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Chapter 128 - Battle of Zhuolu (Part 2)

Chapter 128 – Battle of Zhuolu (Part 2)

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In Yellow Emperor City, after a small dispute, the registration point became calm once again.

Ouyang Shuo smoothly met up with Bai Hua, Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi. What made them surprised was that Feng Qiuhuang also chose to join the Yellow Emperor camp.

With the close relationship of the original Six Tyrants of Handan, it was impossible that Feng Qiuhuang didn’t know that Di Chen would choose the Yellow Emperor camp. Like how Chun Shenjun and Zhan Lang who chose to bring the Chunqiu Alliance, and the Blood Metal Alliance chose to join the Chiyou camp. If the reason was to be in the same camp as Ouyang Shuo, then it wouldn’t have made sense. After all, Ouyang Shuo didn’t tell her that he would choose this camp.

Feng Qiuhuang was a rank 3 earl, bringing in 500 men. After registering, she took the initiative to walk to Ouyang Shuo and smiled, “Why, lord Wuyi, are you surprised with my choice?”

Ouyang Shuo nodded. “That’s right. I was about to suspect our Shanhai Alliance had a mole and told you. If not, why would it be so coincidental?”

“Cough cough.” Gong Chengshi, upon hearing Ouyang Shuo’s words, started coughing. In truth, it was Gong Chengshi who’d told Feng Qiuhuang.

Ouyang Shuo stared at Gong Chengshi, startled, “That’s not true, right? I just randomly guessed it. You traitor, putting hoes over bros.”

Gong Chengshi was embarrassed and laughed. “Cough cough, brother Wuyi… this… the weather is nice today. Let’s talk about a better topic. With lord Feng’s addition, our numbers are far higher than Di Chen’s, isn’t that a good thing?”

Mu Lanyue ridiculed him. “You were obviously charmed and still feel good about it. Brother Lion knows no shame.”

Gong Chengshi’s face turned red. “Yue yue, you shouldn’t tease your brother like this.”

“Ok, time is about up. We should go meet with our forces and find a suitable place to make camp. If not, we will have to sleep in the wilderness.” Ouyang Shuo didn’t want to pursue the situation.

After assembling the forces, the 2000-man squad waltzed out of the city.

Consonance Town’s Bai Hua, Tsing Yi, and Hong Ying all followed along. Out of the 4 flowers, only Zi Luolan stayed back to defend the territory. Bai Hua brought a 300-man strong squad, who were all cavalry. Their historical figure also made an appearance. He was Zhang Liao, one of Three Kingdom, Overlord Cao Cao’s 5 generals.

Zhang Liao and Zi Wenyuan were from Yamen Mayi. He had once worked under Ding Yuan, Dong Zhuo, and Lu Bu.

After the Battle of Xiapi, he followed Cao Cao. Under his charge, he gained many military rewards and accolades. He got out of the white horse trap together with Guan Yu, invaded Donghai, attacked Yuanshang in Ye city, and led the killing of Wuhuan in White Wolf mountain and many others.

After the Battle of Ruxu, Cao Cao appointed Zhang Liao, Lidian, and Lejing. Zhang Liao had defended against Sun Wu’s attack, and in the 20-year Battle of Xiaoyaolu, used 7000 warriors to defeat an army of 100 thousand. That battle shocked Jiangdong and caused Zhang Liao’s reputation to soar, becoming one of the generals remembered in history.

When Cao Ren came to power, he asked Zhang Liao to continue defending Sun Quan. In Huang Chu’s 2nd year, he got an illness. While he was down with the serious illness, Sun Quan was very anxious for him. The 3rd year, he defeated Lufan while carrying the illness. The same year he died in Jiangdong, living for 54 years.

On the side of Fallen Phoenix Town, apart from Feng Qiuhuang, the core players included Qingluan. Their 500 strong force, apart from their 300 sword shield soldiers, included 200 archers. The General was a basic rank General Diqiu.

As for Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi, Gong Chengshi brought 100 sword shield soldiers. Mu Lanyue’s side was 100 archers led by Mu Guiying.

Hence the 2000 strong force had 500 cavalry, 50 heavy armoured cavalry, 1500 infantry, out of which 100 were heavy armoured infantry, 600 sword shield soldiers, 500 archers and 300 crossbowmen. As the ones leading this force apart from General Shi, Mu Guiying and Zhang Liao, there was still the strategist Jushou.

