Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 484: Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’m so happy

Chapter 484: Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’m so happy

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“Qing Wu…” Chu Yang tightly hugged her soft body. His voice was quite hoarse since he was trembling in the bottom of his heart. In fact, it seemed that the voice of his soul had trembled and called out this name.

Mo Qing Wu buried her delicate head into Chu Yang’s bosom. She tried her best to control herself. She didn’t want to cry out loud, but the look on her face had turned into an extremely sad one. And, her tears silently streamed down her face.

She started to choke on her emotions, and even felt somewhat dizzy.

Chu Yang felt the cloth on his chest rapidly soaking in Mo Qing Wu’s tears. And, the range of that soaking was rapidly expanding as well. Mo Qing Wu’s body gently shivered in his embrace. But, he didn’t say a word. He firmly gritted his teeth, and held her in his embrace even more tightly.

[She must have gone through so much suffering this year, ah…]

[She needs to vent out her pent up emotions at this moment!]

[Give vent to the grievances in her heart.]

Chu Yang knew this. So, he didn’t wish to ask her anything at the moment. If he asked now… Mo Qing Wu would only feel more pain later. So, he let her cry in his arms. And, he felt a cherishing feeling in his heart since she was in his bosom…

Chu Yang quietly kept holding her. He didn’t speak anything. A long while passed like this, and the shivering of Mo Qing Wu’s body eventually subsided. Then, her throat issued a groaning sound… as if she was choking. After that, she gently coughed a few times in Chu Yang’s bosom.

Chu Yang could feel the breath Mo Qing Wu’s mouth was puffing out. It felt warm against his skin.

She trembled in his embrace with her head lowered. At last, she removed her head from Chu Yang’s bosom with a rustling sound. But, she continued to hold him tightly. Then, she freed a hand and silently extended it to wipe her tears.

Her movements were very gentle and slow. It seemed that she feared that Chu Yang would find out that she was wiping her tears. She didn’t want Chu Yang to look at her in tears after the long separation of more than a year.

She wanted to be happy. She wanted to smile at Elder Brother Chu Yang. However, she couldn’t help but shed tears… She shed tears of happiness. She shed tears of grievance. She shed tears of sadness. And, she shed tears because she had finally met him after a long time…

She rubbed her eyes hard in an attempt to wipe her tears off. After that, she lifted her head, and smiled at Chu Yang. She wanted to say, [Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’ve missed you so much.]

She wanted to expose that happy-smile of hers that Elder Brother Chu Yang liked. She wanted to expose the smile that would tell Elder Brother Chu Yang – [Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’ve longed for you for so long. But, I’m fine because you have come. So, I feel good… in fact, the best… regardless of what I have been through…]

However, more and more tears came streaming down as she rubbed her eyes… And, she couldn’t clean her eyes as a result.

She became somewhat flustered. In fact, she also began to hate herself for this. [Why are you crying? Don’t cry, Little Wu. Elder Brother Chu Yang has come. So, why are you still crying? You’re safe now. You’ll be alright. You have Elder Brother Chu Yang at your side. No one can hurt you now…] She tried hard to convince herself. But, it seemed impossible for her to stop her tears…

She eventually gave up, and stopped trying. And, she allowed her tears to flow unrestrained. She spoke as she sobbed, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’m sorry for you have to see me crying like this…”

Chu Yang gently caressed her long hair. And, he spoke with a somewhat astringent look in his eyes, “Just cry if you want to… Elder Brother Chu Yang is here with you. My Qing Wu, I will always like you. It doesn’t matter if you cry or smile… I will always love you…”

His voice hadn’t even faded away when he heard a ‘boohoo’ sound. Mo Qing Wu opened her mouth, and started crying loudly. She cried as if her heart had been ripped out. It seemed as if she felt deeply heartbroken…

“Boohoo… Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’ve missed you so much. Boohoo, I even dreamed about you the other day… boohoo…”

Mo Qing Wu was sobbing and crying. She was wiping her tears with Chu Yang’s lapel while she was speaking her heart out in front of him. She couldn’t think about anything else in this moment. She had thrown away the pain that had made her suffer in the back of her mind. And, she only wanted Elder Brother Chu Yang to know how much she missed him, and how much she had longed for him…

