Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 489: You Got Duped!

Chapter 489: You Got Duped!

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Gu Du Xing stood up with ‘shua’ sound. His figure was as tall-and-straight as a sword. He advanced forward with an unprecedented sharp aura upon his body. Suddenly, a ‘sword intention’ surged up in the air!

However, people with a high cultivation-base could faintly see that Gu Du Xing’s complexion was somewhat pale. It seemed that his injuries hadn’t healed yet. They couldn’t help but sigh in the secrecy of their hearts. It seemed that… Gu Du Xing didn’t stand a chance in this match!

A sharp light flashed in Tu Qian Hao’s eyes. And, he burst into laughter, “Brother Gu, we will have another fight today.”

Gu Du Xing faintly smiled and replied, “Yes, ah! I know that Elder Brother Tu has been waiting for this match for a long time. So, I don’t have any intentions to leave Brother Tu disappointed.”

An embarrassed look flashed through Tu Qian Hao’s eyes. He spoke with a smile, “Brother Gu is very carefree. I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to hold back in this fight. So, please don’t mind if I injure you in this fight.”

Dong Wu Shang exposed a look of anger in his eyes. He shouted from behind Gu Du Xing, “Second Brother, kill him! Kill this son of a bi*ch!”

Gu Du Xing slightly nodded. He then spoke in a loud voice, “I also hope that you would understand if I end up injuring you instead.”

Suddenly, his figure moved, and he flew over like a flying sword!

The sleeves of his robe fluttered. His gaze was swift and fierce. Each and every action of his’ was imbued with a swift and fierce ‘sword intention’!

The spirits of everyone present at the scene aroused at the sight of this.

Tu Qian Hao came over flying as well.

They were old rivals. And, they had been in several fights in the past year. But, they had been peer competition to each other since the beginning. However, Gu Du Xing’s reputation had continued to rise this entire time. In fact, it was currently keeping pace with the fame of the number-one Young Master — Ao Xie Yun!

And, this had given rise to a strong murderous intention in Tu Qian Hao’s heart!

Therefore, Tu Qian Hao wanted to beat Gu Du Xing in one fell swoop by taking advantage of Gu Du Xing’s injuries! In fact, Tu Qian Hao had only participated in this battle with the aim to defeat Gu Du Xing!

Tu Qian Hao stared at Gu Du Xing with rapt attention. And, he noticed that the face of his opponent was somewhat pale. In fact, it seemed to be stifled to some extent. And, his eyes filled with amusement as a result. He couldn’t help but feel happy in his heart. [Mo Tian Yun’s information was genuinely true. This guy is very severely injured…]

A ruminating look flashed in Young Master Yu’s eyes. He was still beside Chu Yang. Jun Xi Zhu’s reaction was no different on the other side.

Young Master Yu laughed and asked, “King of Hell Chu, do you wish for Tu Qian Hao to die?”

Chu Yang faintly smiled. Then, a desire to commit murder flashed in his eyes, “He wants to take advantage of someone’s difficulties. But, he’s going to end up worse-off while trying to gain an advantage!”

Young Master Yu mischievously laughed, “So, would he die?”

Chu Yang indifferently spread out his hands, “It totally depends upon Du Xing’s wish. Killing someone… also need proper skills and strategies at times. For instance… how to clear yourself of a guilty conscience after you’ve killed someone…”

Both of the men had already drawn out their swords in the arena!

Majority of the gamblers who had bet on Gao Sheng’s win were smiling in exultation. They appeared so happy that it seemed as if they could see silver notes falling from the sky, and landing directly into their pockets.

Ao Xie Yu sighed atop the tall platform, “It would be very unfair if Gu Du Xing suffers defeat because of his injuries! I feel sorry for the ‘Lone Traveler!”

Ao Xie Yun had an insightful vision. So, he could tell what Tu Qian Hao was up to at a glance. He then knitted his brows and asked, “Have you prepared people to make all arrangements?”

Xie Dan Qiong confidently smiled, “Of course.”

“Good… we would have to put up an act later… no matter who wins or who loses. We will draw the money of these poor guys that are going to go bankrupt. After that, we will split it evenly into three parts. We won’t let Mo Tian Yun make heavy profits this time,” Ao Xie Yun said.

“Yes, but I am afraid that the Gao Clan is also eyeing the gabling profits. We can snatch only a part of it at the most,” Ou Du Xiao was somewhat annoyed.

“I’m afraid that our three clans will be exterminated tomorrow if we try to hog it all…” Ao Xie Yun smiled indifferently, “Whatever happens… we need to keep things in equilibrium.”