Out of the 5 territories, only Fallen Phoenix Town had no historical general and no strategist.

The reason was that for people like Feng Qiuhuang who had directly gotten the silver village token without doing the mission, they obtained strength but at the same time lost the chance to get the summoning talisman. Hence, her town till date still hadn’t got a historical figure.

In the village building mission, players who got the copper village token could obtain one gold rank special talent. Those that got an iron village token had a 1% chance of getting a king-rank summoning talisman. As for those who got the silver village token, they had a 100% chance of getting a king-rank summoning talisman.

Out of the 10 thousand village building quest participants, 1000 failed, 7200 got the copper village token, 1800 got the iron rank token and only 5 got the silver token. Hence, only 20 people obtained a gold-rank summoning talisman from the village building quest.

Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi had both obtained iron rank village tokens but fortunately received the king-rank summoning talisman. As for Bai Hua and Xunlong Dianxue, they both obtained silver rank village tokens. As for the other 3, if nothing was wrong it would be Xiongba, wandering magic and Wufu.

In the last territory Defence, the top 12 in the Chinese region apart from Shanhai town which used a gold village building token, the other 11 had used silver. This was the 11 that everyone had knowledge of. As for whether others had gotten a silver village token from other methods, no one had any news.

Just as he walked out of the city gate, a system notification sounded out.

“Battle notice: The Battle of Zhuolu, a total of 105 territories are participating, a total of 18 thousand people. Yellow Emperor camp has 40 territories and 8000 men; Chiyou camp has 65 territories and 10 thousand men.”

Expectedly, most players chased for the rewards of changing history and thus chose Chiyou camp. If not for Ouyang Shuo choosing the Yellow Emperor camp, the difference in strength would be even bigger.

What was more interesting was that out of the TOP 12 in China, each side had 6. In the Yellow Emperor camp was Ouyang Shuo, Di Chen, Feng Qiuhuang, Sha Pojun, Bai Hua and Wuhu. In the Chiyou camp was Chun Shenjun, Feng Qingyang, Zhan Lang, Xiongba, Wandering Magic and Xunlong Dianxue. Coincidentally, the original Six Tyrants of Handan was split 3:3.

On first glance, it seemed like both sides were tied. However, in the Yellow Emperor camp, it was already split into the Shanhai Alliance and Handan Alliance. On the other side, there was still a chance of the alliances cooperating with one another.

So be it numbers or strength, the Yellow Emperor camp was at a disadvantage.

“Battle notification: the Yellow Emperor camp, because of lesser numbers, to make it fair, has obtained a 10% Defence increase buff.”

This notification made many players from the Yellow Emperor camp heave a sigh in relief.

This was the system’s balancing method, only when both sides were equal in power could a fight start. If the difference was too huge, what kind of war will there be? If that happened, it might cause future wars to be one-sided and that was not what the system wanted to happen.

Under normal circumstances, the compensation by the system would be based on the difference in strength. This compensation could be a increase in Defence or an increase in combat power or movement speed.

Apart from that, if the power difference was too huge, a case of nerfing might occur. For example, lowering the Defence, combat power or movement speed of the stronger side.

“Battle Notification: Following the rules of battle, the highest ranked player will be given the title of representative. He has the power to see the camp leader and listen in on military meetings. If the ranks of the players are the same, it will be decided by merit points.”

“Battle Notification: Based on rank and merit points, the Yellow Emperor camp representative is Qiyue Wuyi, rank 2 earl. The representative of Chiyou camp is Chun Shenjun, rank 3 earl.”

The moment the notification was out, the players were in an uproar. The title of representative, although it didn’t give the player the power to lead the camp, gave the two privileges that all players yearned for.

To directly meet the leader of the camp, the representative could meet core people in the camp and make it easier to activate historical people’s hiring quests.

Apart from that, to be able to hang around with the leader of the camp and even give opinions on strategies. The benefits would depend on how the player grasped and used it. It wasn’t something that words could describe.

Listening in on the military meeting, the representative would have already got into the core of the camp and could learn the tactics and plans of the battle departments. This intel would be of crucial use for the user and his allies in future battle planning. And if the chance permitted, the player could even give his opinion in the meeting and get even more opportunities and benefits.

One could say that these two permissions and powers had encapsulated the most core benefits of the war system. How could it not make players jealous? Any player with a brain would understand that the representative player would, if nothing went wrong, become a leader amongst all players and following him would be a good decision.

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