Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 504: Crap, I Made a Fortune!

Chapter 504: Crap, I Made a Fortune!

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“What happened?” Chu Yang thought, [Don’t tell me Mo Tian Yun took action so quickly? He went back to steal the saber so fast? And, Mo Tian Ji exploited this opportunity?]

These thoughts went through Chu Yang’s head. Chu Yang hadn’t thought that the matter of the Mo Clan would be so enormous that it would exceed his own expectations.

His original plan was – [To exploit the time when Mo Tian Yun would go to steal the saber. It would provoke a conflict between the Great Elder Mo Wu Xin and Mo Tian Yun. And, Mo Tian Ji would grab this opportunity. Moreover, Mo Tian Yun had almost dissipated the entire property of the Mo Clan. So, this would’ve been a fatal strike.]

[Of course, Mo Tian Ji would’ve still sent over the ‘Dream of a Gentle Dance’ saber. And, that’s because the saber belongs to Mo Qing Wu!]

Mo Qing Wu also heard the name of the Mo Clan. And, her tender body shivered at this. She couldn’t help but expose expression of fright in her eyes. And, her petite body unconsciously leant on Chu Yang.

“The Mo Clan has started a new day. Mo Tian Yun has already died. Mo Wu Xin is also dead. Mo Xing Chen has abdicated his responsibilities. Mo Tian Ji has become the thirteenth Clan Lord of the Mo Clan…!” Gu Du Xing took a breath. He tried to control the shock that he felt in his heart as he read out the contents of the letter.

The letter he had just received suddenly sent a shiver down his spine. Everything was clear until now.

That’s because Gu Du Xing thoroughly understood why such tremendous changes had occurred in the Mo Clan… [The main cause of disaster is sitting in front of me. It is my own Big Brother!]

Chu Yang had planned everything by himself. He had compelled Mo Tian Yun into a desperate situation. And, he had planned everything very vividly in his mind.

First, he effortlessly put out 300 million to show-off that he could throw away money in a casual manner. After that, he deliberately enticed the greedy heart of Mo Tian Yun. Then, he put on an indifferent appearance even though he had a large amount of money in his pocket. He was perfectly aware that Mo Tian Yun couldn’t produce such a vast amount of money under such circumstances. Then, he provoked him by his words, and lured him with an easy chance to make profits. This made Mo Tian Yun mortgage the properties of his clan. Then, Mo Tian Yun stepped into tragedy that he couldn’t turn his head from.

Chu Yang used unfathomable methods during the gambling, and turned around that lost battle!

Then, he relentlessly pushed-back Mo Tian Yun in order to pressure him once the gambling had come to an end. He wasn’t the least bit lenient towards him. Mo Tian Yun’s ego got shattered into pieces, and he was humiliated. Moreover, he was under pressure because of Young Master Yu. And, Mo Tian Yun was forced against a corner as a result…

Therefore, Mo Tian Yun was eventually left with only one hope –‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance’ saber!

However, who would’ve thought that Mo Tian Yun would end up treading on the path of his ruin because of this last hope that he thought he had…

The Mo Clan would certainly punish him if he were to pay-off the debt with sincerity. But, they would still have to pay-off the debts of their Young Clan Lord. The clan may have removed him from the position of the Young Clan Lord after he had made his clan lose a fortune, but the Mo Clan would’ve had to clench their teeth and acknowledge this debt.

However, Chu Yang had clearly understood Mo Tian Yun’s nature. [Why would I take such pains to collect the money if one saber can off-set everything…?]

Therefore, Mo Tian Yun’s tragedy was inevitable…

Chu Yang’s plan had basically paved a fairly spacious road which had lead Mo Tian Yun to hell. And, Mo Tian Yun had no other choice but to walk forward on that road.

But, the only somewhat-unexpected thing was that… Mo Tian Yun had walked on this road so quickly…

Chu Yang had only showed him a part of the road that could lead him to hell. But, Mo Tian Yun had unexpectedly advanced on it triumphantly, and had fallen right off the bridge…

Mo Tian Ji had explained everything concerning the Mo Clan in the letter; he hadn’t concealed anything. And, the words written in that letter had exposed the frightful truth.

