Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 480: Discord Between Brothers

Chapter 480: Discord Between Brothers

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“Minister Jun, thanks for your trouble!” thousands of people on Mt. Dingjun roared at the same time! These people had used enough spiritual power in their shout to shake the entire Mt. Dingjun. The dust flew upwards and shrouded the sky!

Jun Xi Zhu looked around to observe the situation. Then, she nodded and smiled. She had an aloof demeanor. It seemed as if no one could get close to her. She didn’t say anything further.

Those hundreds of cavalrymen formed two columns with a ‘shua’. And, Jun Xi Zhu was well-protected in the center. Then, they orderly walked towards the place where Young Master Yu was.

The arrival of Jun Xi Zhu was an indication that the battle was about to begin!

Every major clan sent their main representatives to discuss a number of affairs with Dark Bamboo. They obviously wanted to examine Jun Xi Zhu’s attitude as well…

Only one person had a complex look on his face while he watched Jun Xi Zhu leave with her troops. He continued to do so for a long time, but didn’t speak a word.

This person was clad in snow-white clothes. He looked very handsome. He had a calm and graceful demeanor. His eyes were as deep as the sea. He had a tall stature. His long ink-black hair was fluttering in the wind. He was held a purple jade flute. His body was sparkling, and was issuing a pure and limpid light.

It was Mo Tian Ji!

He had previously received an extortion letter from Jun Xi Zhu. In fact, Mo Tian Ji had become so impatient that the first thing he had done was to arrange the 60 million silver notes. Then, he had rushed to this place overnight in order to wait for Jun Xi Zhu’s arrival.

He had been here for several days, but he had never made an appearance.

Because… he didn’t wish to run into Mo Tian Yun!

These were brothers from the same mother, but they were reprehensible towards each other. Mo Tian Yun felt like skinning Mo Tian Ji alive whenever he’d see him. And, Mo Tian Ji would feel depressed, disgusted, and nauseated whenever he’d see Mo Tian Yun.

Mo Tian Yun found Mo Tian Ji’s strategies clever in trivial matters. But, he mostly found them unrefined. And, Mo Tian Ji felt that Mo Tian Yun’s conspiracies were very childish and embarrassing…

The two brothers had stopped getting along several years ago. This had slowly developed to infighting and scheming against each other. Then, it had gradually evolved into an undercurrent of turbulence. And, this had advanced into vicious battles. Thus, they had slowly turned into irreconcilable adversaries who couldn’t live under the same sky!

However, he had no alternative but to look for Mo Tian Yun at this time.

Mo Tian Ji’s white clothes were fluttering in the wind. His countenance was calm. He walked over in a gentle manner, and arrived at Mo Tian Yun’s place. Mo Tian Yun’s bodyguard hastily went inside to report, “Eldest Young Master, the Second Young Master has arrived!”

“Second Young Master…? Mo Tian Ji?” Mo Tian Yun snorted and said, “Let him in!”

His voice hadn’t even faded, and Mo Tian Ji had already arrived outside the door. He then spoke in an elegant voice, “I have come, Mo Tian Yun. Are you ready?”

They weren’t in the clan at the moment. So, they had torn-off the unnecessary mask of hypocrisy, and had started to address each other directly by name!

“Humph!” Mo Tian Yun coldly snorted, and his face turned gloomy. He walked out and stood at the door. Then, he said solemnly, “Mo Tian Ji! You are a junior of the Mo Clan. Don’t you know how you should behave before the future Clan Lord?”

“Future Clan Lord? Someone like you…?” Mo Tian Ji sneered and replied impatiently, “Are you ready or not? Hurry up and get ready. We must go and get Little Wu back. I have no interest in wasting my time and effort on talking nonsense with you!”

Mo Tian Yun snorted and spoke, “Of course, I will save my little sister! I don’t need you to urge me!” Mo Tian Yun obviously spoke these words in a virtuous manner. The experts of the Mo Clan had obtained the news about this matter, and had rushed over here en masse. In fact, more and more of them were coming here.

