The Strongest System

Chapter 702: Guarded Ground

Chapter 702: Guarded Ground

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“Senior, is this the Guarded Ground?” Reverend Shakya looked at a huge mountain peak ahead and could not help but exclaim in excitement.

Lin Fan took a look over. He could not tell where the mountain peak started, but it was vast and without boundaries. From top to bottom, the Qi of the living rushed through the Heavens. Evidently, this place had transformed into quite the gem of a place.

In the places where many living beings were present, as time went by, the Qi of living beings would naturally form. And, since there weren’t any wars and conflicts that happened at this place, the aura was even more exuberant akin to a midday sun.

“The Ancient Saint World is ruled by the eight Utmost Beings. With that, there are four Guarded Grounds. Each Guarded Ground is formed at the interlink of two districts governed by the Utmost Beings of the Ancient race. Later on, I will send you guys in. Everything after that depends on yourselves.” Feng Qingzi said.

“Holy sh*t! Revered Master, you’re not going to take care of us any longer?” Lin Fan turned around and asked in a shocked manner.

They had just reached this place, and this old man was all ready to hand them out into the wilderness without bothering about them at all? No matter what, he was the disciple of this old man! Where in the world would there be another master who behaved like this?

“That’s right, Senior! You can’t do that!” Now that he was in an unknown place, Reverend Shakya was starting to get the jitters.

Feng Qingzi looked at both of them and let out a calm smile, “You want me to take care of you? Sure! But my dear disciple, you’ve got to return those two storage rings to your master.”

Lin Fan exchanged glances with Reverend Shakya.

“As the saying goes, the master can only initiate the apprentice, but how he fares shall depend on his own cultivation. What type of era is this? This is one where everyone has to depend on themselves! How can we depend on others for help? Don’t you agree with me, bald monk?” How could Lin Fan bear to part with those two storage rings? If he really had to make a choice, then he would definitely choose these two storage rings over anything else.

Given the status of this old man, the value of those treasures within the storage rings must definitely be astronomically high.

After all, he had gotten to where he was today one step at a time, without guidance from anyone after all these years. He was sure that he would still progress further even if that remained the case in the future.

“Benefactor Lin is right. Everything would have to depend on our own doings.” Reverend Shakya nodded his head without hesitating at all. After all, he had a share of the treasures within the storage ring. If Feng Qingzi were to take it back, he would be left with nothing at all.

Feng Qingzi looked at the both of them and felt exasperated in his heart. These were a bunch of beasts!

This was especially so for that disciple of his. That guy was practically the bloody fighter jet of the entire squad of beasts.

“Forget that then. These are two tokens here. You guys had better keep them well. Without these two tokens, the both of you will not be able to enter this place.” Feng Qingzi flicked his robes aside. From them, two gleaming thumb sized tokens fused into the bodies of Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya.

All of a sudden, there was a feeling as though their blood and pulses were interconnected.

By the time Lin Fan returned to his senses, Feng Qingzi had long left the place.

“Eh? Where has senior gone to?” Reverend Shakya asked puzzledly.

“Maybe he had a stomach ache and headed off to the toilet?” Lin Fan was feeling really good right now. He had really earned a big fortune this time around.

“Benefactor, is it time for us to split the loot now?” The thought of the treasures within the storage ring had been nagging Reverend Shakya’s mind the entire time. He was getting a little impatient now.

“What are you anxious about? Enter this Guarded Ground to take a look first. Let’s go.” Beckoning with his hand, Lin Fan flew towards that colossal mountain peak.

A shimmering light barrier encompassed this entire mountain peak. There were flickering runic symbols on the light screen that looked extremely mysterious. It was as though they were connected to the Heavens themselves.

The moment Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya made contact with the light screen, they were sucked in instantly.

“Eh? It’s truly pretty incredible, huh?” When the light screen shone on their bodies, it was like a water of a stream passing through them. It was gentle and smooth, without any obstructions.

After they entered the light screen, the scenery that awaited them was really different.

“To think that there would be such a place in the Ancient Saint World. Why hadn’t I heard of this before?” Reverend Shakya started mumbling to himself.

