Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 500: Lets Someone Else Do His Dirty Work

Chapter 500: Lets Someone Else Do His Dirty Work

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“Big Brother, what should we do?” Dong Wu Shang asked in a low voice.

Chu Yang pondered for a moment, and said, “I just realized that I never asked anything about these ninth grade spirit beasts. But, it seems to be very important for the Meng Clan from what we saw today. And… perhaps this thing is useful for the other clans as well. Otherwise, that old man wouldn’t have said ‘even if we put our lives at stake’.”

Dong Wu Shang and Ji Mo nodded. The clans in the Middle Three Heavens had many King Level Experts. But, it would be absurd if they were told to sacrifice their lives…!

And, that was because these King Level Experts were the basic support of these clans. And, the Emperor Level Experts were the main backing. As for the expert at even higher levels… it was unknown.

“Let’s dig deeper to be on the safe side. Wu Shang, you might as well tell everything you know about this matter.” Chu Yang said.

Dong Wu Shang nodded and said, “Big Brother, there’s a legend you must have heard about… there used to be nine major races in the Nine Heavens. Our Human Race was one of them. And, the strange technique of the Meng Clan is a lost technique of Devil race. So, it is referred to as devil technique.

“However, the Beast race also had similar techniques. The spirit beasts of present times carry the bloodline of the Beast race. The only difference is that they don’t have the status that they used to have at that time. And, they rarely change into human-form beasts now… or you can say, the heritage of the Beast race doesn’t exist in the Middle Three Heavens anymore.

“But, the Beast race was very prosperous once upon a time. They used to have heroes pouring forth in large number. Some of the powerful beast clans used to marry human women, and would even take them as concubines. They reproduced and bred… it was the most chaotic era. Every race used to intermarry. So, the blood relations were also very complicated…”

Chu Yang nodded. He continued to listen very patiently.

“At that time, there was a powerhouse who accidently found a ninth grade spirit beast that was on the verge of its death. So, this individual drank its blood. And, they then refined its inner core. After that, they discovered that this had accidently opened something incredible within himself…”

Dong Wu Shang took a deep breath and said, “This was the blood inheritance.”

“Consequently, the human race came to know that… one can sometimes obtain formidable power by obtaining the blood and inner core of spirit beasts. Moreover, they had a flash of realization that this method could enable them to even comprehend the powerful cultivation methods of the Beast Race. Then, they could witness an instant advancement, and become powerful experts!

“Therefore, the spirit beasts of the Nine Heavens have become everyone’s target.”

Chu Yang wrinkled his brows and asked, “Has this happened several times before?”

“There are dozens of examples. In addition, some people have also written down their personal experiences.” Dong Wu Shang forced a smile and said, “Therefore, this matter is authentic.

“There are many spirit beasts in the Middle Three Heavens. But, the ones that have surpassed the seventh grade aren’t too many in number. You may swallow the spirit beasts that are grade seven or lower, but it’s not necessary that you would be able to open any bloodline… or obtain any inheritance…

“However, the ninth grade spirit beasts have appeared this time. So, the great aristocratic clans are obviously trying out their lucks. In fact, obtaining the mere blood of one ninth grade spirit beasts would be more than what they had hoped for…”

Dong Wu Shang sighed.

Chu Yang silently nodded, “So, that’s how it is. Let’s say they obtain the inheritance and open the bloodline… then what?”

“There used to be two clans in the Middle Three Heavens three-hundred years ago. One was the Miao Clan, and the other was the Mu clan. They had opened the bloodlines by gaining access to the inheritance of the Beast race. They then swept away the Middle Three Heavens. And, they eventually took their clans to rush straight into the Upper Three Heavens! The horror of it could be clearly seen, ah…”

Dong Wu Shang exposed look of envy in his eyes. After all, leading their clan to the Upper Three Heavens was the dream of every clan in the Middle Three Heavens. He further added, “Both the clans became a huge sensation in the Upper Three Heavens. After that, the Miao Clan got the acknowledgement of the Li Clan, and they became allies. Later, they became relatives by marriage, and changed the clan name from Miao to Li. But, this newly branched Li Clan got banished a hundred years later. And, most of their experts got beheaded. So, the Li Clan again came down to the Middle Three Heavens. And, now it is the same Li Clan which Li Xiong Tu belongs to!”

