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Chapter 127 - Battle of Zhuolu part 1

Chapter 127 – Battle of Zhuolu part 1

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5th month, 15th day, 9AM, system notification announced right on time.

“System Notification: 3000 years B.C., to obtain the middle region that was suitable for animal husbandry and agriculture, the Yellow Emperor tribe joined the Fire Emperor tribe to wage a war against the Chiyou tribe from the south in a big battle at the Zhuolu region. The battle ended in the Chiyou tribe losing and being wiped out. First epic war- battle of Zhuolu, officially activated!”

At the Shanhai Town teleportation formation, 1000 of Shanhai Town’s most elite soldiers were fully armed and ready.

Upon hearing the system notification resound, Ouyang Shuo shouted loudly, “Let’s go!”. At the same time, a series of notifications entered his ear.

“System Notification: Checking if player Qiyue Wuyi satisfies all requirements to join the war…”

“System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi’s base is a grade 3 town, satisfies requirements.”

“System Notification: Checking player Qiyue Wuyi’s rank to determine number of battle slots…”

“System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi is a second class earl, given 1000 battle slots.”

“System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuyi please confirm the number of people joining the battle.”

“1000!” Ouyang Shuo said calmly.

“System Notification: Epic war will be split between Yellow Emperor camp and Chiyou camp, player please choose your camp! Special tip: If player chooses the losing camp from the war and change history, he will obtain great rewards. Please choose wisely!”

If it wasn’t that Ouyang Shuo had something he definitely needed to get from the Yellow Emperor camp, he would have chosen Chiyou camp. He knew the prize and reward for changing history.

“I choose the Yellow Emperor camp!”

“System Notification: Camp chosen!”

“System Notification: Congratulations to player Qiyue Wuyi for starting teleportation, commencing teleportation for 1000 people, deducting 1000 gold as transportation cost.”

“System Notification: Teleportation begin!”

The teleportation formation could at most transport 200 people at once. The 1000 men force would be transported in 5 batches. Ouyang Shuo was in the first batch and accompanying him was Zhu Hongliang and two infantry squadrons.

After the teleportation formation was activated, the Taichi diagram in the middle started turning and the eight trigrams started to shine brightly, appearing very mysterious.

With a “Shua”, a white light shone and after a short distortion of the area, Ouyang Shuo and his group appeared in a strange, barren world.

“System Notification: Welcome player Qiyue Wuyi into the war map, this is a special map, Pigeon letters are banned and global channel chat is prohibited.”

“System Notification: The war map and main map time difference is 10:1, 10 days in the war map is 1 day in the main world map, please don’t worry about your territory in the main map.”

“System Notification: Welcome player Qiyue Wuyi to the yellow emperor’s camp- Yellow Emperor city.”

Ouyang Shuo opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. They were in a spacious region, similar to that of a square. On it, constant white light shone to show a new force being transported over. The space wasn’t large and as the number of people transported became higher, it appeared to be a bit cramp.

Ouyang Shuo waited for the remaining people to teleport over and meet with them while judging and analyzing the Yellow Emperor city. The Yellow Emperor city was more of a mountain stronghold than a city. During that era, they didn’t build houses on trees but instead started building huts. The more advanced ones were using yellow mud to make walls and using twigs and straw to make the roof.

When all 1 thousand had successfully transported over, Ouyang Shuo ordered General Shi to form up the forces.

At this time, an NPC wearing black linen and a beast skin around his waist was standing in front of the square. He was standing on a tall platform and said warmly, “Weird people gifted by the gods’, welcome to Yellow Emperor city and help us beat the evil Chiyou tribe. I am the city receptionist Gong Sunlie, now, may I have each lord to register here with me. After that please bring your forces to set up camp outside of the city.

Ouyang Shuo was stunned, this was the same as chasing them away, how “warm”.

Ouyang Shuo ordered General Shi to take care of the forces while he walked towards Gong Sunlie, with Wang Feng beside him acting as a bodyguard. Beside the stage was a tent built with straw. Inside was a table shaved from a whole log and also a wooden stool. On top of the table were palm sized wood tablets, its purpose unknown.

Gong Sunlie sat behind the table and helped the lords register.


“Qiyue Wuyi!”

The surrounding lords upon hearing him report his name, got into a frenzy. It was Qiyue Wuyi, the most mysterious lord in china, he finally showed his face in public.

There were those who had joined the sanction and had recognized him earlier. They all went ahead to greet him and he humbly reciprocated each and every one.

