Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 486: Gao Sheng, Do You Dare to Marry?

Chapter 486: Gao Sheng, Do You Dare to Marry?

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“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Huyan Aobo shouted as she cupped one fist in the other hand to salute everyone. She had done it in an extremely heroic manner. Any man would’ve appeared very majestic if he had been in her place. But, now that she was the one who had done it… cough cough, she also seemed majestic!

Ji Mo’s eyes lit up. He grasped Chu Yang’s arm and said, “Big Brother! That’s my wife! Look at her… isn’t she very stylish and sexy!”

Chu Yang felt dizzy as soon as he heard the words ‘stylish and sexy’. He felt that his head was spinning. He nearly lost balance, and sat down his buttocks. But, he almost sat down on Mo Qing Wu by mistake.

Mo Qing Wu giggled and hugged him. She then peeked from the seam of Chu Yang’s arm, and saw the mighty Huyan Aobo who had just arrived in the arena. She couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “This Uncle is very burly.”

Luo Ke Di suddenly laughed out loud with a ‘pfff’. Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing were also smiling. Ji Zhu and Dong Wu Lei also burst into laughter. But, Ji Mo’s complexion turned bitter, “My dear little girl, you must look closely… how is that an Uncle? That’s your sister-in-law!”

“Sister-in-law…?” Mo Qing Wu cutely spoke, and didn’t say anything further. However, she doubtfully looked at Ji Mo. She particularly looked at Ji Mo’s eyes, and seemed to have found something. So, she nodded in a very seriously manner. Then, she moved close to Chu Yang’s ear and whispered, “Brother Ji Mo’s eyes are so small. It’s not surprising that he can’t see clearly…”

Chu Yang’s entire body twitched.

Gao Sheng’s complexion had turned as black as charcoal on the other side of the arena.

“Gentlemen… it must be known to everyone that I’m the girl who this competition is happening for!” Huyan Aobo exhaled at once. And then, she continued in a majestic voice, “I am Huyan Aobo. I am also Gao Sheng’s fiancée. We have been engaged by our families since childhood.”

The crowd gradually calmed down, and began listening to what the woman in the arena had to say.

“However… Gao Sheng doesn’t like me! He even ran away from home, and went to the Lower Three Heavens in order to avoid our marriage.” Huyan Aobo said solemnly, “I am aware of the fact that I look very different from common girls. So, he can’t bring himself to like me. I – Huyan Aobo – understand that well! After all, all men want their women to be beautiful and petite. I’m not attractive, and I acknowledge that!”

Huyan Aobo continued in a loud voice, “It’s excusable that Gao Sheng escapes from our marriage because I am unattractive! I won’t blame him for that! I won’t hate him either! I too wouldn’t want such a wife if I were a man!”

“Isn’t that right, everyone?” Huyan Aobo roared.

No one from the crowd answered. Everyone was merely watching this woman give her speech. And, everyone felt very heavy in their heart.

“Therefore, I hadn’t held any hope regarding my marriage… until I met Ji Clan’s Second Young Master Ji Mo. And, I was dazzled by him. He reignited the hope in my heart. We fell in love with each other. So, I went back to my clan, and requested them to break the wedding contract with the Gao Clan.”

Huyan Aobo said loudly, “I had thought that this matter would be successful… because why would Gao Sheng have escaped from our marriage if he had intended to marry me? So, the dissolution of the marriage contract should’ve been inevitable and right.

“But, who would’ve thought that Gao Sheng would unexpectedly clamor-up that Ji Mo was attempting to snatch his love… snatch his wife. He couldn’t stand the insult. So, he decided to fight a decisive battle. Well, that’s the origin of this entire matter,” Huyan Aobo laughed out loud, “Isn’t this ridiculous?

“After that, this matter got bigger and bigger. It presently involves eight big clans, and thousands of heroes are eagerly looking forward to it!” Huyan Aobo laughed in a ridiculing manner and said, “Gao Sheng, you are quite the performer!”

Gao Sheng’s complexion turned ashen. He cussed loudly in rage, “Sl*t!”

