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Chapter 120 - Invitation

Chapter 120 – Invitation

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After the completion of the teleportation formation, Ouyang Shuo checked the teleportation fees.

On the battlefield map, every single individual would be charged 1 gold. Between territories during wartime, each individual cost 1 gold, or 10 gold each during times of peace. While the special mode of teleportation name-adding would be charged at 20 gold per individual.

All the prices stated above applied only to single-way teleportation. That is, if you visited an ally, a round trip would cost you 20 gold.

These teleportation fees were charged directly by the system, so the lord would not benefit a single copper from them. Of course, there was simply nothing to complain about, since the teleportation formation itself was constructed for free by the system.

“System notice: Select your payment methods!”

As stated before, the teleportation formation could charge at either end. Just like mailing services in the real world, one could choose to pay through either the sender or the recipient.

Battlefield map teleportation fees were naturally paid for by their own lords. While for teleportation fees between territories, Ouyang Shuo had decided that Shanhai would fully pay for the teleportation fees during wartime, whereas during times of peace, Shanhai would pay the teleportation fees for the visitors back to their respective territories.

While the add-on teleportation was a one-way teleportation, naturally it would be paid for by Shanhai Town.

With Shanhai’s financial status, Ouyang Shuo could totally bear all the costs on his own. However, as the leader of the union, his position did not allow him to do so, as he had to take care of his allies’ feelings.

The teleportation fees taken on by Shanhai Town would be a benchmark to the union members.

If Ouyang Shuo had decided to bear all the costs to act as the good person, then the others would’ve had to be forced to follow after him. Otherwise, if they did not follow his act of bearing all the costs, they would be looked down upon by their fellow members. These fees might have meant nothing to Shanhai Town, but they could be big financial burdens to the other lords, and that was not something he would like to see.

That said, as a lord, especially as the leader of a union, one must fairly understand the art of moderation. So it had to be known when to stop, and the limits should not be passed. Otherwise, one could pave a road to hell with good intentions.

After setting the fee payment methods, a series of system prompts rang in Ouyang Shuo’s ears.

“System notice: Please fully prepare your troops for the first battlefield. Note: The number of soldiers the lord can bring along is directly linked to the lord’s rank.

3rd viscount is limited to 100 men, 2nd viscount 200 men, 1st viscount 300 men.

3rd earl is limited to 500 men, 2nd earl 1000 men, 1st earl 3000 men.

3rd marquis is limited to 10,000 men, 2nd marquis 20,000 men, 1st marquis 50,000 men. A lord with the rank of Duke has no soldier limits and can decide the number freely.”

Ouyang Shuo’s rank was now 2nd earl, which meant that he could bring along 1000 soldiers. Including the soon-to-be-expanded naval unit, Shanhai’s official military forces had reached a total of 4000 soldiers. As for specifically which units would be participating in the battle, Ouyang Shuo still had to have some discussions with Ge Hongliang.

Leaving the teleportation formation, Ouyang Shuo sent mail messages to his 4 allies, inviting them over to Shanhai for a gathering along with a discussion meeting tomorrow morning.

To be honest, making such a decision was a difficult step for Ouyang Shuo. He was reluctant in the first place. Inviting the allies over would mean that Ouyang Shuo would be taking off the layers of mysteries, and unveiling the true face of Shanhai, exposing it clearly to them.

However, as the union leader, Ouyang Shuo found it necessary to do so. Only by doing so could the union members build up trust amongst one another, slowly shaping the union into an unified body.

Back at the manor, Ouyang Shuo gathered the 4 directors. They would prepare the town for tomorrow’s visit from their allies. Since it was a gathering, there would of course be a touring session.

Although they were his allies, there were still limitations on what they could and couldn’t see. There were others they were allowed to see, but only up to a certain extent. All these matters had to be taken into serious consideration by Ouyang Shuo.


Consonance Town, Council Chamber.

“Qiyue Wuyi invited us to Shanhai Town tomorrow for a discussion on the Battle of Zhuolu. Which of you will come along with me? I’m saying this beforehand, Tsing Yi will be coming. It’s a must.” Bai Hua asked and looked around.

Tsing Yi nodded and stayed silent.

Zi Luolan laughed and said, “How unexpected. He openly invited us over to Shanhai to have a tour. Such an event, I wouldn’t want to miss it.”

“What’s so special about it? We all have a territory. I won’t be going.” Hong Ying said.

Bai Hua nodded and said, “Alright, in that case, Hong Ying will stay in the territory and the 3 of us will leave for Shanhai tomorrow.”


Mulan Town, Mayor’s Office.

“Sister, come together with me to Shanhai.” Mulan Yue smiled and said in a playful manner.

Mu Guiying, her eyes filled with love while looking at Mulan Yue, said, “Why, you don’t dare to go alone?”

Mulan Yue nodded and said, “En, what if this Qiyue Wuyi is a big bad guy? It is safer if sister comes along with me. Then I will not be worried.”

“Alright, I will follow you.”


Similar conversations were also taking place in Xunlong Town and Black Lion Town.


Shanhai Town. Council Chamber.

