Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 496: Various Situations

Chapter 496: Various Situations

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Chu Yang coldly said, “I think you should be clever-enough to make the right choice, Brother Mo! I have complete faith in your wisdom.”

There was no way for him to settle the debt in three days’ time. The interest would stand to double every three days. So, he would have to pay 1.1 billion after six days… 2.2 billion after nine days… 4.4 billion after twelve days… and then after fifteen days… the interest would continue to compound like this… Mo Tian Yun could mortgage the entire Middle Three Heavens after a month would pass, but it still wouldn’t be enough for him to pay off the debt…

It was natural that Mo Tian Yun didn’t wish to say anything further since he wasn’t willing to repay the debt with his head.

Mo Tian Yun walked away in a daze. But, he left behind a few words before he walked away, “I will give you that saber within one month!”

Chu Yang smiled in a cruel manner as he looked at this Great Young Master’s back profile.

Mo Tian Yun left. Ao Xie Yun also bid goodbye and left. He wanted to gather his residual wealth. Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao also wanted to take their leave soon after. But, Chu Yang enthusiastically asked them to stay behind, “Brother Ou, Brother Xie. Wait a minute! I want to say something.”

[These two are very important people. It would be a pity to let them go like this…]

“What’s the matter?” Both of them looked at him with a sense of vigilance. The two of them didn’t dare to look down on this King of Hell Chu even though he had recently come up from the Lower Three Heavens.

This man’s methods could only be described as terrifying…

Chu Yang spoke with a warm smile on his face, “I just want the two of you to remember this thing… you two Young Masters can also repay your debt in the form of items instead of money. You don’t need to gather such a large amount of silver taels… he he, I’m your friend. So, I feel somewhat embarrassed while talking about money… therefore, it would be better not to talk about money.”

Eyes of Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao brightened up at the same time. They asked, “Brother Chu, what does this mean?”

“I’m saying… for example… some unusual elixir or some precious gems… Some rare materials… such as, Exquisite Herbs, Dipsacus Roots, Seven-colored Jade, Purple crystal, Red Crystal, and Blue crystal. Or maybe, Star Iron, Nightmare Steel, Volcanic Silver, and Hell Gold… he he he… I want a lot of these. In fact, I would even do business with you guys if you are still left with much of these items after you’ve redeemed the gambling debt.

“We can even do long-term business… I am very willing to establish business relations with two such trust-worthy friends.”

Chu Yang subtly smiled, “Rest assured. I won’t let the two of you suffer a loss. In fact, I will purchase these items at 20% higher than the market price; regardless of whether it’s before or after you have repaid this debt! Moreover, I’ll purchase any extremely rare items at double the price! What do you say?”

Chu Yang didn’t lack anything at the moment… whether it was gold, silver, golden notes, or silver notes. He was filthy rich at the moment! Money was like trash for him. He could throw away as much money as he wanted, but he still wouldn’t feel sorry. Moreover, he could easily buy valuable items with this money…

He still hadn’t finished speaking this, but the eyes of the two men had already lit-up. In fact, a golden road of opportunity had suddenly appeared in front of the eyes of these two Great Young Masters when Chu Yang had said ‘at 20% higher price than the market price’! Let alone double the price…

How much would be the twenty percent of the market price? It can be said that one can earn two-hundred million extra if one sells stuff worth one billion! And, this would be considered a great deal of wealth…

It could be said that these items had great value when one considers the accumulation of several hundred years of these two great aristocratic families. But, most of these items couldn’t be used despite being very precious. It was a pity to throw them away. But, they were useless anyway…

In addition, these aristocratic clans needed to develop armed forces and influence. And, most of this would be done with money! Moreover, money was equally important to have hold of cultivation crystals, inner core of the spirit beasts, and elixirs…

It was obvious that the two clans were wealthy. So, there wouldn’t be any problem in complying. As for these so-called Star Iron, Nightmare steel, Volcanic Silver, and Hell Gold, and so on… everyone knew that they were precious items, but they couldn’t use them in reality… So, what was the point of hoarding them?

Selling these things off wouldn’t be an issue. And, the main point was that the selling price of these stuffs wasn’t fixed… but, Chu Yang had more ‘money’ than ‘sense in his mind’ since he was willing to purchase them at 20% more than the market price!

Wasn’t this like ‘finding a lantern in the dark’ scenario?

“Well! We have a deal as long as Brother Chu means what he says!” A big stone had suddenly fallen-off the hearts of Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao. They had already lost much of their wealth. And, their entire clan would have to suffer financial crisis for at least a year if they would put forth another 520 million of funds! And, that would be a fatal problem in these critical times!

However, there won’t be any issue if they repaid their debts with these items.

“Brother Chu, when are we going to have the business deal?” Both of them seemed somewhat impatient.

Chu Yang affably smiled and replied, “I remember that Ou and Xie clans come on the way while going north. So, we can have a business deal whenever I arrive there…”

Chu Yang chuckled, “There’s no harm in going on the same journey together. I have heard that Young Master Yu of the Dark Bamboo also hails from the extreme north…”

Gu Du Xing, Dong Wu Shang, and Ji Mo – all looked at each other. They thought, [it seems that Big Brother has decided to plunder his way north…]

Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao were pleased and relieved as they walked away. They had to be happy at this time! Their crisis had been solved, and they had also discovered new source of income for their clans…

Chu Yang smiled as he watched them leave. Then, he turned his head towards Ji Mo and said, “Ji Mo, you must remember that Mo Tian Yun will steal the divine saber from the Mo Clan. You must inform Mo Tian Ji about this without any delay… I believe that Mo Tian Ji will teach Mo Tian Yun a proper lesson. But, you also have to inform him… that I want Qing Wu’s saber back!”

