirty, and cunning disciple!

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