“The other clan – Mu Clan was cleverer. It is still in the Upper Three Heavens. I have heard that it is one of the medium-sized clans of the Upper Three Heavens.” Dong Wu Shang mischievously smiled.

Chu Yang nodded. Then, he took a deep breath and said, “I understand the whole thing now. It’s not surprising that people have made a big fuss about the emergence of these ninth grade spirit beasts.”

“This has to be that big of a fuss… Who doesn’t wish to rush to the Upper Three Heavens? They would go even if they would have to become minions in the Upper Three Heavens. Damn it!” Dong Wu Shang spat.

“Don’t you?” Chu Yang smiled and asked, “Don’t you want to lead the Dong Clan to the Upper Three Heavens?”

Dong Wu Shang erected his thick eyebrow and said, “Obviously, I want to! I do wish to go there. But, I don’t want to go up to work as a slave!” He spoke in a low and deep voice, “I have decided that I – Dong Wu Shang – will replace one of the clans of the Upper Three Heavens if I ever go there! And, I would rather not go up if I can’t!”

Chu Yang patted on his shoulder. Then, he slightly smiled and spoke, “You can do it!”

Ji Mo was standing on one side. He suddenly interrupted and said, “You don’t want to be a slave. But, that doesn’t mean your clan isn’t willing too either! Wu Shang, it would probably be beyond your control if that time comes.”

Dong Wu Shang looked up and let out a long sigh. Then, he patted his black saber with a desolate expression on his face.

“That time hasn’t come yet.” Chu Yang indifferently said, “Besides, he he, you don’t know what the circumstances would be at that time…”

“Come on, we must go back.” Chu Yang stood up.

“Big Brother, what about the matter of the Meng Clan?” Ji Mo was shocked. [Would we not deal with them?]

“We will send a letter to Young Master Yu after we go back.” Chu Yang softly replied, “I believe that he will know what is to be done. In addition… We will make Du Xing mobilize a few men of his clan. We will tell them to overtake the Meng Clan. Then, we might obtain the blood of spirit beast. And, we will perhaps obtain it very early… We won’t need to attack ourselves. The Meng Clan have become infamous… he he, we sometimes don’t have to dirty our own hands to kill someone.”

Ji Mo prostrated himself in admiration, “Big Brother is indeed… so clever, ah! You are on a whole new level when it comes to being sinister…”

The three of them returned to the Gu Clan’s camp, and found that the entire camp was in a mess. They couldn’t help but become shocked. They walked fast, and went in…

It was tragic sight to see Luo Ke Di lying down inside the tent. Chu Yang angrily asked, “What happened?”

Gu Du Xing wanted to say something, but stopped. He merely stood there since he felt that it wouldn’t be good to open his mouth at this time. So, he coughed a few times. But, he eventually explained the whole incident.

Chu Yang got furious, “What do you mean by ‘filthy man who had illicit se*ual relation and abandoned the girl’? Where did that come from? This accusation is going too far!”

“That woman ought to be an Emperor Level Expert!” Gu Du Xing reminded.

“Emperor Level Expert… I will slaughter that Emperor Level Expert…” Chu Yang exposed a cold expression in his eyes, “Which direction did she go in? How dare she injure our coyote?”

“His injuries aren’t that serious. That woman’s attacks were well-calculated,” Gu Du Xing explained, “These are merely external injuries. He will suffer a few days of pain at the most. The suffering would be endless. But, he hasn’t sustained any grave injuries…

“It’s just that… his ribs are somewhat in trouble. Coyote said that they have broken. But, I have checked. They haven’t. But, I don’t know what method was used that his ribs have become very soft. Two of his ribs have joined together into one… I’m afraid he would have to suffer a lot of pain if we try to separate them.”

