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Chapter 125 - Frolic

Chapter 125 – Frolic

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After lunch, Ouyang Shuo received a call from Song Jia.

“Woodsy, the Battle of Zhuolu, will you participate?”

“Of course!” Ouyang Shuo proudly said. In front of Song Jia, Ouyang Shuo always felt relaxed. he says what is on his mind without any fear and without the need to hold back. Just like a child, showing off his achievements and everything to Song Jia.

“Hmph, smug!” Song Jia said helplessly against Ouyang Shuo’s childish acts. Yet not knowing why every time Ouyang Shuo showed off to her, she could see as if the quiet little boy back in high school who always studied in the corner of the classroom had time-traveled and appeared right in front of her again. She felt a pleasant and gracious feeling lurking in her heart.

“Your brother’s Tian Shuang Village, has it been upgraded to grade 1 town yet?”

Song Jia shook her head and said low-spiritedly: “Not yet, when we acquired Tian Shuang Village, it had just been upgraded to a grade 3 village. In addition, it was created by a bronze-level token, the territory properties were very bad. My brother has been trying hard lately, but the requirements were still not met. It is sad that we can’t make it for the battlefield mission.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head while he secretly rejoiced in his heart, fortunately, they wouldn’t be meeting in the battlefield maps. Otherwise, he wouldn’t know how to face Song Jia. He wouldn’t know whether to reveal his identity or continue hiding it.

If he approached her, his real-world identity would be exposed. Ouyang Shuo wasn’t too worried if only Song Jia knew of his identity. But if the Song Corporation grasped on the slightest clue about his identity, they could instantly dig out his identity, there was simply no way to hide it.

But if he continued hiding it from Song Jia, that would be unfair to her. If they weren’t in the same map, not having the possibilities of meeting each other, then that would be fine. But what if they were on the same map, facing the possibilities to meet each other, to continue hiding his identity from Song Jia would be a little too overboard.

Fortunately, fate had it all decided and Ouyang Shuo didn’t have face with such dilemma.

“It’s alright, there will be plenty of opportunities like these in the future!” Ouyang Shuo comforted her.

Song Jia nodded, she wasn’t really feeling sad or anything. After all, her interest lies within the adventurer path rather than the kingdom buildings. She was just feeling a little down seeing her brother’s dismay.

“All the best, take back a good prize!” Song Jia smiled and said.

“Of course I will!” Ouyang Shuo continued on his childish act.

Song Jia made a facepalm and with a sweet voice she said: “I can’t stand your thick face anymore, you can make a wall from it already.”

Ouyang Shuo made a face pretending he was hurt and said: “Ey, so you don’t trust my strength, so hurting. Life, so lonely like snows.”

“Alright, alright, I know you are powerful. My mom’s calling me already, talk to you next time. Bye-bye!” Song Jia said and ending the conversation.



Kun Ming City, Shengshi Garden.

Shengshi Garden was a high-end villa district, only those with power and money could afford to stay in it. The whole area was like a landscape garden covered in green with beautiful flowers while the villas were scattered around in the man-made paradise.

In the southwest corner of the garden, in one particular villa stayed 4 single ladies. The 4 beauties each had their own styles and auras. Even in such a high-end area filled with extraordinary people, they could still stand-out among the crowds. However, in the eyes of the security guards, it was a fly in the ointment that the 4 beauties were too shut-in, seldom coming out from the villa, although, there were always 3 to 4 express deliveries sent to them.

Not known by the others, the villa belongs to the Consonance Game Studio.

The 4 beauties were naturally “Green Red Purple White” of Consonance. Due to their success in the gaming world, each and everyone’s net worth were more than 10 million. For example, their big sister Bai Hua, had already broke through to the hundred million category. Of course they could afford such a high-end villa.

Much like Sun Xiaoyue, the 4 beauties took a nap after logging out of game. It was already 11 AM when they all woke up. Their home robot had already finished making their brunch, waiting to serve the 4 mistresses.

Thanks to the development of advanced technology in this modern era, artificial intelligence robots took over the world quickly. Home robots were one of them, it can clean the rooms, do the laundries, cook meals, and every other house chores. Even the advanced home robot’s cook was comparable to those star-chefs.

Ever since the rise of home robots, housemaids had been a history. What’s left was just high-class custom made personal chamberlain service, and that was not something the public could afford to enjoy. Only those nobles and blue-bloods would hire one of them.

