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Chapter 115 - Mingguang Armor

Chapter 115 – Mingguang Armor

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After reorganising the military, the meeting held in Friendship Town came to an end.

After the meeting, Ouyang Shuo did not return back to Shanhai Town, but instead officially began his tour around Friendship Town under the company of Zhou Haichen.

Walking around the big streets of Friendship Town, Ouyang Shuo started to calculate the costs of expanding the military. Up first was the one-time payment to the mountain barbarians. The 3 batches of warriors cost 1700 gold, adding the one-time off care package of 500 thousand units of food, which was 500 gold and the class change cost of 500 gold for 1000 infantrymen and 150 gold for 100 cavalrymen, the total costs ran up to 2850 gold. The 3000 gold that he had left was nearly used up.

The next day, Ouyang Shuo went to the office of the town head to obtain the report from Zhou Haichen about cooperation with the nomadic tribes.

Zhou Haichen invited Ouyang Shuo to the lord’s seat while he sat at a lower seat and said, “Sire, the medium-sized tribe to the north of Friendship Town is known as the Tian Feng tribe. It has 3500 people and 1500 square miles of pasture, even bigger than our territory. Tian Feng tribe’s leader is called Dariachi, 35 years old, a descendent of the mongols. The name Dariachi in Mongolian means to crush and suppress, so one can see his ambition and goal.”

He continued. “After completing the city protection river protect, we sent out the Administration Director of Friendship Town as an ambassador to bring gifts to see Dariachi. Although he was shocked by the visit, his actions weren’t anything out of the ordinary. After accepting the gifts, he treated us very warmly. What was baffling was when the ambassador was about to return, a squad of Tian Feng tribe cavalry tried to attack. Only after they saw the river and the high city walls were they shocked and retreated.”

“Interestingly after that squad of cavalry left, the Tian Feng tribe sent over a messenger who said that he want to trade with us. As it was so sudden, I didn’t have a clue what Dariachi was up to. I wanted to report to you but the lord’s mansion said that you had something to do and thus went into seclusion. Hence I used a delay tactic. Now that you are back, I need your advice on what to do.”

Ouyang Shuo frowned. “From your description, this Dariachi is a two-faced character. The way I see it, it’s best not to reveal the existence of the main camp. How about this, you will be in charge of trading with them. We only want Qingfu horses, and as for what to trade for them, regardless of grain, salt, iron ore, tea, or even three flower wine, we can trade it with them. As long as we can get the Qingfu horses, giving them some benefits is acceptable.”

Zhou Haichen was surprised and said emotionally, “Understood! Sire, don’t worry!”

“Additionally, the trading location must be carefully chosen. You can build a trading post beside the city protection river. For the first trade it’s best if it’s within this week.” Ouyang Shuo ordered. As for why one week, it was naturally to coordinate with the military and prepare for military action.


Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and said, “Haichen, seems like choosing you to come to Friendship Town was the right decision. After these two days I found that the town was orderly built. Even when facing the threat of the nomadic tribes, the people were still peaceful. To think of trading under these circumstances is incredible!”

Receiving such a high evaluation, Zhou Haichen was emotional and said, “All I have today is all because of your help and the chances you’ve given me. I don’t dare to waste this opportunity, and will continue to work hard to repay sire!”

“Seeing this, I’m delighted!” Ouyang Shuo replied.


On the 8th of May, Friendship Town did its first trade with Tian Feng tribe.

Based on the price set by the Tian Feng tribe, a good quality Qingfu horse was worth 5 gold. In goods, that would be either 5000 units of grain, or 2500 units of salt, or 1000 units of iron ore or 500 units of three flower wine. Hence, the trading power of the Qingfu horse was terrifying.

As it was the first trade, both parties were very careful. Tian Feng tribe was willing to trade 100 good quality Qingfu horses for 100 thousand units of grain, 2500 units of salt, 60000 units of iron ore and 10000 units of three flower wine, which was the same as asking for an additional batch of salt.

Zhou Haichen remembered Ouyang Shuo’s orders in his heart which was to rather take a loss and get the Qingfu horses. Hence this trade could be considered a merry affair. Friendship Town managed to get 100 green horses, and with just 100 horses, Tianfeng tribe managed to get an unimaginable amount of resources.

To express their thanks, the Tian Feng tribe gave an additional 3 elite green horses, their stats higher than the good quality ones by 40%.