Huyan Aobo burst into a loud laughter. She suddenly turned to look in Gao Sheng’s direction and spoke in a loud voice, “Gao Sheng, you said that Ji Mo wants to snatch your wife. Moreover, you didn’t hesitate to carry out such a grand decisive battle for this reason. So, I presume that you like me a lot? Well, if that’s the case… I’ll marry you right now if you are willing! Are you willing to make me your wife? Do you dare to marry me?”

Gao Sheng’s complexion turned deathly white. He looked at Huyan Aobo’s tall and sturdy body, and swallowed his saliva with great difficulty.

“Gao Sheng, are you willing or not?!” Huyan Aobo laughed, “It’s your turn to speak!”

Gao Sheng finally couldn’t take it anymore, and replied in an angry tone, “You have already committed adultery Ji mo. How can I still want you to be my wife?”

Booing sounds sprang up from all directions in the big venue as soon as these words came out.

“You don’t wish to marry her, but you still want to fight a decisive battle over her? Is fighting a battle that amusing for you?” someone clamored loudly.

“Ha ha, that’s really ridiculous. He wants to fight a decisive battle for a woman he doesn’t want to marry. This lofty Young Master is truly out of the ordinary,” someone taunted with all their heart.

“It’s nothing more than a stunt to get some compensation… Such a woman holds no importance in the heart of Young Master Gao Sheng. But, he may achieve both fame and fortune if he can gain something by treading upon such a woman. Moreover, he may even attain the glorious image of a hero for centuries via this stunt. That’s really pathetic,” someone laughed heartily.

Huyan Aobo looked coldly at Gao Sheng. Then, she suddenly laughed and said, “I only wanted to say these few things about this matter. Dear Gentlemen, my speech is over. You may enjoy the show to your heart’s content now. I – Huyan Aobo – am unattractive, but I didn’t wish to be talked about as some loose and fickle woman! So, I wanted to share this much with everyone; that’s all!”

“Young Miss Huyan, you are a nice girl who’s honest about her feelings!” a big guy bravely stood up and spoke with a laugh, “I would have decided to go on stage and fight a decisive battle against Young Master Ji Mo if I didn’t already have a wife and children… ha ha ha ha…”

The whole crowd gave a round of thunderous applause.

Ji Mo was dumbfounded. He apprehensively muttered to himself, “This is too much. She only used a few words to attract so many love rivals for me. What should I do?” a look of panic flashed across his face as he said this.

Dong Wu Shang, Gu Du Xing, and Luo Ke Di rolled their eyes at the same time. They looked towards the sky, and spoke in their heart, [this guy is truly a nut-job. We also appreciate Huyan Aobo’s temperament, and her personality. But, please excuse our inability to comply when it comes to marrying her and taking her as a wife…]

Mo Qing Wu’s eyes sparkled. She pulled Chu Yang’s arm, and whispered to him, “This Elder Sister is so lovable!”

Ji Mo suddenly enraptured at this time, and spoke in a delighted tone, “Yes, yes, even her stature is very good. Just think about it. One can have a sense of security even during tough times if one has such a wife.”

Chu Yang painfully closed his eyes. He had a strong impulse to beat the sh*t out of Ji Mo…

Thankfully… the competition had begun…

The Master of Ceremonies announced loudly, “The competition among seven big clans… the first match — Dong Wu Shang versus Li Xiong Tu!”

Dong Wu Shang stood up, reached out with his hand, and took off the jet-black cape. It went floating in the air, and fell on the ground. His tall and majestic figure was exposed to everyone’s eyes. The black saber stood erect behind his shoulder as he walked forward… one step at a time.

He suddenly faced upwards after he had reached halfway, and let out a loud laughter. However, his laughter sounded more like a thunderclap. Then, his roar resounded in all directions, “Li Xiong Tu! You give up and switch with Tu Qian Hao right now. There’s still time! I’m afraid it will be too late for you to regret once my saber strikes!”

A loud and forthright laughter sounded on the opposite side. Li Xiong Tu’s tall and burly body stood up. An intense fighting intention erupted in his eyes as he laughed and said, “Dong Wu Shang, are you scared of fighting me?”

A sharp light flashed in Dong Wu Shang’s eyes as he said, “Fine then!”

These two were separated by several thousand feet as they looked at each other. But, they seemed to have the majestic presence of two armies. They simultaneously released their mountain-like auras, and their auras then clashed into each other. The desire to win rose in the hearts of both of them as they suddenly laughed out loud!

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