The Bai Hua sisters were rich, the home robot they have was naturally of advanced grade. Moreover, none of them were picky with food, that was why they seldom leave the villa. As for shopping? You’d gotta be kidding me, other than looking for freshness, who still leaves the house to shop, especially for the 4 serious game addicts.

180 years ago, ever since VR technology was introduced to the world, ideas of shopping online through VR technology had already been spoken of numerous times. Now, VR technology was a history. The trading platform had developed a virtual shopping mall, the customers logs in to the mall just like a game and could shop as much as they would like to. If one had purchased an item, it will be sent over by unmanned-drones within two hours real-world time, it was truly convenient.

The only reason Ouyang Shuo brings Bing’er out for shopping and entertainments was because he didn’t want her to detach from the real-world and live in the virtual-world at such a young age.

After eating their brunch, the 4 sisters sat together in the living room.

Because they were at home, plus it was summer, they have all wore simple clothings.

Bai Hua wore a loose pure white T-shirt with short pants, her hourglass-body shape was presented clearly. If only there were males on the spot, they might have a nosebleed from seeing such a sight. Bai Hua casually sank herself in the soft couch, looked at Tsing Yi who was sitting beside her and asked: “Little sister, you had went over to Shanhai yesterday, what thoughts do you have?”

The trip to Shanhai Town, although Tsing Yi never spoke a word during the whole trip, but she was the one with the best observation among the 4. The question asked by Bai Hua wasn’t intended to tease her.

Tsing Yi, in real life, was a cute little girl. She wore a cute cartoon T-shirt with only a pink panty, in addition to her cute baby face, she looks just like a cutie.

She stared at Bai Hua’s breasts with an envious look on her face and then looked at her own, she said; “Big sister, what do you eat, how can yours grow so big?”

Bai Hua facepalmed, she knew it was gonna be like this. Tsing Yi was known as the little Zhuge in-game, but she was in fact a naughty girl in real life, always teasing her sisters.

Before Bai Hua could say anything, Zi Luolan came from the side and hopped onto Bai Hua, hugging Bai Hua tightly. She lifted her hands and swiftly molested Bai Hua’s breasts, and she said with an evil tone: “Heihei, little sister, don’t be jealous. This is all natural, nothing jealousy can change about. You are still young, you will probably have a second growth.”

“Hmph, sister you are lying again. You told me last time that papaya can help with the growth of breasts but it had no effect at all, big liar!” Tsing Yi didn’t believe in Zi Luolan’s theory of second growth.

To be honest, Zi Luolan’s body was comparable to Bai Hua’s, hers was even more sexier.

Zi Luolan wore a black singlet without bras, her two little pinky dots could be seen clearly, and at the bottom was only a sexy panty that could barely cover her butt, exposing her long white legs.

Among the 4, only Hong Ying was not linked to the word “sexy”. Short hair, military green T-shirt and a short jeans, a military lovers’ outfit. In addition to her airport flat body, she could be mistaken as a boy from afar.

Bai Hua pushed Zi Luolan’s hands aside, she was helpless towards the female hooligan. She turned and looked at Tsing Yi, smiled and said: “Little sister, you don’t have a boyfriend anyway, why are you always concerned about your breast size? Moreover, for a cutie pie like you, you will always be welcomed everywhere.”

“Indeed indeed, what’s the use of a big breast, it’s only a burden.” Hong Ying agreed from the side.

Zi Luolan went speechless against Hong Ying’s opinion, she then said: “Third sister, you are travelling far down the path of a tomboy, you are hopeless. Little sister can still act cute but you, you can only act as a bodyguard.”

“If a tomboy then a tomboy, I find it perfectly alright.” Hong Ying answered in full confidence.

Bai Hua ignored the two and continued talking to Tsing Yi: “Or is it that our little sister had fallen in love with some other boy?”

“Big Sister!” Tsing Yi couldn’t take it and she ran over to Bai Hua, she said furiously: “Even if I had fallen in love, staying at home everyday, I still wouldn’t have any chance at all.”

“Ey, the spring had just passed and here comes your spring time. Even words like no chance at all came out of your mouth.” Zi Luolan teased her.

“Ah!” Tsing Yi realized she had spoken the wrong words and immediately her face blushed red.

“Hahahahah!” The sisters laughed together.

Such a scene was their daily lives. Everyday Tsing Yi would be envious of Bai Hua, and every time Zi Luolan would molest Bai Hua.

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