Gu Du Xing was somewhat bewildered since he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“This guy is too much… could you not ask that woman to wait for a moment since I wasn’t here? But, you just had to raise your head for me, and take the blame in my place!” Chu Yang let out a sigh. But, he felt warm in his heart. [My brother would prefer to be beaten up or killed… But, he would still take the blow in my place…]

“I will have a look at coyote’s injuries. Wu Shang, you handle the matter that we discussed earlier, and tell Du Xing what to do.” Chu Yang squatted down. He channelled his spiritual power to his palm, and started to permeate through Luo Ke Di’s body.

Luo Ke Di mischievously laughed, “It’s not necessary, Big Brother. I would have let you come if I had known that she wanted to beat you so badly… ha ha, this feeling is very unpleasant. Ahwooh…”

“Shut up! Even such heavy injuries can’t keep your mouth shut…” Chu Yang mocked him in a happy mood. [Playing the clown all the time has become this guy’s habit…]

He took out an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations pill from his bosom. He then made this guy open his mouth, and stuffed the pill in. After that, he waited for the medicinal efficacies to circulate in his whole body. Then, he suddenly put his hands on Luo Ke Di’s chest. And, he separated his two ribs with a ‘snap’ sound.

“Oh my fu*k~~~” Luo Ke Di bellowed in pain. He was sweating all over his face, “… Good~ I feel good!”

The brothers couldn’t help but burst into laughter at once.

Chu Yang glared at him in a strict manner. Then, he carefully examined him again. And, he discovered that Luo Ke Di didn’t have any other major injury. The other spots had only suffered small dislocations; nothing more…

Luo Ke Di exercised a few times. Then, he hopped up, and landed on the tip of his toes. He twisted his body a few times. Then, he moved his ankles. He couldn’t help but click his tongue in wonder, “There is no pain… it’s so strange… what a pity…”

“What’s the pity in this?” Ji Mo slanted his eyes and asked.

Luo Ke Di put on a mourning look on his face, “Motherfu*ker, how come my feet don’t hurt? It would’ve been good if they still hurt…”

“Why?” Dong Wu Shang was also somewhat puzzled. [He didn’t want his injuries to be healed?]

“I wouldn’t have to carry five-hundred kilograms of weight on my back tomorrow and run on the journey if my feet were still to hurt…” Luo Ke Di replied in a disappointed manner, “I could just ride on a horse. I would very much enjoy seeing you guy carry a mountain on your backs while I’d drink wine and eat meat on my ride. In fact, I would’ve even cheered for you guys to make extra effort…”

His voice hadn’t even faded, and Dong Wu Shang and Ji Mo had landed beside him to greet him with kicks and punches…

These brothers had turned into a lot in no time…

…. ….

Mo Tian Yun proceeded on his journey at the fastest possible speed. He was leading the experts of his clan as he gloomily rushed towards his own clan. Mo Tian Ji was also rushing wildly towards the clan from some other direction.

This would be the first time in history that these brothers would return home at the same time!

Mo Tian Yun had been out of luck throughout the whole journey. To the extent that he became so twitchy that he wanted to kill someone…

And, that was because everyone thought that Mo Tian Yun had deliberately given out false information to manipulate the gambling on Mt. Dingjun since Gu Du Xing seemingly hadn’t sustained any injuries…

[Motherfu*ker! Mo Tian Yun gave out false information! And, he’s himself a banker. God knows how much profit he has earned in this gambling…]

Mo Tian Yun was penniless at this time, but he had become filthy rich in the eyes of people! In fact, he was like an incomparably fat cash-cow in their eyes. The anger of being deceived, coupled with the greed of wealth, had made a disastrous mixture…

Mo Tian Yun had met seven or eight groups of people who had blocked his way, and had tried to rob him on his journey.

This had made Mo Tian Yun vomit out blood.

In addition, another rumor had slowly spread in the Middle Three Heavens, and this one had made Mo Tian Yun’s mood even gloomier. In fact, his misery had reached a point where only suicide could save him…

Young Master Tu Qian Hao of Tu Clan had announced a reward in the Middle Three Heavens – Young Master Tu would bestow a reward of 10 million on the person who would catch Mo Tian Yun!

This price couldn’t be considered as ‘low’. And, it had caused Young Master Mo Tian Yun even more difficulty on his journey.

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