A radiance of victory flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes. It also had a hint of maliciousness in it.

“Big Brother, you want to purchase these things. I’m afraid… your stash of billions won’t be enough for all of them.” Gu Du Xing pondered and spoke, “Do you want me to transfer some money from my clan?”

Ji Mo, Dong Wu Shang, and Luo Ke Di also nodded. It was evident that they were also thinking the same thing.

They didn’t understand what Chu Yang wanted to do. But, they chose to support him unconditionally. [We don’t know what Big Brother wants to do, but it would surely be good!]

Gu Du Xing’s words were quite reasonable. Everyone knew that these unusual and rare items were very precious. They didn’t have a market, but they were still very expensive. For example… a fist-sized chunk of Star Iron was worth several hundred-thousand silver taels.

Some of them were even more precious… such as Nightmare Steel. Only a small chunk of it was worth millions. As for the Red Cloud Steel… it was the finest material. In fact, the Red Cloud Steel that’s the size of a person’s head was worth more than ten-million!

Chu Yang’s net worth was very high at present. But, it would be far less than sufficient… if he wanted to purchase all these items!

Chu Yang mischievously laughed, “It’s not easy to handle money. We would be able to get some wealth if we plunder some of it from the powerhouses of the Middle Three Heavens. For example, we would have profit pouring-in from all sides if we snatch and loot while playing it safe…”

The four brothers were left stunned after they heard this. And, they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

“Big Brother, but how should we go about our journey?” Luo Ke Di seemed very concerned about this issue, “Should we go with our clans? Or should we go on our own as a group of us brothers?”

Chu Yang replied in a very relaxed manner, “This depends on the wishes of you people.”

“I want to be on my own.” Dong Wu Shang resolutely replied.

“I also want the same,” Ji Mo added.

“Me too! Me too!” Luo Ke Di hurriedly responded.

“State your reasons,” Chu Yang knew that the so-called idea of ‘being on their own’ actually meant to be with Chu Yang whilst being separated from their own clans. However, he didn’t reveal his own expression regarding this matter since he didn’t have anything of his own to give-up like his brothers did. So, he said, “You all will still be traveling in the same direction if you follow your clans. So, we can still meet each other every day like we used to…”

“I feel uncomfortable with my family.” Dong Wu Shang’s eyes revealed a trace of pain, “I am willing to sacrifice everything for my clan, but there are some things that I can’t bear. But, I have no other alternative…”

Chu Yang nodded as he clearly understood this. [Dong Wu Shang must be talking about his elder brother Dong Wu Lei. He is clearly hesitant, but he has chosen a fair and justifiable point of view.] Chu Yang pondered and replied, “Wu Shang, your elder brother cherishes you a lot. But… there are some qualities that the person who occupies the position of a leader must have. And, you must understand this as well.”

“I do understand. And, I suffer only because I understand.” Dong Wu Shang sighed.

“Me too… My elder brother treats me well. But, my existence threatens him.” Luo Ke Di raised his hand and said, “Moreover, what he did today makes me feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, I must leave for a few days since that will allow him to introspect.”

This was similar to harboring a childish grudge. And, the others laughed when they heard this.

“I don’t want to be with my family because… my elder brother is very lazy…” Ji Mo hung his head dispiritedly, “He is only thinking of every possible way to make me take his place so that I can become the Eldest Young Master of the Clan… And, I fear that I would mess up big-time. How could a brick like me be the Clan Lord? This would be a joke… I don’t want to manage the matters of the clan since they are only as important as piles of junk in my eyes. I want to hold the sword, and travel the Jianghu. I wish to have no worries, and be with my wife. I want to roam care-free. Then, I want to return home when I feel homesick. After that, I would show filial respect to my parents, and stay for a few days. But then, I wish go out without any restrictions… this is the kind of life I want…”

Everyone became speechless.

“You two guys can easily follow Big Brother. But, what do I do?” Gu Du Xing took a deep breath, “Someone killed those two brothers of mine. Its direct consequences are that I’m now tied to the clan. How can I selfishly abandon the Gu Clan and the people over there?”

“This is nothing.” Luo Ke Di embraced his shoulder and said, “We brothers will cover our faces and follow your Gu Clan’s team. We will go more quickly than the other clans… So, wouldn’t we get best of both worlds as long as we don’t expose our identity?”

Ji Mo’s eyes shone as he said, “Brilliant idea. Let me tell you, our Heavenly Armament Pavilion will have might and awe-inspiring influence in the Middle Three Heavens as well. How about we make some masks and cover our faces? After that, we will loot and snatch things together…”

Everyone’s eyes lit-up, “Yes! We will start our Heavenly Armament Pavilion from tomorrow itself!”

Chu Yang pondered and said, “Very well! I will make some small items tonight as a symbol of our Heavenly Armament Pavilion.”

The brothers cheered in unison.

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