Mo Tian Ji wished that he could use his foot to maliciously trample this guy handsome face. [It is very aggravating to watch this bastard pretending to be all righteous and virtuous…]

“Hurry up!” Mo Tian Ji gently smiled, “Lan Mei is still waiting outside.”

Mo Tian Yun’s complexion turned black as soon as he heard the name ‘Lan Mei’.

His lover and son were being controlled by Mo Tian Ji these days. And, Mo Tian Yun must first get Mo Tian Ji’s approval whenever he wanted to visit them. Lan Mei would have to go out on missions at times. But, Mo Tian Ji would make her consume a poison before she’d leave. And, he would give her the antidote once she had returned… This was a strict ritual that happened every time without fail.

But… this whole thing made Mo Tian Yun very uncomfortable.

Who could tolerate his own woman being controlled by someone else? The said-individual was his own blood-brother… but, Mo Tian Ji was still a man at the end of the day…

Mo Tian Yun would think of Lan Mei together with Mo Tian Ji every day, and he’d feel as if he had eaten a fly. The very thought of it made him feel like vomiting blood. However, there was no solution to this.

The two brothers were walking shoulder to shoulder. They appeared gentle and refined. There was the calmness of spring breeze on their faces. They looked like affectionate brothers — like a pair of brothers in arms.

It was hard to imagine that they were secretly at each other’s throats…

“Second Brother, we must get Little Wu back at any cost. She is to be engaged soon. Ha-ha, the groom is that Meng Luo… you know…” Mo Tian Yun sighed and said, “Meng Luo has surely practiced an evil technique, but he’s from a big clan at the end of the day. And, he’s very powerful as well. So, he won’t treat Little Wu badly.”

Mo Tian Ji’s complexion turned pale at first. Then, it immediately returned to normal. He smiled and replied, “Elder Brother put it well. I have also heard that Elder Sister Lan Mei dances pretty well. So, I will enjoy a lot if Little Wu is to get engaged because Lan Mei will be made to dance in front of a big crowd as a celebration for this matter. And, the men in the entire Cang Lan Battlefront would be blessed in that case… ha ha ha…”

Mo Tian Yun furiously retorted, “You!”

He obviously knew what Mo Tian Ji had meant when he had said ‘dance before a big crowd’. It wouldn’t be a dance with her clothes on… or perhaps it would be striptease… And, the phrase ‘the men in the entire Cang Lan Battlefront would be blessed’ was particularly malicious…

Mo Tian Ji smiled and said, “Elder Brother, you don’t need to worry. Who would dare to bully the Mo Clan as long as it has us two brothers? A conceited snob was acting recklessly a few days ago. In fact, he was boasting in front of me. So, I got mad and turned his three-year-old son into a eunuch. Sigh, it can be said that what I did was a bit cruel… I, I feel very guilty.”

[I will turn your woman into a prostitute if you dare to act against Little Wu, and I will turn your son into a eunuch!]

How could Mo Tian Yun not have figured out the underlying meaning? Mo Tian Yun began to gasp. His hands and feet instantly went cold. He had a feel of congestion in his chest. He couldn’t even breathe properly and nearly fainted on the spot.

A King Level Expert of the Mo Clan was behind him. He spoke-up in a taunting tone, “Second Young Master is still somewhat soft-hearted. So what if you turned a child into a eunuch? It’s nothing worthy of feeling guilty about. You must know that ruthlessness is the mark of a truly great man. No gentleman has a petty mind. No true man is without venom!”

This guy belonged to Mo Tian Yun’s faction. So, he was naturally being rude to Mo Tian Ji. However, he didn’t know the backstory of this matter. So, he was unaware that the words he had said… were going to put him in a difficult situation.

“Oh? What do you suggest, Cheng Feng?” Mo Tian Ji modestly asked, “I don’t have the means to teach that guy a lesson at present. But, the son of that mossback is still in my hands… Cheng Feng, you might as well teach me a few moves if you have a brilliant idea.”

“Isn’t that even easier?” Mo Cheng Feng laughed disdainfully. He assumed a preaching stance and said, “First of all, you can’t let that kid die. He would be of no value if he dies. But, you can peel off a layer of his skin every day…”

“Brilliant idea!” Mo Tian Ji praised him and said, “What after that…?”