The other two slightly nodded and replied with a smile, “Gao Sheng has managed to form a small alliance in this gambling battle. But, they haven’t realized that they have also contributed in the formation of a rival alliance. In addition… our interests are also linked now since our three clans drew back from this matter.”

Swift and fierce sword-energy frantically burst forth. The two men had already started the fight in the arena. Two sword-lights glistened as soon as the match began. And, they proliferated everywhere. In fact, the light was so bright that the two men’s shadows couldn’t be seen because of it.

Gu Du Xing’s sword-light gave people a feeling of loneliness, pride, and aloofness. But, Tu Qian Hao’s sword-light gave off a fierce and murderous aura!

However, nobody knew what these two fighters were whispering to each other in the arena.

“Gu Du Xing, you’re going to die today!” Tu Qian Hao crazily brandished his sword. He then exposed a pleased smile on his face, “And, you will only be able to blame the wind for being too vigorous for you!”

Gu Du Xing coldly snorted, “It’s not yet certain who would die!”

A loud ‘ding’ echoed. Tu Qian Hao suddenly slashed his sword, and Gu Du Xing’s body stumbled. He took a few steps back, and his face flushed red.

Tu Qing Hao’s long sword was a light and agile weapon. So, parrying Gu Du Xing’s sword this hard would’ve been impossible unless it was a custom-made sword like the one in Li Xiong Tu’s hands. Something like this wouldn’t happen in a normal match between two experts. However, Tu Qiong Hao felt proud of himself right now. He wanted to use such a method to humiliate the ‘already injured’ Gu Du Xing.

Everyone looked at Gu Du Xing’s situation, and they all sighed. [Is the young genius of the Gu Clan — the leader of the younger generation going to fall from the sky in this match…? Just like that…?]

Tu Qian Hao was very excited at this time. His moves were very vigorous as well! He would bellow every time he’d use his sword. His attacks seemed to be rather grand and heroic! In fact, he reminded people a bit of Dong Wu Shang’s attitude.

However, Dong Wu Shang was bold and mighty. He gave off a feeling of being overwhelming and domineering to people. But, Tu Qian Hao was giving off the feeling of a villain who was trying to accomplish his evil ambitions.

Gu Du Xing continued to withdraw step by step. His body shook violently every time he blocked a sword blow. And, he had moved back several steps in that fashion. Moreover, his pale face had turned deep red by now, while his forehead seemed to be covered in sweat.

Tu Qian Hao’s blows became more and more vigorous at the sight of this!

Only a few smart people could see that things seemed to become more and more difficult for Gu Du Xing each time he parried a sword blow. In fact, it appeared as if he had fallen into a disadvantageous situation. However, he was using the swaying movements of his body to absorb the impact of Tu Qian Hao’s attack in reality.

Moreover, Gu Du Xing’s counterattacks didn’t seem to work on Tu Qian Hao! And, it had seemed as such because Tu Qian Hao hadn’t taken any steps back. Moreover, his imposing aura still appeared like a rainbow. However, Tu Qian Hao’s spiritual power had been consumed to a greater extent when compared to that of Gu Du Xing’s!

Tu Qing Hao wouldn’t have acted so foolishly on an average day. But, he didn’t care about the consumption of his energy at this time! And, that was because… it would be the most supreme glory to defeat Gu Du Xing in this manner since he was considered a world-hero! In fact, his fame would surpass that of Ao Xie Yun’s as long as he could defeat Gu Du Xing today. And, he would then become the number-one expert of the younger generation!

The reason was quite simple – Gu Du Xing and Ao Xie Yun were equally famous.

The sounds of clashing echoed endlessly. Gu Du Xing had already retreated to the boundary of the arena, and had reached the big platform by now. Moreover, he had been shuddering the entire way back!

Tu Qian Hao was gasping for breath. Gu Du Xing was still swaying on his opposite side, but he hadn’t collapsed yet…

Tu Qian Huo felt angry in his heart, [this stubborn bastard has managed to remain firm till now…] In fact, more and more fire started to rise in his heart as he thought of this…

He slashed another eighteen blows in a row!

Gu Du Xing lifted his face after he had parried the blows. And, Tu Qian Hao suddenly discovered that Gu Du Xing was faintly smiling at him. In fact, this smiling expression reeked of ridicule. Gu Du Xing was looking at him as if he was a fool!

Tu Qian Hao’s was startled in his heart. And, he instinctively felt that something was wrong.

