Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 493: You’re My Wife Ahwooh…

Chapter 493: You’re My Wife Ahwooh…

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Gao Sheng became furious as soon as he realized he had been tricked by Ji Mo. So, he brandished his sword to attack violently…

Ji Mo tiptoed, and rapidly drew back his body. Gao Sheng madly chased after him with no intention to let him go. The strength of Ji Mo’s body had gotten exhausted by now. So, he flew backwards to increase the distance between them. Then, he suddenly opened his eyes wide, and looked behind Gao Sheng’s body. He then shouted loudly with grief and indignation on his face, “Gao Qiang! Do you want to bully me by ganging up on me? And, that too in front of the world heroes?!”

Gao Sheng became furious. He ferociously turned around and shouted, “Who asked you to come…” He turned around to see, but found no one behind him…

The sharp whistling sound of a golden blade came piercing the air from behind his body. He had now understood that it was a wicked trick of Ji Mo’s. But, it was already too late to turn his head. So, he swung his long sword towards his back. After that, he turned his body around, and made a strange posture as he went flying backwards.

Two ‘bam’‘bam’ sounds echoed. Suddenly, Gao Sheng felt that these sounds had vigorously come from his buttocks. Ji Mo had actually kicked on his buttocks in a firm manner. Consequently, he was immediately sent flying at a high speed!

Gao Sheng puffed out blood while he was in midair. He hadn’t vomited blood because he had got beaten… this had happened because he was very angry. His body was in pain. But, this pain was far less than the frustration that had plagued in his heart!

Ji Mo didn’t wait for him to get up. He had wielded his sword, and had come flying-after. He shouted out loud, “Gao Sheng! Get up! We will have a fair fight!”

Gao Sheng turned over and sprang up. The desire to spit out blood welled-up more and more in his heart. He had enough time to get up assume a stance. But, it seemed that he had deliberately taken more time to get up since he had wasted too much time in yelling out of frustration.

Ji Mo was already high up in the sky by the time he stood up, and his sword-light had arrived in front of Gao Sheng!

Gao Sheng set firm footing on the ground. And, he changed his stance to defense. Ji Mo’s sword-light came with a tiger-like ferocity, and made a strong impact. He didn’t spare the opponent any time to relax, and his attacks turned more and more intense.

Gao Sheng’s heart was already in a chaotic mess. He had become terribly aggrieved. He was being pushed back again-and-again by these relentless attacks. So, he couldn’t help but suffer more and more pain in his heart. But, he did his best to defend the attacks. And, he was desperately looking for the opportunity to launch a counterattack on his opponent.

However, Ji Mo’s attacks were steady, persistent, and powerful. In fact, this was an unceasing barrage of sword attacks. Gao Sheng had researched the sword play of the Ji Clan before the decisive battle. But, he had now discovered that Ji Mo’s sword moves had some rather strange variations mixed-in. In fact, these variations were appearing very frequently!

Moreover, he had never seen such sword moves in the past. These sword moves were odd, yet they had formidable power. In fact, each of these sword moves had left him a difficult situation.

Ding Ding Ding sounds echoed without a pause.

Gao Sheng continuously drew backwards… step by step. And, Ji Mo continued to pursue him. He would jump high up in the air, and would attack Gao Sheng. His aura was aggressive and imposing. However, his energy eventually got used up in one round of attacks. And, Gao Sheng noticed that the attacks of his opponent were about to come to an end. So, he drew his feet back, and prepared to counterattack.

However, he saw that Ji Mo somersaulted backwards. He landed far away, and shouted, “Don’t say that I was unfair to you. Now, it’s your turn to attack me.”

Gao Sheng was about to attack a moment ago. But, he suddenly became confused, and staggered as this happened. In fact, his body even swayed a few times…

[You are too shameless! Do you think that I wouldn’t know when to attack if you won’t tell me?]

Someone exclaimed from the spectators’ grandstand in a loud voice, “Second Master Ji! This is a decisive battle, ah! Second Master Ji, don’t give him the chance to take a breath! You are so benevolent and righteous. But, your opponent wouldn’t appreciate this, ah… Quickly attack him, Second Master Ji.”

