Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 487: Dong Wu Shang versus Li Xiong Tu!

Chapter 487: Dong Wu Shang versus Li Xiong Tu!

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Dong Wu Shang and Li Xiong Tu had a similarly heroic laughter. The figures of both men were equally tall and sturdy. Both of them – one from the right and the other from the left – rushed over from the spectator’s grandstands at the same time. Their figures then flew and landed in the central area of the arena.

These two people looked very tiny in the middle of such a gigantic arena. But, one could clearly feel that the man on the left had an aura as dominating as that of a mountain, while the man on the right had an aura that could shake the earth!

Dong Wu Shang’s tyrannical aura was soaring up to the sky, while Li Xiong Tu’s heroic demeanor was simply unparalleled! And, they were going to clash in the first match. It could be said that they were evenly matched. So, this match would be like a clash between two geniuses!

Chu Yang opened his eyes wide since he was quite excited.

These two men had the most tyrannical aura among the 12 most influential figures of the future generation. And, they were finally going to clash here! So, Chu Yang had some expectations from this battle. It was entirely possible to determine the direction of the future development of these two men today. After all, these two influential figures of the future generation would begin to shape the achievements of their lifetime from this point forth!

It would take time to describe the scene, but it happened instantly. Dong Wu Shang came flying as his body issued a whistling sound. His hand reached out to his back, and pulled out his black saber with a ‘clang’ while he was in midair! This action made the spectators cheer with excitement.

His body was tall and sturdy. And, it left people feeling as if he was as motionless as a mountain even though he was in midair. He stretched out his right hand. And, he did it in slow-motion… so much so that everyone could see it clearly. However, this very slow action of his saber looked very stylish. In fact, every movement of the saber was very detailed, neat, and meticulous!

He lifted his hand, and pointed it towards the sky. Then, his hand went over his shoulder while the saber still remained therein. Each and every movement was clearly discernible. And, it left the spectators to feel overwhelmed. In fact, it felt a little uncomfortable… but also extremely mysterious.

Then, the saber-point drew a long and heaven-shaking rainbow!

After that, Dong Wu Shang slashed the saber down, and the saber issued a black light. Then, Dong Wu Shang suddenly changed his direction as he landed. And, he transformed into a long and black rainbow along with the saber. He then ferociously flew towards Li Xiong Tu!

Dong Wu Shang had changed his direction in midway. But, his speed had become much faster as a result of this! The saber light pierced the air like a black dragon, and issued intermittent thunderous sounds! The sleeves of his robe issued loud ‘crackling’ sounds as he streaked across the sky!

Li Xiong Tu also changed his movements in accordance with Dong Wu Shang’s. He shouted out loudly. Then, he rolled his body, and dazzling sword-light suddenly emerged. After that, the sword-energy spread out like a thick drum. And, his entire body exuded brilliant rays of light. Then, he changed his direction in midair, and madly flew towards Dong Wu Shang like a meteor with a trailing tail!

It seemed that both of them had adopted a similar strategy by chance – Strike first with the power of thunderbolt and land a heavy blow to the opponent!

Chu Yang had attentively watched this scene unfold. Then, he gently heaved a sigh of relief and softly muttered, “Wu Shang will win this match.” Gu Du Xing and Ji Mo glanced at him as they heard this.

The bodies of the two men were gradually approaching each other in the arena like lightning.

They had already arrived in the sky above the arena!

Dong Wu Shang issued a fierce ‘fighting intention’ from his eyes. He shouted loudly, “Aah!” his voice was like a thunderbolt. And, the saber also fell like a thunder. He fiercely slashed-down his saber, and it seemed as if he had intended to chop-off a mountain!

Li Xiong Tu didn’t say a word. But, he continued to fly towards his opponent in a calm manner whilst his brilliant sword-light seemed to be blazing!


Their majestic bodies collided in midair. The saber and the sword clashed with each other. Their legs also moved rapidly as they kicked each other. And, they had exchanged thirteen saber-blows, thirteen sword-blows, and nine kicks in an instant!

Whirling shock-waves spread around with a ‘Bang’! Dong Wu Shang shouted out loud, and his black hair suddenly flew upwards. His body went backwards, and somersaulted twice as he withdrew. Li Xiong Tu groaned on the opposite side, while his fine beard fluttered in the air. His movements were also similar to those of Dong Wu Shang’s. And, he also went tumbling high in the sky, and withdrew thirty feet away!