“Everyone, do all of you know of the teleportation formation at the town square?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

“Yes my lord, do you know what it was about?” Fan Zhongyan asked.

Ouyang Shuo nodded, and he explained the teleportation formation and the battlefield map to them, then continued on saying, “This time the Battle of Zhuolu means alot to us. There must be no mistakes and must be done properly. As for the troops we will deploy, what are the thoughts of the Military Affairs Department?”

Ge Hongliang pondered and said, “First, it is warfare on land, so the naval unit will definitely not be suitable. Moreover, the nomadic tribes are getting a little uneasy lately, and the cavalry unit holds a great responsibility to defend against the tribes, so we should not move them easily. Therefore, my suggestion is that the deployed units be formed mainly of infantry, with cavalry assisting them. Within the infantry, the crossbow infantry would come first.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “Your words are wise. In that case, the deployed units will be like this. From the 3 city defense units, 2 bow squadrons and 3 crossbow squadrons will be the main attacking force. From the infantry unit, 3 infantry squadrons with one of the squadrons equipped with the Buren Armor will act as the defense force. Lastly, from the cavalry unit, 2 cavalry squadrons will support them with coordinated actions. In addition, get an intelligence team from Military Intelligence Division to follow the expedition team. The details of how deployment will be done will be given to the Military Affairs Department and the respective units to settle.”

“Understood!” Ge Hongliang answered and questioned afterwards. “My lord, what about the general and officers?”

As for which officers to select, it was a sensitive issue. With Ge Hongliang’s status, he didn’t dare to make the decisions himself. Not to mention Shi Wanshui, even just Lin Yi and Pei Donglai, the two intermediate officers, were both comparable to Ge Hongliang in terms of status.

Ouyang Shuo pondered before answering the question. “The expedition will be led by me personally, with Director Ge as the strategist. As for the infantry, General Shi will be the main commander while Zhao Sihu will act as his assistant. The cavalry will be led by Lin Yi alone. The Military Intelligence Division team will be led by Song San himself.” Since the time flow rates of the battlefield map and the main world map were different, Ouyang Shuo did not leave any officers back to stay and guard the territory.

Ge Hongliang nodded and said nothing.

“After the meeting, Military Affairs will have to gather the troops as fast as possible, and conduct a joint training. Furthermore, the Combat Logistics Division, Armoury Division, and Bow and Crossbow Division will have to fully prepare the logistics of the troops.” Ouyang Shuo continued his orders.

“Understood!” Ge Hongliang answered.

After finishing discussions regarding the expedition, Ouyang Shuo then said, “Tomorrow morning, there will be guests visiting Shanhai Town. These guests are our allies.”

“Big brother, how do you plan to welcome them?” Yingyu asked.

“I have planned tomorrow’s schedule this way: We will make a small welcome ceremony at the teleportation formation, followed by an official alliance ceremony. Then we will give them a tour around Shanhai Town, and the area will only be limited to the town. Lastly, there will be a discussion meeting regarding the Battle of Zhuolu in the council chamber.” Ouyang Shuo thus explained his plan.

The 4 directors’ faces sank instantly. The schedule Ouyang Shuo’d planned wasn’t simple at all.

“The task is hard and we are pressed for time, so I will briefly divide the work. The welcome ceremony, we need not prepare for this, just follow me and give them a welcome. The venue for the alliance ceremony shall be selected by Mr. Xi Wen with the help of the Material Reserves Department. The only condition I ask for is a solemn and official atmosphere. As for the tour, other than the military-restricted area, the other places need not to be restricted. We will open them to our allies. Lastly, the discussion meeting will be prepared by the Military Affairs Department.” Ouyang Shuo said with a smiling face.

“Understood!” Those whose names were mentioned all answered.

“Seizing this opportunity, the Military Affairs Department will make a simple military parade. It will be done by the 1,000 soldiers that will participate in the Battle of Zhuolu. We will take this chance to show our allies our military weapons and equipment. The Finance Department should prepare yourselves, as you might be dealing with our allies in trading weapons and equipment.” Ouyang Shuo suddenly remembered. Why didn’t he take this opportunity to start the arms trading industry of Shanhai Town?

Ge Hongliang answered yes immediately. However, Yingyu was hesitant. As the descendant of a business family, she wasn’t familiar with the prices of weaponry, so she asked Ouyang Shuo directly. “Does big brother have any prices in mind?”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “For armors, Mingguang armor is not for sale, leave that alone. A set of Buren armor will be sold at a price of 25 gold. As for weapons, a Tang sword will be priced at 5 gold, longbows or hornbows at 10 gold, while a God arm crossbow will be priced at 15 gold.”

Ouyang Shuo gave the prices not from a cost-profit point of view, but rather according to the supply-demand relationship in the market.

With Ouyang Shuo giving the numbers, Yingyu had a benchmark to follow. She smiled and said, “Alright, big brother can be at ease and let the Finance Department handle it. We will see it done.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and said, “One more thing, the Finance Department will have to deliver the gold from Langshan mining field to me. Raise a sum of gold. I am running out of funds.”

“Understood!” Yingyu nodded.

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