This guy turned out to be the man whom Luo Ke Di had forced to bet on Ji Mo at the sword point. He was looking at the arena at this moment. And, he saw that the victory was in sight. So, he couldn’t help but exclaim. But, his face had an expression of resentfulness on it… as if Ji Mo had failed to live-up to his expectation. [This is the crucial point. How could Ji Mo stop at this time and allow the opponent to make a counter-attack? Oh my God, Second Master Ji, what are you thinking? He’s your opponent in this decisive battle! And, you’re still paying attention to your etiquettes, ah…?]

In fact, this guy wished that he could rush over and take Ji Mo’s place in this decisive battle… [My money, ah! I’m about to get a lot of money, ah!]

However, he wouldn’t have expected that Ji Mo had exhausted his strength even though he seemed to be confident and at ease. So much so… that he would’ve ended-up collapsing if the opponent were to unleash a barrage of counterattacks in case he had continued to attack at that time…

“Second Master Ji is righteous and benevolent, ah!” Several men profusely praised him. This had happened because Second Master Ji had appeared to be more heroic in contrast to Gao Sheng. And, more so because he appeared to be open and candid!

Gao Sheng had suffered internal injuries at first. Then, he had become muddled because of excessive. Then, he again got beaten up, and took a lot of kicks and punches. His internal organs had been shaken up as a result, and he had already sustained severe injuries. Moreover, the wound on his thigh was still bleeding…

However, the man who had been so despicable, and had used such shameless methods… had unexpectedly won the reputation of being benevolent, and righteous. In fact, he had been deemed as a man of unquestionable integrity and noble character! This obviously became unbearable for Gao Sheng. He opened his mouth and shouted, “You people are talking nonsense! This is totally rubbish! Waa~~~”

He couldn’t restrain his blood from coming out as he spoke these words. And, the blood puffed out like an arrow from his mouth. His vision turned blurred as soon as he spat out blood. And, his body tottered since it was on the verse of a collapse!

“Gao Sheng has lost.” Young Master Yu was looking at the arena in a pensive manner. He had been observing Ji Mo’s method very carefully thus far. But, he hadn’t laughed. Instead, he had been contemplating…

“This method was quite fierce… I must say this much! It was such an effortless victory.” Young Master Yu looked at Chu Yang, “It’s your style, right?”

Chu Yang laughed out loud and replied, “Half of it is!”

“Gao Sheng can be considered as a rising star. So, it’s obvious that his mental fortitude is very strong. But, he has been taken over by his anger and insanity at this time. Perhaps another man wouldn’t have been so furious if they had been in his place…” Young Master Yu sighed, “So, this method wasn’t a wise one, but it was very effective.”

Chu Yang spoke with a smile, “The most important factor is obviously… Ji Mo himself.”

Young Master Yu was stumped for words for a second. Then, he suddenly laughed heartily, “Yes. Yes. Indeed! This plan would’ve been useless if Ji Mo wasn’t so shameless.”

Mo Qing Wu chuckled, “Brother Ji Mo has always been the most thick-skinned person out there.”

Young Master Yu’s face became serious as he said, “These words stand gravely mistaken. Your Elder Brother Chu Yang is a hundred times more thick-skinned than your Brother Ji Mo! In fact, a thousand times!”

Mo Qing Wu pouted her mouth in a displeased manner. She then looked at Young Master Yu, and spoke with a snort, “But, you stole my Elder Brother Chu Yang’s things. So, you’re a thousand times more thick-skinned than Elder Brother Chu Yang. In fact, ten-thousand times more!”

Young Master Yu pretended that he didn’t hear this. He fixed his eyes in the arena, and ignored Mo Qing Wu altogether. In fact, the look on his face hardly changed at this remark – He was indeed very thick-skinned!

Inside the arena… Gao Sheng was finding it difficult to breathe. He could only feel the sky spinning and the earth going round. He was no longer able to withstand his internal injuries. But, he could hear Ji Mo shouting from the opposite side, “Are you coming? Perhaps you can’t come…? I’m giving you a chance. I will count to three. And, I will come to you if you don’t come to me – one, two, three! I’m coming to you now… I’m coming to kick your ass… I will really kick your ass… Sh*t! Your body is making creaking sounds… Do you really want me to come over to you…”

Gao Sheng loudly shouted. And, he again puffed out a mouthful of blood. He didn’t wait for Ji Mo to ‘actually come over’, and he lost his consciousness instead. His body became limp, and he fell down on the ground with a ‘thud’ sound. He had genuinely lost his consciousness…

Ji Mo startled by this. He saw Young Master Gao, who had fallen on the ground. And, he thought, [is it possible that he’s only pretending?] Then, he continued to shout and make a fuss, “Get up! Get up! I – Second Master Ji – am generous and upright. I am very humane and righteous. I have a noble character and unquestionable integrity. I can’t hit my enemy if he’s lying on the ground! Get up! Get up, ah…”

However, Gao Sheng didn’t get up… no matter how much Ji Mo shouted since he was unable to hear a thing… In fact, it was fortunate that he couldn’t hear these remarks. Otherwise, he would’ve again fainted because of his anger…

“Did he genuinely faint…?” Ji Mo carefully drew near to him. He then kicked him with the tip of his toe. But, Gao Sheng didn’t react.

