The Strongest System

Chapter 704: Such Tragic Days

Chapter 704: Such Tragic Days

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Next day…

Lin Fan opened his eyes in a daze. However, the moment he opened them, he leaped in a shock. All he saw was this damned bald monk who had crawled into his bed since god knows when! Not only that, the hand of that bald monk was even lying on his chest!

“F*ck me!” Lin Fan was startled as he gave one massive kick to send the bald monk flying off the bed.

“Aiyoh! What are you up to early in the morning, benefactor? Why are you in such a fiery temper?” Reverend Shakya rubbed his eyes as though he had yet to fully wake up from his slumber.

“Bald monk! What did I tell you last night? I sleep on the bed and you get the ground, right?! Why the hell did you come up to the bed?” The moment Lin Fan thought of the fact that he had just spent an entire night sleeping with a bald monk, all the hair on his back stood up instantly.

Who knew if this bald monk had engaged in any indecent acts with him through the night?

“Ah! How can this poor monk be sleeping on the bed? Benefactor, please do not malign this poor monk!” Reverend Shakya said with a stern look as though he was determined to not let Lin Fan smear his reputation.


“Benefactor, this poor monk has just woken up. And here I am on the ground. How can I possibly be sleeping on your bed? You must have been dreaming, benefactor!” Reverend Shakya waved his hand dismissively.

“Forget it! Cut the crap!” Lin Fan cut off the conversation with his hand and did not want to carry on any longer.

Tap. Tap.

Just at this moment, the knocking sounds on the door came through.

“Bald monk, go and open the door.”

Reverend Shakya shook his head helplessly. But, not long after opening the door, he came back. “Benefactor. The attendant of the inn is asking us if we’re going to extend our stay. If not, we’ve got to check out.” Reverend Shakya said.

“Huh? What time is it now?” Lin Fan was stunned as he looked out of the window. The sun had just risen, hadn’t it?! How could the time be up yet?

“Both sirs, our inn only allocates twenty four hours per room. Therefore, now that the time is past, I’m afraid you guys will have to check out. May I ask if the both of you are intending to continue with your stay?” The attendant asked courteously.

‘Unethical! This is an unethical shop!’ Lin Fan scolded in his heart. However, since he was unfamiliar with this place, he could not make a joke out of himself. Therefore, he just waved his hand and replied, “Not staying anymore.”


“Benefactor, are we really not staying any longer?” After the attendant left, Reverend Shakya asked.

“How do we stay on? Do you have any Shengyang Pills?” Lin Fan rolled his eyes.

“Nopes.” Reverend Shakya shrugged his shoulders and replied helplessly.

“Shouldn’t that give you the answer? Alright, time to go. First, we’ll go create a party. Seems like if you’re not part of a party, this place is one hell of an inconvenient place to be in.” Even though Lin Fan wasn’t all too sure about the situation right here just yet, he knew that one needed the status of a party member at the very least even if one wanted to stay in the inns. Otherwise, there would be no discounts.

To think that as a Divine celestial level 7 being, he would have to live life so pathetically.

Eventually, both of them washed up and asked around before eventually finding out where to head to in order to register for a party.

“My apologies to the both of you. Since both of you do not have 10,000 Contribution Points together, you’re not eligible to register for a party.” The one attending to Lin Fan and Reverend Shakya was a sweet looking chick. At this moment, she opened her eyes widely and replied sweetly.

‘Holy f*ck! What kind of a sh*t place is this? To think that you would need 10,000 Contribution Points to form a party?! Bloody hell! Is there really a need for these many rules?’ Lin Fan was on the brink of tears right now. Wasn’t this one hell of a sham?

However, Lin Fan put on a straight face and lowered his voice, “Hey, chick. The both of us here are really strong. How about this? We’ll owe the 10,000 Contribution Points first and you’ll help us register in the meantime. Once we earn the Contribution Points, we’ll come back and pay it to you. How does that sound?”

“Benefactor Chick, please give us some face.” Reverend Shakya added with a smiling face.

“I’m sorry, both sirs. If you guys wish to create a party, you would require 10,000 Contribution Points. Otherwise, you can join up with some other parties to earn some Contribution Points in the meantime.” The sweet chick replied patiently.

“Chick, you’re not going to give us any face?” First, Lin Fan checked out the situation around, then extended his head and replied with an unfriendly tone.

“Nopes.” The chick shook her head still without the slightest bit of fear.

Looking at how fearless the chick was seeming, Lin Fan was so done with it.