“You’re really stupid! How did you get the position of the Eldest Young Master of the Tu Clan?” Gu Du Xing spoke in a low voice, “The Mo Clan and my Gu Clan have always been allies… yet, you have stepped into this trap? Really… I feel sorry for you!”

Tu Qian Hao got startled as he heard this. And, his mind went blank, [trap?!]

[Mo Tian Yu set me up?!]

However, the nineteenth strike of his sword fiercely slashed down at this time…

Gu Du Xing shouted loudly under the watchful eyes of thousands of spectators. And, his body suddenly became straight. Then, he drew an incredibly sharp sword out of the sheath. It issued a stunning ray of light. His Black Dragon Sword then slashed out like a dragon, and ruthlessly clashed with Tu Qian Hao’s sword!


Gu Du Xing’s body remained motionless, and straight. Moreover, there was a cold look on his face.

Tu Qian Hao shouted loudly. He stumbled, and drew back along with his sword. He took a step back, and his footprints appeared on the ground. Then, he took three steps back, and suddenly he felt some strange taste in his throat. Then, a mouthful of blood came out from his mouth with a ‘poof’ sound!

Gu Du Xing’s counterattack had inflicted very serious injuries to Tu Qian Hao!

The super-loud cheering sounds that were coming from the spectator’s platform suddenly vanished away. This scene was too unbelievable for everyone to comprehend. In fact, they could hardly believe their own eyes.

[This… how can this be possible?]

Gu Du Xing shouted as he wielded his sword again. But, he whispered before he made the final attack, “I’m not injured. Do you understand now?”

Tu Qian Hao opened his eyes wide in anger, and looked at Gu Du Xing. In fact, he was so angry that he couldn’t speak. His heart was filled with intense hatred towards one person at this moment, [Mo Tian Yun! That bastard provided false information to me!]

[So, Gu Du Xing and Mo Tian Yun were together in this!]

Tu Qian Hao’s anger exploded as he finally realized this…

[Mo Tian Yun, that bastard! I will kill him with a thousand knives! That wicked a*shole will die!]

[I will kill you, ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! You cheated me, and made me suffer like this! I am so bitter! How dare you cheat me?! Ah…]

Tu Qian Hao became extremely sad and grieved in this moment.

He wanted to curse in anger. But, blood was readily gushing out of his mouth. He would open his mouth, but only to spurt out blood…

Gu Du Xing had already slashed his sword by now. So, Tu Qian Hao had no other choice than to withstand the blow!


Tu Qian Hao’s body again staggered backwards. And, a mouthful of blood spurted out of his mouth again. Gu Du Xing took large strides, and advanced forward. And, he slashed his sword again!

Tu Qian Hao had an upper hand only a moment ago. But, Gu Du Xing was pushing him back now. The situation had been completely reversed. The eyeballs on the spectator’s platform remained fixed to the arena, [Crap! Fu*k! oh fu*k! This situation is really freakish!]

There was no doubt that Gu Du Xing had turned defeat into victory. But, Tu Qian Hao was now in a miserable condition even though he had victory in his hands a moment ago…

“Mo Tian Yun has asked me to do this,” Gu Du Xing slashed his sword again, “I didn’t wish to do it. But, the Mo Clan and my Gu Clan have over ten years of cordial relations. So, I had to comply. Tu Qian Hao, blame yourself if you wish to blame someone… blame yourself for being so stupid!”

Tu Qian Hao looked at him with grief and indignation. His heart was about to explode. He finally opened his mouth, and bellowed as blood flowed out of his mouth, “Ah…! I will kill you both…” There was limitless hatred and resentment in his heart. His anger and hatred had nearly taken shape and substance in this moment. In fact, Tu Qian Hao would’ve eaten Mo Tian Yun alive-and-uncooked if he were in front of Tu Qian Hao at this moment!

His agility skill and sword-play had already lost balance since he was experience such extreme anger. They had been rendered completely useless under his rage. He had suffered a big betrayal!

Gu Du Xing shouted. His Black Dragon Sword trembled. Shua, shua, shua… three consecutive blows were unleashed — one on Tu Qian Hao’s chest… one on his right shoulder… and, his face was also cut by the last one. Then, a mass of sword-light blossomed on his chest!

Gu Du Xing burst into loud laughter. He rose his foot, and stamped it firmly on Tu Qian Hao’s chest. He kicked this Young Master of Tu Clan… a man who was also one of the 12 influential figures of the future generation, and sent him flying as if he was a sandbag!

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