The Strongest System

Chapter 703: Scammy Old Man!

Chapter 703: Scammy Old Man!

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Everything that Lin Fan had witnessed at the public square was deeply engraved into his heart. Seemed like in this Guarded Ground, most people were grouped up together into parties and would head out for expeditions to kill Ancient race beings together.

“Benefactor, where are we going now?” Reverend Shakya was taking Lin Fan as the leader now. In this bloody damned place where he was totally unfamiliar with the system, he didn’t dare to act casually as he wished.

Just taking the scene at the public square as an example, that man from the Sealing Heavens Party wasn’t weak at all. That powerful aura given off by him gave Reverend Shakya a repressing feeling.

“I want to look for a place for a good rest. Can’t you tell that the management of this place is similar to that of a city? Look up there. There’s an inn.” Lin Fan pointed up into the distance.

“Right, right! We’ve got to take a good rest. That’s right! However, isn’t this place just too lively? To think that there would be such a place in the Ancient Saint World.” Reverend Shakya remarked.

Reverend Shakya had always just been cultivating usually and had rarely experienced things like these. Towards everything that was going on here, he was filled with curiosity.

Right now, Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya were in the first layer. They did not know what the other eight layers above were like. However, just this layer alone was quite the eye opener for Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya.

“Divine celestial level 6, Law state… I’ll rent myself out for three days in exchange for a million Shengyang Pills.”

On both sides of this broad pathway stood many people who hung noticeboards over their necks, renting themselves out. Lin Fan could tell that the living beings here had quite the mind for business.

“Selling out a Weaponsmith from the Ancient race! He can craft out Lower Graded Spirit Weapons! Going cheap at 300,000,000 Shengyang Pills!”

“Benefactor, this place is really bustling with activity. I wonder if anyone would be up if this poor monk were to rent himself out.” Looking at the happenings all around them, Reverend Shakya was bedazzled and asked inquisitively.

“You can go and give it a shot.” Even though Lin Fan was equally startled, he maintained a look of composure so that he would not give off the impression of being a country bumpkin. Right now, it was as though everything before Lin Fan were nothing to be surprised about.

However, there was something heartbreaking for Lin Fan. Damn it! Once upon a time, he used to be so damn rich! The Shengyang Pills in his possession were in the trillions! But one could look at him now, poor as a pauper!

It was thankful that his Mythical Parasol Tree could still cultivate out a certain amount of Shengyang Pills daily.

However, the amount of Shengyang Pills cultivated out by the Mythical Parasol Tree were still way too little. It wasn’t even enough for all the living beings in his Paradise to use for cultivation. Seemed like he had to find some way to earn even more Shengyang Pills.

Not long after, Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya came across an inn. However, when they heard the price of the rooms, Lin Fan’s face was stumped.

“Both sirs, due to the fact that you guys are not in any parties, you’re not eligible for any discounted rates. At the same time, you’re only entitled to the lower grade rooms. A single night in a low grade room will cost you 100,000 Shengyang Pills.” The attendant said.

Looking at the attendant, Lin Fan was exasperated. Staying here for even a single night was simply way too expensive!

However, the cultivation state of this attendant wasn’t weak either! To think that he was a Divine celestial level 4, Undying state being!

Since he was new here, Lin Fan did not want to say anything much. Tossing out his arm, he took out the Shengyang Pills cultivated by the Mythical Parasol Tree. A small stream of Shengyang Pills river flowed out. With a quick catch, the attendant received the Shengyang Pills.

“Both sirs, please.” After checking that the amount was right, the attendant welcomed them passionately.

Within the house…

“Benefactor, why is there only a single bed?” Looking at the state of the house, Reverend Shakya gave off a pained look.

“Who am I supposed to ask if you’re asking me?! What kind of a messed up place is this with these many rules!” Lin Fan was about to explode by now. “Bald monk, since I gave every single Shengyang Pill and you contributed nothing at all, I shall take the bed and you shall take the floor.”

“Oh, no! Benefactor, we’re both men! I’m sure we can squeeze together! Look at how cold the floor is! This poor monk is going to fall ill!” Reverend Shakya grimaced in torment.

