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Chapter 129 - Battle of Zhuolu part 3

Chapter 129 – Battle of Zhuolu part 3

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Like they say, there will always be some people who are happy and some that are sad.

After Ouyang Shuo was chosen as the representative of the Yellow Emperor camp, it was an incredible benefit for Shanhai Alliance. On the other hand, the Handan Alliance which had Di Chen at the helm, the difference in feeling and mood was like night and day. The two alliances who were originally around the same strength had instantly been swung in Ouyang Shuo’s favour.

At the registration point, a few of the players upon seeing Feng Qiuhuang join Shanhai Alliance’s camp, had tried to contact Ouyang Shuo in hopes that they could join too.

The moment the battle notification was released, those lords that had not dispersed became more anxious. They did not care or bother about whether Ouyang Shuo would agree or not and brought their forces and tailed behind Ouyang Shuo’s.

As for these players, Ouyang Shuo did not want to reject them outright. To win this battle, only relying on the strength of the Shanhai Alliance was impossible. If he could unite all the players in the camp to his side, it would undoubtedly increase their chances of winning.

Definitely, things would not possibly go as smoothly as he thought. Firstly, with Di Chen leading the Handan Alliance, they would definitely reject cooperating with Ouyang Shuo. Additionally, apart from running his own territory, the Handan Alliance had tried to infiltrate other territories. Thus in the Yellow Emperor camp, there will be some supporters or people who would ally with him for benefits and won’t easily join Ouyang Shuo’s side.

Secondly, in normal circumstances, lord game mode players are usually more arrogant. Most of them were the inheritors or children of the large families and powers and have become used to ruling over others, making it hard for them to follow another person; if not, they were the top class adventure game mode players who had already reached the peak in that game mode and thus decided to change to lord game mode. Thus they also had no reason or desire to go under and listen to another player.

Hence, for all the players in the camp to unite was a near impossible thing. Ouyang Shuo also did not hold such hopes and in his plan, as long as he was able to make a 5000 men force, then it would have counted as a success.

So, as for the players who proactively showed good intentions, Ouyang Shuo did not reject them. Of course, without understanding their true intentions, he also won’t accept them into his camp.

He indicated that after finding a suitable location to build a camp and after settling down, he will then talk about cooperation. With that, a group of players waltzed out of Yellow Emperor city. Such a wild sight was something the players were seeing for the first time as they looked on in awe.

Now was the summer season, the most vibrant and energetic season of the year. Looking at the vast and endless plains, wild grass grew and trees took root. The nameless wild grass grew until it could cover a grown man’s knees. As the summer breeze blew across, within the tall grasses, hundreds of beast roars could be heard, seeming really dangerous.

Seeing this kind of spectacle, Ouyang Shuo naturally would not dare to go too far.

He ordered Lin Yi to lead a cavalry squadron along with the spies from the Military Intelligence Division and look for a suitable camping spot near the Yellow Emperor city.

In ancient wars and battles, the place where a camp is set up was done with a lot of knowledge and research and it couldn’t be done carelessly. stated that any army would look for the highlands and avoid low areas, look for places with a lot of sunlight and avoid dark and damp areas. They would go for places with water and trees so as to be able to get supplies and if their soldiers are healthy and don’t fall ill, they would win all wars.

Apart from that, they also had to avoid the forest or river crossing. Taking into account that Chiyou camp was attacking from south east to northwest, the best position would be the west of Yellow Emperor city. Like this, he could avoid being cannon fodder in an upfront confrontation and could act as a flank and quickly enter the battlefield.

An hour later, Lin Yi and his group returned.

Lin Yi quickly got off his horse and said, “Reporting to sire, we found a mountain slope at the west of Yellow Emperor city. The south side of the slope about 5 km away has a large river. It’s very near to the slope and that makes getting water easy. I think that it’s a good spot to set up camp.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded his head with delight and smiled, “Good, everyone, move out!”

The force started to get busy after they rushed to the camp.

Firstly, they had to burn and cut all the annoying wild grass to make a large enough empty space. Secondly, they had to go to the woods nearby to chop down some trees for wood to build the camp.