“I reckon that the upper echelons of your Buddha race must be hiding this fact from you guys, lest you guys decide to betray and run away from them the moment you find out about a sanctuary as such within the Ancient Saint World.” Lin Fan said.

“Benefactor, your words make so much sense that this poor monk does not even know how to refute them anymore.” Now that the treasures were in Lin Fan’s hands, Reverend Shakya was prepared to follow Lin Fan’s whims and wills in order to get a share of the loot.

The mountain peak was infinitely huge as it swiveled all the way upwards. There were a total of nine layers on the mountain peak. Each of them had houses constructed all over and were bustling with life and sound.

For both Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya, this was quite the incredible place. Ever since he had entered the Ancient Saint World, Lin Fan had never seen a place as lively as this.

And just as Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya were checking out the place, they found themselves surrounded by a group of people.

“Hi, there! Would the both of you like to join our Torrential Party and head out to complete missions together in order to earn Contribution Points? From there, we shall reach the peak of life.” A fatty with two longswords hung behind his back beamed brightly at Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya.

“Hey, these two lovely gentlemen… Would you guys like to join the party of your sister here? There are many breathtaking girls in your sister’s party here!” A devilish looking girl whose breath was extremely fragrant circled around Lin Fan.

Reverend Shakya chanted some Buddhist sutras. However, his gaze would involuntarily move towards that revealing chest of the devilish looking girl, as he could not help but gulp down his saliva as well.

“They’re so huge.” Unable to contain himself, Reverend Shakya mumbled softly. However, he came to his senses almost immediately after as he closed his eyes shut.

“Hey, brothers there! Join our Infinite Party! We can kill Ancient race beings together and gain Contribution Points in order to exchange for some peerless martial arts! Let us become supremely powerful beings from there on! The benefits of our Infinite Party are fabulous! Not only do you get to feast on fish and meat for every meal, we even provide pills that you require for cultivation!”

“Join us! We’ve got a Weaponsmith of the Ancient race here! Also, we’ve got a Formation Master! Do not miss this!”

Lin Fan was scared silly by the group of people there and dragged the bald monk to flee immediately.

Bloody hell! What in the world was going on there? Why the hell did it seem like a recruitment fair or something?!

“Benefactor, this place is simply way too scary. The waves are way too turbulent!” Reverend Shakya gasped out.

“Bald monk! To think that you’re one hell of a perverted bald monk! Was the chest of that chick really huge?” Lin Fan asked.

“Yes. They were as mighty as the grand oceans and could encompass everything within them!” Reverend Shakya praised.

And just at this moment, a discussion began to build up within the group.

“The Sealing Heavens Party is back.”

“This time around, the Sealing Heavens Party has accepted a Heaven Tiered Lower Graded mission. Completing that has a full 100,000 Contribution Points to it!”

“Too strong! The Sealing Heavens Party is way too strong! To think that they can even complete a mission of that difficulty!”

At this moment, a bright streak of light flashed out. Formidable and majestic, a figure with a sharp aura appeared on the public square.

The leader of them all was a man who was elegant and poised. Possessing a beautiful face, he gave the masses a cold glare, then walked by them without giving them a second look.

“Ah! Guys, check it out! They’ve managed to capture three Weaponsmiths from the Ancient race!”

“Powerful! They’re truly powerful! I wonder if the Sealing Heavens Party is still recruiting anyone right now. If we could even join their party, we would definitely rise to the peaks of our lives!”

“You had better stop dreaming. The entry requirements for the Sealing Heavens Party is Divine celestial level 5 state. Have you even reached that yet?”

“Hais! I’m just a little off from that.”

“Benefactor. These guys are mighty. Seems like this poor monk here has truly been a frog in the well in the past.” Looking at that party, Reverend Shakya sighed and lamented.

“They’re so-so, I guess.” Lin Fan replied indifferently. They didn’t seem like anything much to him. However, when Lin Fan caught sight of this scene before him, his heart did feel a tinge of adrenaline.

By the looks of it, this Guarded Ground was quite a decent place indeed!

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