“Alright, chick. You’re good. After we earn 10,000 Contribution Points, we’ll come and look for you again!” Lin Fan did not want to say anything anymore. The fellas here were way too straight-faced and did not know how to adapt at all! This was way too scary!

“Alright, I hope that you both will be able to earn your 10,000 Contribution Points as soon as possible!” The chick beamed brightly, showing her white pearls.

“Bald monk, time to go.” Lin Fan had not expected these many rules to be adhered to within the Guarded Ground, and was feeling quite helpless.

“Benefactor, what should we do then? How are we supposed to go earn that 10,000 Contribution Points?” Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan with a pained look, wondering what they should do next.

Lin Fan stuck his hands on his waist and glared up into the skies. His mouth twitched into a sneaky grin, “Hmph! Isn’t it just 10,000 Contribution Points? Can something as such truly cause Yours Truly to falter?”

“Oh! Benefactor, you’ve got a plan?” Reverend Shakya’s face was filled with joy as he looked at Lin Fan with respect.

“Hehe.” Lin Fan did not reply and was just sniggering out.

“Bald monk, do you know what’s the fastest way to get rich in this world?” Lin Fan looked at the bald monk and asked. Reverend Shakya looked at Lin Fan and contemplated for a moment before shaking his head, “Benefactor, this poor monk does not know.”

“I knew that you didn’t know, but don’t worry. You’ll know soon enough.” Lin Fan smiled indifferently and brought Reverend Shakya away with him.

Some random alley…

“Benefactor, I don’t think it’s quite right for us to do this…” Reverend Shakya’s eyes were darting around. He was both a little fearful and nervous.

“What are you afraid of? Isn’t it just a robbery? Listen to my commands. I ensure you that it’ll be reliable.” Lin Fan was wearing a black colored mask, revealing nothing else except his eyes.

“Benefactor, this poor monk can’t do something as such!” Reverend Shakya shook his head once more.

“Bald monk. Do you want us to trapped here suffering daily and living outside every single day?!”

“Take a look around you! This place is literally gold mine that’s filled with Contribution Points scattered all around! Look at those restaurants where these fellas are feasting on meat and fish! Look how much they’re enjoying themselves! Given our cultivation state here, we could probably be somebody and all, you know? But, look at the days we’re having to go through right now! How can we let these petty 10,000 Contribution Points stand in our path?” Lin Fan continued.

Reverend Shakya thought about it for a moment, “Hais, if I don’t enter hell, who would? Everything I’m doing right now is to help you, benefactor. I believe that my Buddha will not fault me for this.”

“Yes, that’s the way. Go, and I’ll be waiting for you right here.” Lin Fan held the Nine Five Legendary Brick in his hand as his eyes shone even brighter.

There were many passersby on the main street.

Reverend Shakya looked at all the people who were walking and thought of the words that Benefactor Lin had told him. He had to look for the type of dumb fool that was described by Benefactor Lin.

Instantly, Reverend Shakya’s eyes sparkled as he headed up.

“Amitabha, benefactor. This poor monk here has noticed that there is a holy light that is shining upon you from the Heavens itself. This poor monk here has an item that can guarantee you instant success in your life. How about you follow this poor monk so that I can go retrieve it for you, benefactor?” Reverend Shakya’s emotions were sincere, as though he was speaking the very truth.

Lin Fan snuck a peek and grinned out. ‘Good job, bald monk! With this opening speech crafted out by Yours Truly, there can be no one who wouldn’t be fooled over it!’

Standing before Reverend Shakya right now was a fatty who was rotund and stumpy. His wide eyes were opened really, really wide right now while blinking furiously.

“A-are you trying t-to lure me i-into that a-alley with y-you s-so that you can s-steal the Contribution Points I have with m-me?” The fatty stuttered.

“Ah! Benefactor! How did you know that?” The moment Reverend Shakya heard that, he was stunned. Could this benefactor have a way of peeking through the hearts of others?

“I-I knew it…!!! That’s b-because when I had just a-arrived here, I-I fell for the s-same trick! H-however, they were t-thankfully c-caught by the p-patrols here and locked up for an entire y-year! B-bald monk, I’m a-advising you…Repent while y-you can…! I-I’ve got 100 Contribution P-points here to gift to you. Y-you have to live life r-righteously, and m-must never ever do s-something as d-dodgy as such again!” The fatty stuttered out more. After that, he drew out a small river of Contribution Points in thin air from his storage ring and handed it over to Reverend Shakya.

“Thank you for the slap on the head, benefactor. This poor monk understands your intentions.” Reverend Shakya lamented while sending him off with his eyes.

As for Lin Fan who was hiding there and watching every single thing fall through, he was rendered entirely speechless.


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