“Cut the crap. Those who don’t pay have got no rights. Don’t you know?” Lin Fan replied.

The moment Reverend Shakya heard his, he gave up. He knew clearly how poor of a person he was. He was really just a pauper.

“Alright. However, benefactor, now that we are here, I think it’s time for us to split the loot.” Reverend Shakya continued.

“I’d say, bald monk, not only are you perverted, you’re greedy as well! How many times have you mentioned splitting the loot along the way now?” Lin Fan was helpless now. Seemed like it was a sin keeping this bald monk by his side.

What a burden! This guy was nothing but a burden!

“Oh benefactor, this poor monk has only gotten rid of four desires in his heart. I’ve yet to reach the peak state of enlightenment yet.” Reverend Shakya said shamelessly.

“Alright, I have to give them to you honestly anyway, bald monk. We’ll split the loot now. But, you’ve got to stand there and let me check out what’s within first, alright?” Lin Fan commanded.

“Okay. This poor monk guarantees that I will not move.” Reverend Shakya’s face was gleeful right now. This was finally the moment to split the loot! The thought of it had him pretty excited.

Sitting on the bed, Lin Fan was equally exhilarated. Ever since he had touched the storage rings, he had not checked out the items within at all. However, he made ample mental preparations to not get stunned by the sights within.

This was going to be a crazy amount of wealth! Just the thought of it was getting him pretty heated up now.

“Benefactor, please hurry up! This poor monk is getting a little impatient now!” Reverend Shakya couldn’t wait any longer.

“What are you hurrying me for? Can’t you tell that I’m nurturing the mood right now?” Lin Fan tossed a side glance over at Reverend Shakya, then opened up one of the storage rings with extreme care.

“Oh treasures, Yours Truly is here!” Lin Fan’s heart was passionate like raging fire right now as he couldn’t contain his excitement at all.

However, ehwn Lin Fan caught sight of the state within the storage ring, his face changed entirely and turned serious.

The moment Reverend Shakya caught sight of this change in Lin Fan’s expression, his heart stopped momentarily. ‘Not good! Seems like the treasures within must be quite something for Benefactor Lin to be stumped as such!’

At this moment, Lin Fan took in a deep breath. His face was slightly pale as he held up the second storage ring with trembling fingers.

Lin Fan could hardly bear to look at it right now. However, he still forced himself to peel open his eyelids to check out the second storage ring.


Both storage rings dropped onto the bed as Lin Fan raised his head. Two streams of tears were gushing down his cheeks.

“REVERED MASTER, I WAS WRONG! YOUR DISCIPLE HERE IS WILLING TO RETURN BOTH STORAGE RINGS TO YOU!” Lin Fan was pained beyond words right now. ‘You smelly old man! You scammer!’

“Benefactor, what’s wrong?” Reverend Shakya inquired. He did not know what was going on. At the same time, his heart was started once more.

Could it be that the items within both storage rings were absolutely heaven revolting?

At this moment, in some mysterious place far away, Feng Qingzi sat down casually and twirled with two storage rings on his fingers, letting out a slight grin on his face.

“Ah, the old do have more experience indeed.”

“Old man, Yours Truly is truly convinced this time around! To think that you’ve been putting on an act from the very beginning till now!” Lin Fan truly did not know what else to say any longer.

“Benefactor, what’s wrong?” Reverend Shakya asked hurriedly.

“Take a look for yourself.” Lin Fan tossed both storage rings over.

Reverend Shakya opened up both storage rings fervently. However, in the blink of an eye, his face was filled with disbelief.

“How could there be nothing inside at all?” Looking at the empty storage rings, Reverend Shakya was flabbergasted. These were supposed to be his treasures! How could it end up with nothing in them?

Lin Fan sighed out. The difference in expectations rendered him speechless for quite some time.

‘Smelly old man! If you had a bit of conscience, you would have left something at least! But look at it now! Nothing at all?! What am I supposed to start his journey with?!’

Damn it! Wasn’t this the promised peak path of his life that he would be treading on by following this guy?! Seemed like he would have to start over from the very beginning all by himself once more.

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