Name: Good Quality Qingfu Horse (Drak-gold)

Max Capacity: 120 kilograms

Speed: 60 kilometers/day

Consumption: 4 units of food/day

Evaluation: the Qingfu horse was the offspring of the ancient green beetle god and a wild horse.

Hence it inherited the god intent of the green beetle, and the speed like the wind, so it is thus a war horse of the highest quality.

Undoubtedly the highest quality war horse, its max capacity was twice that of a normal war horse, and it was even faster. Only this kind of war horse could handle the Mingguang armor.

Name: Elite Qinfu Horse (Platinum)

Capacity: 168 kilograms

Speed: 84 kilometers/day

Consumption: 5 units of food/day

Evaluation: An elite of the Qingfu horse, highly suitable for being a general’s horse.

These 100 Qingfu horses, Ouyang Shuo sent to he 1st squadron of the cavalry unit. As for the 3 elite Qingfu horses, he kept one for himself and gave one each to Lin Yi and the first squadron captain Li Mingliang.

With the Qingfu horses, the Mingguang armor made by the Armory Division could finally be used. The Mingguang armor followed a complicated crafting process, and it was separated into soldier Mingguang armor, sergeant Mingguang armor, general Mingguang armor, and commander Mingguang armor. The highest level, which the Armory Division, could craft was the general Mingguang armor.

Name: Soldier Mingguang armor (Gold)

Type: Heavy Armor

Weight: 36 kilograms

Defence: 55

Toughness: 50

Evaluation: At each of the front and back of the armor, there is oval metal piece known as the round guard. Under the light, it will glisten, giving the Mingguang armor its name.


Name: Sergeant Mingguang armor (Drak-gold)

Type: Heavy armor

Weight: 40 kilograms

Defence: 70

Toughness: 55

Evaluation: Compared to the soldier Mingguang armor, the sergeant Mingguang armor’s crafting process is slightly more complicated.


Name: General Mingguang armor (Platinum)

Type: Heavy armor

Weight: 45 kilograms

Defence: 85

Toughness: 60

Evaluation: Compared to the sergeant Mingguang armor, the general Mingguang armor’s crafting process is slightly more complicated and more expensive.

Till date, the Armory Division only made one set of general Mingguang armor, and it was naturally made for Ouyang Shuo. The Armory Division secretary Wang Tao had worked together with master tailor Mu Qingsi, and after 1 month and 5 failures, only then they had successfully completed it. This success was partly luck and was secondly because of the added effect of Qing’er’s skill. If not, there would have had no chance of success.

Wang Tao had made use of this encounter to become a master blacksmith. As for the highest grade, commander Mingguang armor, Ouyang Shuo guessed that it would need both of them to reach the grandmaster level to have the possibility of success.

With this set of Mingguang armor, Ouyang Shuo’s leather armor wasn’t of any use, and he gave it to Zhao Sihu. Ouyang Shuo checked out his stats.

【Name】: Qiyue Wuyi

【Title】: Patriot ( increases NPCs’ relationship by 25%)

【Territory】: Shanhai Town

【Occupation】: General (part time)

【Level】: 45

【Merit】: 15400 / 25600

【Rank】: 2nd class Earl

【Prestige】: 12850/100000

【Body Structure】: 18

【Comprehension】: 21

【Luck】: 5

【Charm】: 8

【Command】: 59 + 10

【Force】: 22+5

【Intelligence】: 14

【Political】: 51

【Talent】: Locked

【Technique】: Ba Ji Fist Art (Become Proficient), Yang family spear technique (learnt the fundamentals)

【Art of War】: “Liu Tao” (Wu Tao Volume)

【Skills】: Advanced Collection, Basic Shipbuilding, Intermediate Diplomacy, Advanced Scouting, Advanced Weapon Proficiency, Basic Riding, Basic Spearsmanship, Basic archery

【Mount】: Elite Qingfu horse (Platinum)

【Equipment】: Exquisite Composite Bow (Gold), Exquisite Iron Sword (Gold), Exquisite Iron Spear (Gold), General Mingguang armor (Platinum)

【Unique Items】: Talisman of Blood Thirsting, Talisman of Vitality, Talisman of Rapid Marching, substitution doll

During the battles during this period of time, Ouyang Shuo leveled 5 times to level 45. At the same time, his merit and rank had increased.

As for the brutal force, it was a necklace with a thumb-sized wild pig tooth, naturally it was made by the alchemist Magnus. It stats were:

Name: Brutal Force (Silver)

Speciality: Raise combat power by 5

Evaluation: Advanced alchemist Magnus made it with a wild pig tooth.

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