To ensure the safety of the camp, its surroundings must have a small wooden wall. The method was to cut two rows of tree trunks, one long and one short, and after burning the trunk, it was buried half into the ground. The long tree trunks will be the outer layer and the short ones will be the inner layer. Then in between both, wooden planks will be set up and divided into two layers such that the part that was protruding could be a defensive wall. The upper layer could let troops patrol and act as sentries while the bottom layer could be a resting area and a storage area.

When they set up the camp, a tent would accommodate 50 soldiers, their tents would be set up facing each other and surrounding the tents, drains had to be dug up. Soldiers were prohibited from going and running into other tents. Every tent area had its own public toilet which was far away from the food and water source. Amongst the various tent areas, there was also sufficient space for movement.

Nearing noon, the camp was finally cleared out. As everyone was busy cutting trees and digging the drains, Ouyang Shuo asked Wang Feng to bring an infantry squadron to follow by his side.

In the camp, Ouyang Shuo took out the main tent that he had bought and set it up together with the soldiers. This would act as a meeting room for everyone to discuss as it was not becoming to talk and discuss all around the place.

As compared to the soldier’s tents, this tent was 5 times larger and was like the tooth tent used by the nomads and could have 20-30 people inside.

After building the tent, Ouyang Shuo took out the table and stool crafted by the wooden workshop.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo taking out item after item from his storage bag like magic, Mu Lanyue who was following around him curiously like a baby opened her eyes widely and asked, “Brother Wuyi, how is your storage bag so big?”

Ouyang Shuo explained, “It has already expanded to 1 thousand cubic metres, of course it’s big. Ouyang Shuo did not want to dwell further and said, “Since the tents have been set up, quickly call everyone here to discuss what to do next.”

“En!” Mu Lanyue nodded her head cutely.


Inside the main tent, Ouyang Shuo sat in the middle, in his two sides sat Feng Qiuhuang, Bai Hua, Mu Lanyue and Gong Chengshi. Behind them sat their various assistants and generals.

“Now that we have settled down, for our next step, what suggestions do you all have?” Ouyang Shuo asked.

Feng Qiuhuang was smart and knew that since she was the only one not from Shanhai Alliance, and that they had probably discussed this issue, Qiyue Wuyi was actually just asking her.

Feng Qiuhuang laughed, “Whatever plans lord Wuyi has why not just say it directly. Since my Fallen Phoenix Town joined your camp, I will follow your instructions.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded, “I’ll be direct then!”

“Haha!” Mu Lanyue suddenly laughed, making everyone look at her with judging eyes. She embarrassingly said, “I find it interesting how both of them are talking, calling each other lords.”

Feng Qiuhuang realized it and laughingly said, “That’s true, why not we get rid of the formalities. My name is Feng Wu, Brother Wuyi can treat me as one of you all.”

Ouyang Shuo nodded and continued, “To make it convenient to lead, my intentions are for our five forces to merge and follow one leader. Specifically separate the forces in cavalry, sword shield soldiers and bow and crossbowmen, these three types. I suggest for Zhang Liao to be the leader of the cavalry, Lin Yi and Hong Ying as the deputies. General Shi will lead the sword shield soldiers with Gong Chengshi and Wang Feng as deputies. Mu Guiying will lead the bowmen and crossbowmen with Zhao Sihu and Diqiu as the deputies. Jushou will be the military advisor and Tsing Yi and Qingluan will be the deputies.”

Ouyang Shuo’s arrangement had protected and considered about every area. It not only protected Shanhai Town’s postition as the core but also considered about his allies. Of course, the first consideration was based on talent and ability.

For the cavalry, it was mainly the troops from Shanhai Town and Consonance Town, one leader and two deputies ensured the smooth arrangement of commands.

The sword shield soldiers, General Shi had the absolute power and the position of Gong Chengshi was also considered, making him a deputy and letting him lead a squadron.

The last were the bowmen and crossbowmen. Originally Shanhai Town had 500 and were the absolute core, but Ouyang Shuo decided to give the leadership to Mu Guiying. This arrangement showed his great trust as she was definitely better than Zhao Sihu at being the leader. As the other 200 bowmen and crossbowmen were from Fallen Phoenix Town, Ouyang Shuo arranged Diqiu as a deputy.

Out of all this, probably only Fallen Phoenix Town was at a loss. They had 500 men but because they lacked a general, they couldn’t lead the main force and could only support. This was also why Ouyang Shuo was hesitating, only until she expressed her allegiance did he say out his plans and strategy.

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