Both the men were about to fall to the ground. Dong Wu Shang suddenly pointed his black saber downwards. He exerted a little bit of strength, and the tip of the saber touched the ground and went in a little bit. Dong Wu Shang’s body that was about to fall at this time. However, he instead sprang up by leveraging support from the saber, and flew upwards like an arrow. After that, he and the saber-light transformed into a rainbow again, and went flying to towards Li Xiong Tu.

The dragon-like beard on Li Xiong Tu’s face fluttered in the wind. He inserted the tip of his sword into the ground, and his body bounced up in the air like a ball along with the sword. Then, he landed and got transformed into a big and white dazzling disk along with the sword-light. After that, he proceeded to greet the incoming Dong Wu Shang!

An intense light flashed in Dong Wu Shang’s eyes. He suddenly moved his left hand to his back. After that, he slightly raised the saber he held in his right hand. Then, his body changed its posture in midair, and he assumed a forward leaning posture. And, he fiercely slashed his saber onto that disk of sword-light with incredible momentum!

The wildness of this saber-light left the spectators with a desire to close their eyes since they couldn’t bear to see it unfold!

A loud ‘clang’ echoed! And, the disk-like sword-light was immediately scattered.

Dong Wu Shang slashed his saber a second time!

Again, a loud sound echoed!

Dong Wu Shang’s right arm started to move as swiftly as a whirlwind. He would ferociously slash down his black saber like a thunderbolt. Then, he would lift it up again, and would slash it down again…

Barbaric! Yes, Dong Wu Shang’s moves were extremely barbaric! They were completely berserk!

Everything was useless in the face of such a barbaric attack… no matter what kind of fancy technique or style was used! One couldn’t even imagine fighting with him one-on-one. One could only hope to exploit that slight moment of gap between two consecutive strikes for a counterattack… if one could block his attacks in the first place. Otherwise, one would only get hit by his barbaric attacks, and would eventually get chopped into dregs!

Ding Ding Ding…

The sounds of hammering echoed endlessly!

Li Xiong Tu’s sword-light had eventually been damaged beyond description!

Li Xiong Tu had always been famous for his strength. In fact, the sword in his hand had also been specially forged with Star Iron! Its weight was more than fifty kilograms. Only Li Xiong Tu had the strength to use it properly. Therefore, Li Xiong Tu had always been intensely proud of his own strength. However, his pride had turned into embarrassment while facing an overwhelming opponent like Dong Wu Shang.

Dong Wu Shang was unreasonable. His fighting method was brutal. Li Xiong Tu also had a similar fighting style, yet he still felt sullen at this time. The men who Li Xiong Tu had fought in the past had always been left to feel something similar. But, it was his turn today!

Dong Wu Shang’s face was callous. He didn’t have any expressions on his face. His attacks were like violent storms. Their bodies continued to fall down unceasingly. But, they kept clashing amidst their fall. Dong Wu Shang didn’t use any fancy technique or any skilled moves. He merely slashed nineteen saber blows with brute strength until they landed on the ground!

The two men landed on the ground with a loud ‘Bang’ as the final slash of the saber was unleashed. Consequently, the saber and the sword clashed with each other!

Dust rose up from the ground along with the explosion.

The several thousand spectators felt their eardrums vibrate!

Dong Wu Shang stood motionless on the ground — with tip of his saber pointed forward. His vision was cold and sharp. He stood there expressionless. He was watching his opponent like an eagle.

Li Xiong Tu’s body had been sent out flying like an arrow… along with his sword. But, he landed on his feet, and bounced off the ground once again. Then, he went flying seventy or eighty feet away, and landed on the ground with a ‘thud’ sound. He then sprang in the air, spun once, and stood firmly on the ground. His complexion turned dark red at first. Then, it turned pale.

He raised his head, and looked towards Dong Wu Shang. He had a solemn look in his eyes!

He had sustained serious internal injuries during this fierce and violent attack!

Dong Wu Shang was four or five years younger that Li Xiong Tu. So, it was hard to believe that the former had actually defeated him. In fact, Dong Wu Shang had even surpassed him in terms of strength!