Seeing the situation, Gong Sunlie frowned and asked,” territory?”

Ouyang Shuo, seeing the situation wasn’t right like he had stabbed a hornets nest, immediately signaled the players to keep quiet. He turned around to apologize to Gong Sunlie and said, “Shanhai Town!”

“Force number?”

“A thousand.”

Gong Sunlie was shocked, no wonder he was so welcomed, he brought such a big number of forces.

On the surface, he did not show a reaction and grabbed a wooden tablet, he carved the two words “Shanhai” in ancient wordings and indicated 1 thousand for the force strength. As for why he knew how to write the ancient words, you had to ask the system gods.

After carving the basic information, Gong Sunlie passed the wooden tablet to Ouyang Shuo and said, “This is your identity tablet, with this your forces can enter and leave the Yellow Emperor city, if not they will be treated as spies.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head and accepted the tablet. In the front of the tablet was a black bear, this was probably the insignia of the Youxiong tribe that Yellow Emperor was in. As there were still people waiting behind him, Ouyang Shuo didn’t examine it carefully, hanging it at his waist and backed off to the side.

The reason why he didn’t leave was firstly it would be easy to meet up with his allies and secondly, he wanted to see which other lords had chosen the Yellow Emperor camp.

A few moments later the group got into a frenzy again. Ouyang Shuo turned his head only to see Di Chen bringing peerless elegance and walking forward. Some of the lords in front of him gave way and automatically gave him their spots.

As for Di Chen choosing the Yellow Emperor camp, Ouyang Shuo didn’t feel surprised. In reality, Di Chen was surnamed Xuanyuan and his family were the descendants of the Yellow Emperor.

Hence in this Battle of Zhuolu, with his arrogant personality, even if he knew that choosing the Chiyou camp and winning would get him great rewards, he would still choose the Yellow Emperor camp.

Reality proved that Di Chen’s decision was right. The reward that Ouyang Shuo wanted was obtained by Di Chen in the last life. Sadly, with Ouyang Shuo, everything was now different.

The receptionist didn’t bother about the player’s reaction and asked, “Name?”

“Di Chen!”

Gong Sunlie frowned, that name was just too arrogant, “Territory?”

“Handan Town!”

“Force number?”


Ouyang Shuo stood at the side and nodded. Unexpectedly Di Chen was only a rank 3 earl, although it was already a high rank, but compared to him he was lacking by a huge margin.

After Di Chen, Handan alliances’ other two members registered. Sha Pojun was a rank 1 viscount and could bring 300 men. Wufu was a rank 2 viscount and could bring 200 men. The entire Handan alliance brought a total of 1 thousand men.

After registering, when Di Chen saw Ouyang Shuo, his eyes stared at him.

At the auction, the two nearly got into a fight. But as a son of a famous family, he had pride, his face revealed a warm smile and said, “Brother wuyi, how’s everything?”

Juedai Fenghua who was standing beside Di Chen was seeing Ouyang Shuo for the first time. Upon hearing Di Chen greeting Ouyang Shuo, she was amazed, a pair of beautiful eyes swept upon Ouyang Shuo.

As for Di Chen, Ouyang Shuo had decided not to bother about him. Since they were destined to be enemies, there was no reason to be fake and he was not from a rich and powerful family.

Ouyang Shuo nodded and looked coldly.

Di Chen was stunned, seeing that Ouyang Shuo did not do what he had expected, he seemed very awkward. Sha Pojun at the side was frowning and ridiculed, “What a scum, not even knowing manners.” When Sha Pojun said those words, he didn’t notice that Wufu’s expression tensed up.

Wang Feng, upon seeing Ouyang Shuo get insulted, took out the Tang knife at his side, “Who dares to insult my sire, go to hell!” As he said that, he wanted to burst forward and teach him a lesson.

Ouyang Shuo waved his hand and stopped Wang Feng’s impulse. His eyes became cold as he stared at Sha Pojun, “What’s the use of words? You’re a dog that just barks for his master and I’ll make you a dead dog,”

“You!” Sha Pojun was enraged and was about to start a fight.

Di Chen also stopped Sha Pojun, looking towards Ouyang Shuo and laughing, “Seems like brother Wuyi is determined to go against out Handan alliance. Ok, I’ll wait and see. Let’s go!” The last sentence was said for Sha Pojun.

“Same, same!” Ouyang Shuo didn’t show any signs of weakness.

This scuffle was kept in the eyes of all the players. The mission hadn’t begun yet and the two biggest dragons in the camp had already started an internal dispute, how interesting.

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