“Crap! You fainted? You really fainted, huh? You really fu*king fainted!” Ji Mo kicked him a few times, but there was no reaction. So, he was eventually reassured that Gao Sheng had fainted for real. But, he couldn’t help but scratch his head in a puzzled manner, “I didn’t even hit you, ah… how can you faint…?”

He stood there and pondered for a while. Then, he turned his head towards the Master of the Ceremony and asked, “It seems that I won, right?”

Master of the Ceremony, “…”

“Does this count as a victory?” Ji Mo was somewhat uncertain, “I fought him, but he didn’t fight back, then?”

“You won!” the Master of the Ceremony was dumbfounded when he replied. [I was here, you know. I saw you win!]

“Then, why don’t you declare that I won?” Ji Mo glared at him and said, “You’re the Master of this Ceremony. But, your reactions are too slow. Can’t you see that this man is lying here? Are you still dreaming?”

The Master of the Ceremony almost fainted due to anger. He hastily drew a few steps back. Then, his mood calmed down. He mixed his energy in his voice and roared loudly, “The final match has been won by Ji Mo!”

He obviously didn’t need to say this. Everyone already knew this… because the entire venue was already in uproar! In fact, the clamor had risen up to the sky, and had overturned the heavens!

Several people wailed… The money that they had collected after struggling of so many years… had been lost. These were the people who had bet the complete net worth of their clans! So, they were left with nothing in their hands now since Gao Sheng’s defeat was equivalent to bankruptcy for them…

Many people started to abuse, “He’s such a useless man. He’s so much older than his opponent. His cultivation rank was also higher. But, he couldn’t even counterattack his opponent! Goddamn Gao Sheng! I lost my money because of you…”

These people had bet most of their clan’s property. But, they also had some savings. Yet, they felt extremely angry in their hearts!

However, there were many who were laughing like mad-men, “I won, I won! I won a fortune… I truly didn’t expect this…” These were obviously the people who had bet on Ji Mo.

Moreover, many people felt regret, “I would’ve bet a little more if I had known this earlier, ah… I would’ve taken a loan with high interest, but I would’ve still bet more. The compensation was one-is-to-six, ah. Damn it…” These people were greedy and never satisfied…

The happiest of them was that fatty who had been forced to bet on Ji Mo by Luo Ke Di on sword point. His hands were dancing, and his feet were tripping. [I don’t know what his name is, but that fortuneteller must be a noble guy since he helped me make such a fortune. No wonder that blind fortuneteller said that my luck’s good, and I am going to make a fortune! I was going to lose my money. But, I was then forced to change my decision at sword-point. And, I unexpectedly won… if this is not good luck… then I don’t know what is?]

The most miserable man was undoubtedly the Great Master Mo Tian Yun! He also fainted the moment Gao Sheng fainted… In fact, he still hadn’t woken-up… Or, perhaps he didn’t wish to wake up? After all, he would have to face the debt of several billions if he were to wake up…

“People of Gao Clan?” Ji Mo finally recalled an important matter, “Take out the wedding contract! I want to tear it! Your wedding contract with the Huyan Clan won’t exist from now on! The only thing that would exist… is my love!”

Everyone felt like vomiting out of disgust.

Gao Meng of the Gao Clan took out the wedding contract, and handed it over to Ji Mo under thousands of staring eyes. After that, he commanded his men to go and lift Gao Sheng. Gao Sheng had woken up some time ago. However, he was having a heartburn due to excessive anger. He was extremely ashamed. So, he simply pretended to be unconscious when he was carried away by the Gao Clan’s men…

Ji Mo tore the wedding contract to shreds. He then raised his hands, and threw the pieces in the air. He jumped as he howled, “I won! I won! Aobo~~~ you’re my wife, Ahwooh~~~”

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