[I have longed for this embrace of Elder Brother Chu Yang’s… this is the only thing in the world that makes my heart feel secure…]

Chu Yang held Mo Qing Wu, and slowly took a few steps. He then sat down in Jun Xi Zhu’s wooden armchair. After that, he made her soft and delicate small body kneel, and sit on his thighs. Then, he tenderly looked at Mo Qing Wu as she continued to sob while she told him everything. Her rosy little mouth looked sad and flat. She had a look of grievance on her face. She was telling him everything very carefully. In fact, it seemed that she feared that Elder Brother Chu Yang would get bored…

Gradually… her cautiousness disappeared, and only the sadness and longing remained thereafter…

Her sadness also disappeared as time passed, and only a strong feeling of longing remained. It was as if Mo Qing Wu hadn’t felt grievances and pain in this time period of more than a year. It was as if she had only felt longing…

And nothing else…

Mo Qing Wu had kept her head lowered while she was speaking. However, she slowly and courageously began to raise her head at this time, and looked towards Chu Yang. Her eyes were full of tears. She still had a sad expression in the depths of her eyes. But, it slowly began to turn into shyness and cheerfulness…

Mo Qing Wu’s tears eventually came to a stop. And, she looked towards Chu Yang in a daze. Then, she wrapped her hands around Chu Yang’s neck. Her face slowly turned red, while her eyes had swollen-up like peach. She bit her lips and timidly asked, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, I don’t look ugly, right?”

Chu Yang shook his head with all his might, “Of course not. My Qing Wu always looks the best. Elder Brother Chu Yang can never get enough of you…”

Mo Qing Wu felt relieved, and a smile blossomed on her face. She then gently placed her face on Chu Yang’s chest. She lowered her head, and spoke in a satisfied manner, “Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’m so happy. I’m so happy…”

Then, she closed her eyes, and listened to Chu Yang’s heartbeats. She felt the warmth of his aura. And, she gently curled up in his embrace like a little kitten. Then, the corners of her mouth slowly exposed a genuine smiling expression. Her little mouth had curled up into the shape of true happiness!

[There’s no need to be afraid… nor is there a need to panic. I don’t need to worry now. I don’t need to feel sad anymore… Elder Brother Chu Yang has come back…]

[There’s no need to worry that someone would snatch my things. I don’t need to worry that I would be sent to someone to become a concubine. I don’t need to worry that people would look down on me… or abandon me…]

[Elder Brother Chu Yang will protect me! He definitely will!]

[Everything is fine now!]

Chu Yang felt tranquil and content in his heart. He had hugged her delicate and soft little body. And, it seemed that he felt like his life was finally whole in this moment.

“Elder Brother Chu Yang, I’m very happy,” he repeated this sentence silently in his heart, “I am also very happy. I also feel full of energy when you’re in my arms. I’m happy! I’m very happy…”

He recalled his previous life when Mo Qing Wu was weakly snuggled up in his arms. She had said, “I am more attractive than your sword.” And then, he recalled the sentence she had spoken a moment ago, [I’m very happy…]

Chu Yang felt as if his previous life and his current life had converged together. His mind churned over, and became bizarre and full of colors. It seemed like he had returned to that sorrowful moment when they were in the bamboo forest in his previous life. Then, he suddenly came out of that thought… as if he had woken up from a dream.

Chu Yang suddenly felt satisfied when he sensed the warmth of her soft body in his bosom. He silently thought, “Qing Wu… I want Qing Wu as my partner if there’s a next life… I’m content with her. I always want to be with you… I will always be with you, Wu…”

[I don’t have any regrets now!]

He tenderly bowed his head, and looked at the red clothes on Mo Qing Wu’s body. Her hair was gently draped over her shoulder. That butterfly made of red cloud steel glittered on her head. In fact, she hadn’t worn any other accessory or jewelry apart from this butterfly…

Her long eyelashes were spread out, and they looked similar to the wings of a butterfly that had gotten tired of flying and had settled down to rest… to rest in the warmth of his bosom…

Mo Qing Wu was content in this moment. So, she happily sighed. She slightly moved, and held Chu Yang’s strong arm. After that, her body wiggled a bit as she changed her posture. Then, she again tightly hugged him. She didn’t wish to let go of him at this moment…

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