This ferocious attack of Dong Wu Shang’s had left the audience to hold their breaths. In fact, their hearts had almost jumped out from their throats!

It was too wild! This fighting style was too violent! But, it was extremely enjoyable at the same time!

Chu Yang had been watching the fight with rapt attention. He felt relieved in his heart. Dong Wang Shang’s victory was certain at this moment!

His strength and his power weren’t too different from those of Li Xiong Tu’s. Their spiritual powers were evenly matched as well! But, Dong Wu Shang’s strength had dominated because he had the courage to risk his life! He had dominated because he was very daring! Moreover, Dong Wu Shang’s aura was fierce and indomitable. Li Xiong Tu’s aura was also very powerful and overbearing. But, he didn’t have the kind of recklessness that Dong Wu Shang possessed!

Most importantly… Dong Wu Shang’s saber was more than five times as heavy as the sword of his opponent!

In fact, Chu Yang was quite surprised to see that Li Xiong Tu’s sword hadn’t been broken yet!

The two men looked at each other. They then shouted loudly, and rushed forth to fight.

“Du Xing, how would you handle Wu Shang if you were fighting with him?” Chu Yang asked Gu Du Xing. Chu Yang was very relaxed at this moment. So, he took the advantage of this opportunity to school Gu Du Xing and the others since it was a rare chance to learn. And, Gu Du Xing, Luo Ke Di, and Ji Mo immediately erected their ears to listen.

Gu Du Xing smiled, “Li Xiong Tu and I have different styles of fighting. I wouldn’t engage with Wu Shang in a direct manner when he’d launch his intensive attacks. I would rather use my swift agility skills to tackle his unparalleled might. Then, I would exhaust him by making him expend his strength. And then, I would defeat him.”

Chu Yang nodded and replied, “This method of yours is very good when it comes to dealing with others. For instance, it is easy to defeat Li Xiong Tu using this method. But, you can’t deal with Wu Shang using this method. In fact, you’d only end up wasting your strength several times more if you did this.”

“Why?” Gu Du Xing was puzzled.

“Dong Wu Shang’s saber is heavy. So, it has its superiority. In fact, it’s not just heavy — it is extremely heavy! Its weight isn’t easy to get hold of. But, it forms a kind of inertia that you can exploit once you master it. This kind of inertia needs a little manipulation, but you can bring out the saber’s maximum strength! This is the advantage of heavy weapons.”

Chu Yang smiled, “You must’ve seen that Wu Shang displays the maximum power of his saber in every attack. But, he doesn’t spend much of his energy in doing so. Moreover, his attacks become more powerful and quicker this way! You can try to save your strength while hoping that he gets exhausted, but both of you will end up run out of energy at the end of it. Maybe both of you would get injured and lose to each other. The only difference would be that… your injuries would be lighter, while his’ would be more serious because of his reckless fighting style.

“And, if the battle is of life and death — you would end up being severely injured, and he would die!” Chu Yang said, “And, only you – Gu Du Xing – among the experts on the same level can achieve this result.”

Gu Du Xing pondered with concentration.

“The best way to deal with Dong Wu Shang’s fighting style is… don’t make him go berserk. Crush him down before it happens! And, the battle would be over soon,” Chu Yang said.

“How can one crush him down from the start?” Gu Du Xing wrinkled his brows and thought hard. Then, his eyes suddenly lit up, “Dong Wu Shang’s power is in his saber. Therefore, approach him by making use of the agility skill, and attack his wrist before he can unleash his crazy attacks. The wrist with which he maneuvers his saber is his fatal weak-point.”

“Yes!” Chu Yang nodded, “But, it would be pointless for Li Xiong Tu to think of this in the current situation because the game is already in Dong Wu Shang’s hands. Dong Wu Shang’s power has already reached to its peak at this time! On the other hand, Li Xiong Tu’s strength has already been reduced to half.”

“Li Xiong Tu could’ve brought the match to a draw. But, he had been blinded by his belief in his own strength. So, he eventually has to suffer a loss now. Therefore, self-confidence is important. But, it shouldn’t turn into over-confidence. One becomes arrogant if they are over-confident. And, arrogance often leads one to suffer a loss.” Gu Du Xing said with a sigh, “Just like the present Li Xiong Tu.”

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