“After that… there are many ways to give this person hell. The best method is to train his son into a dog in human form. Ha ha ha… However, you must show this to that person who has offended you. I mean the little bastard’s father. Well, the best way is to pull his son like an animal on a tether whenever he comes to see his son. Then, take the son away immediately-after…”

Mo Cheng Feng was genuinely worthy of being called a ‘vicious person’. Each of his methods was more malicious than the previous one, “Moreover… you can hold an auction after you have trained him properly. Some rich people would likely want to play with this young boy, ha-ha. And, you must invite that mossback to participate in the auction, but don’t allow him to bid…”

“Truly brilliant! Such a superb idea! Wonderful…” Mo Tian Ji clapped his hands, and praised him. He laughed and replied, “Your idea is genuinely sensible. I have made up my mind. I will just deal with that mossback’s son if he dares to offend me again!”

Mo Tian Yun was breathing heavily. His face had nearly turned purple.

“Oh, by the way Cheng Feng… that bastard’s wife is also in my hands… he he he…” Mo Tian Ji lowered his voice, but deliberately let Mo Tian Yun hear it.

“That makes things even easier!” Mo Cheng Feng patted his thigh, “You can simply toy with his feelings if his woman is in your hands. In fact, you can shame that mossback to death…”

A ‘snap’ was heart as soon as his voice faded. Mo Tian Yun couldn’t take it anymore. So, he maliciously slapped Mo Cheng Feng in the face. Then, he roared fiercely, “You… you shameless bastard. Why are you talking about such vulgar things! You impudent little…!”

Mo Cheng Feng touched his face. He was visibly shocked.

He was very perplexed in his heart. And, his heart was filled with grief and indignation. He felt wronged, and tears almost came out. [Fu*k! I wasn’t saying any of that without any reason, dammit…]

[Fu*k, I was only helping you vent your anger by shaming Second Young Master. Why did you slap me? What mistake did I make? I am sincerely devoted and loyal to you…]

“Eldest Young Master…” Mo Cheng Feng looked at Mo Tian Yu… as if to express that he felt wronged. There was a look of grievance in his eyes. Tears had also started to well up in his eyes…

“You still… trying to justify your grievance…” Mo Tian Yun flew into a rage. But, he kicked him instead of slapping him again, “You, you, you… you… Second Brother is… Second Brother is… Second brother is still young. And, you are teaching him these… these … you, you, you are… immoral!”

Mo Clan’s experts were stupefied as they looked at Mo Tian Yun. They looked stunned. They felt as if they had seen visitors from outer space!

[Why the hell is this?]


[Second Young Master is still young?]

[When did Eldest Young Master become such a caring brother? Furthermore… isn’t this method his own specialty? He was very cheerful and delightful when he had talked about this method. Mo Cheng Feng had basically mentioned the same-method he had taught us… but, how come he has suddenly changed back into an upright gentleman? So clean and honest?]

However, Mo Tian Yun’s face had already turned black in rage. Who would dare to go up to him and ask?

Mo Tian Yun gave vent to his burning rage, and arrived at Mo Tian Ji’s side at once. Then, he chuckled and spoke, “Second Brother, you don’t have to listen to this sundry gossip. Let’s go pick up Little Wu and bring her back. It’s a very important matter. My little sister, my own flesh and blood… is important to me.”

Mo Tian Ji put-on a fake smile and replied, “What you are saying makes perfect sense, Elder Brother.”

Consequently, the two brothers harmoniously walked forward…

… …

Jun Xi Zhu went to the place where Young Master Yu was, but saw him taking care of the wounds on his arm. These wounds had almost healed, but one could still see that these arms had been pierced by something!

There were 20 holes, and each of them had been clearly bored into his arms!

Jun Xi Zhu was extremely shocked. [Taking Young Master Yu’s strength into account… who in the Middle Three Heavens can injure him like this? A person who can beat Young Master Yu to such an extent can even take his life very easily/effortlessly!]

[However, only a few such people exist even in the Upper Three Heavens. Yet, one such peerless expert has appeared in the Middle Three Heavens?]

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