Mo Qing Wu listened to everything, and her entire body turned cold. She trembled and squeezed into Chu Yang’s bosom. And, she still continued to shiver thereafter…

[Who could’ve imagined that such inhuman people were hidden in the clan where I grew up? And, I was also one of the victims of such people’s acts!]

[I would still have been a victim if I hadn’t been lucky and met Elder Brother Chu Yang…]

Mo Qing Wu’s complexion turned deathly pale as these thoughts crossed her mind.

“This is very ruthless…” Chu Yang listened to the courses of events. He remained silent for a long while. And, he said these few words after a good while. He had never expected that Mo Tian Yun could be this insane…

“This Mo Wu Xin… was the main culprit!” Chu Yang gently snapped his fingers, and spoke in a dark mood, “This old bastard! He caused so much harm to Qing Wu… but, he has died an easy death! And, Mo Tian Yun also died in an easy way…”

“Easy?” Cold sweat seeped out from the sleeves of Ji Mo, Gu Du Xing, and others. Luo Ke Di forced a smile, “Big Brother… this is the most, most, most ruthless way to die. You could’ve chopped him into pieces one by one, but even such a dragged-out death wouldn’t be cruel-enough in comparison to this one, ah!”

Gu Du Xing also believed the same thing, “The biological grandfather put his heart out, and fostered his grandson for a lifetime. However, his great efforts and meticulous care went in vain. Moreover, he got killed by the hands of his own biological grandson the moment he was on the verge of succeeding!

“The grandson killed his own grandfather whilst not being aware of the truth… Such a tragedy that’s linked so directly with human relationships is the worst kind that exists! It’s true that Mo Tian Yun deserved the most tragic end. But, he got to know the truth before he died. Perhaps… his soul will never be able to rest in peace…”

Dong Wu Shang thought for a while. Then, he deeply sighed and said, “It was certainly miserable… but, Big Brother only wanted that saber, and didn’t want him to kill his own biological grandfather. That Mo Tian Yun was so crazy and ridiculous that he reacted spontaneously without giving things a thought… This wasn’t Big Brother’s plan in reality!”

“Such pathetic people deserve hell!” Chu Yang profoundly spoke-up, “Mo Tian Yun was unworthy of sympathy. Mo Wu Xin didn’t deserve any mercy either. But, this matter teaches us about one thing. You must remember this…”

The brothers listened attentively in unison…

“No matter what time comes… no matter what impasse we find ourselves in… we mustn’t take blind risks out of desperation. We must think again and again before we act. There would always be a way to survive in the impasse — this is the rule of the world. We must be careful because the destruction that follows wouldn’t be limited only to ourselves alone.” Chu Yang heavily continued, “We brothers are the men of the same goal. So, a slight change can affect everything else…”

He didn’t speak any further. He only sighed softly.

It was as if a flame had suddenly glinted and illuminated the dark and solemn faces of these brothers. They profoundly pondered over this point, and it seemed as if they had realized something…

Mo Qing Wu’s body shuddered with a rustling sound in Chu Yang’s bosom. She still hadn’t emerged from the post-traumatic stress of this matter.

Chu Yang tightened his arms, and hugged her tightly. Then, he softly whispered, “Don’t worry! It’s in the past now.”

Mo Qing Wu gently nodded. She then shrank in his bosom. She felt the powerful arms of Chu Yang, and gradually felt safe in his arms.

It was written in Mo Tian Ji’s letter that ‘Dreaming of a Gentle Dance’ saber would always belong to her. But, Mo Qing Wu didn’t feel very happy because of this. She was genuinely very fond of the saber. But, she only liked that saber because Elder Brother Chu Yang had given it to her.

And, Elder Brother Chu Yang was at her side at this time… so, it didn’t matter whether she had the saber or not…

[Humph! Elder Brother Chu Yang is a lot better than that saber…]

“Big Brother, do you know that your influence has already overstepped the ordinary clans even though you’ve just arrived in the Middle Three Heavens?” Gu Du Xing smiled. He raised the letter in his hand and said, “Mo Tian Ji has written this letter to me. But, it’s meant for you to read in reality.

“Mo Tian Ji’s intentions are very clear. He wants to form a strong alliance with you from here on! Therefore, he wants to work together with every clan that is related to you! He wants the same even with Luo Clan… despite the fact that they have always been their enemy. And, this is because of your influence, Big Brother.” Gu Du Xing laughed out loud.

“Correct! Mo Tian Ji is the Clan Lord of the Mo Clan now. This means that he stands by our side along with the Mo Clan. The Gu Clan doesn’t have any objection either. The Second Master Ji is standing right here as well. And, there won’t be any difficulty with our Ji Clan either. Second Master Luo is here… This bastard obviously can’t represent anything. But, the Luo Clan is very unlikely to become our enemy in this regard. And, it’s the same for the Dong Clan…”

Ji Mo excitedly said, “Big Brother… is alone equal to three big clans…”

Chu Yang faintly smiled. He spoke-up in a pensive manner, “You forgot about the Huyan Clan. Young Lady Aobo is no less than us men, ah.”

Ji Mo blushed. He then mischievously laughed. He then continued in an infatuated manner, “Speaking of which… Bobo will surely listen to me. She is such a tender and virtuous lady. She also reeks of a sense of security…”

Everyone moved their eyes away. Then, they laughed heartily.

Next day… early in the morning…

They hadn’t left for their journey yet. Young Clan Lord Xie Dan Qiong of the Xie Clan came to see them at a gallop. He had come to look for Chu Yang.

“Brother Chu, our Xie Clan’s place is some distance away up ahead. You might want to stay over there for two days. Let me do the honors.” Xie Dan Qiong pleasantly smiled.

Everyone understood the reason behind this hospitality. He clearly wanted to settle the debt without any delay. After all, Xie Dan Qiong was a very proud and arrogant man. So, it was very difficult for him to bear the fact that he owed someone something…

And, Xie Dan Qiong’s arrival was the proof that he had already agreed to that business deal Chu Yang had previously put forward.

“Of course, I would gladly accept Brother Xie’s offer!” Chu Yang gladly welcomed the offer.

[This is exactly what I wanted, ah!]

It had been quite a while since the Sword Point of the Nine Tribulation Sword had gobbled-up anything. It wanted those huge piles of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and Mysterious Yang Jade that were kept in the Nine Tribulation Space. So, it was in a confrontation with the Sword Spirit since the Sword Spirit didn’t want it to plunder them. And, both parties had been in a deadlock as a result…

Xie Dan Qiong had arrived at the right moment. His arrival was like a help in the hour of need…

Xie Dan Qiong was obviously very glad as well because he had gotten a big bargain. [Twenty percent higher than the market price! This… is a huge profit, ah! I will recruit many experts using this money. My clan’s influence would be enhanced very greatly, ah…]

[One gets such a charity once in a lifetime, ah… This newly rich King of Hell Chu is willing to spend money like this. How many such people can be found in the entire Middle Three Heavens? I have no time to lose since the time that passes never comes back. I must sell the stock that has been piled up in my clan this entire time…]

Xie Dan Qiong was very excited. In fact, he would’ve shouted out loud if it weren’t to maintain secrecy, [This fool has a lot of money… come fast!]

Xie Dan Qiong was obviously unaware that Chu Yang didn’t value the so-called ‘gold and silver’. In fact, these golden and silver notes were inferior to toilet paper in King of Hell Chu’s eyes.

The primary and most important thing in Chu Yang’s life was to upgrade the strength of the Nine Tribulation Sword!

Both of them were wearing smiles on their faces, but they had dark feelings in their hearts. Both of them believed that they had landed a big bargain. But, it was hard to say which of them had actually made the bigger profit.

The welcoming ceremony conducted by the Xie Clan was so grand that it had seemed as if the God of Wealth himself had arrived. King of hell Chu enthusiastically exchanged conventional greetings at first. And, he then looked at this mountain of gold like a greedy wolf. After that, he leisurely entered the secret treasure-house of the Xie Clan that contained an inheritance of nearly a millennium…

[Crap! I made a fortune!!]

Xie Dan Qiong and Chu Yang howled like a wolf in their hearts!

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