Transcending the Nine Heavens

Chapter 505: Deal! Deal! All Deals Are Finalized!

Chapter 505: Deal! Deal! All Deals Are Finalized!

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In the hall…

Gu Du Xing and the others ate and drank to their heart’s content. These brothers didn’t hold back to enjoy the hospitality of the Xie Clan. Instead, they gulped down a bellyful of wine and meat. In fact, they weren’t even worried that Elder Brother Chu had gone alone along with Xie Dan Qiong…

Mo Qing Wu was the only one who wasn’t eating much. She had only eaten a few mouthfuls. She looked in the direction in which Chu Yang had left. [Is Elder Brother Chu Yang not hungry?]

A red and energetic shadow suddenly came over along with the sounds of hurried footsteps. This individual then shouted out loud, “Luo Ke Di!”

Luo Ke Di got startled. He had just scooped up soup in his spoon. And, he spilled half of it on his lapel. [Oh shoot! Oh no! I forgot about this matter… I forgot to tell this to Big Brother.]

This person was Xie Dan Feng!

She came walking-in at a fast pace. She then put her hands on her hips and asked, “Where is that ugly man?”

“Eh?” Luo Ke Di was at a loss for words.

“That one… Didn’t you say that he’s your brother?” Xie Dan Feng showed an anxious appearance, “Why hasn’t that bastard shown his appearance for such a long time?”

Luo Ke Di replied while stammering, “I… don’t know this.” He noticed that the other brothers were looking at him very curiously. So, Luo Ke Di had no other choice but to tell them what had happened on that day.

No one expected that they would hear the words ‘Chu Yang’s Junior Brother Tan Tan’. They then suddenly exposed an expression that reflected their curiosity. And, they started to interrogate in a hurried and curious manner.

“Really? Does he really look ugly…”

“I have heard that he’s a narcissist?”

“Is he that fu*king awesome?”

Luo Ke Di exposed a ‘painful’ expression, and it seemed as if he was trying to recollect the memories of past events. He then replied in a weak tone, “You’ll understand when you see… I don’t want to talk anymore. Now that I remember him… I don’t feel hungry anymore…”

Xie Dan Feng laughed out loud. She didn’t evade them. Instead, she sat down with them. Then, she gulped down wine, and ate meat while laughing and talking with everyone. She quickly mingled with the group.

Ji Mo secretly pondered in his heart, [This Young Miss’s nature is similar to that of Bobo’s. It seems that this Tan Tan is a kindred spirit like me…] Thereafter, his mood got so good that he drank-up three cups of wine in quick succession.

The clan members of the Xie Clan who were attending to the guests looked at each other in dismay. They thought, [These brothers are so careless. Their Big Brother went with our Young Master to discuss business. And, they aren’t even worried…? Don’t they know that Eldest Young Master Xie Dan Qiong is famous as an expert of monitory calculations…?]

They obviously didn’t know that Gu Du Xing and the others were genuinely not worried…

There was no doubt that Xie Dan Qiong was an expert of monitory calculations. But, what chance did this so-called ‘golden abacus’ stand in front of Chu Yang?

“Brother Chu, look here. This is the compensation that our clan has arranged for repaying the debt of gambling.” Xie Dan Qiong pointed towards a pile of rare metals, and showed them to Chu Yang. His third uncle Xie Qing Mo and his forth uncle Xie Qing Yan were standing behind him. Both of them were highly experienced businessmen. In fact, they were the ones who had arranged this. They had also arranged many auctions of rare and precious goods. And, they would obviously decide the prices of the items in these auctions as well.

Chu Yang looked at the chunks of Extraterrestrial Meteorites, Underworld Cold Iron, Star Iron, Cold Gold…

They were in great abundance, and were available in all sizes. In fact, there must’ve been 25 or 26 chunks of every item.

The estimated value of these items must have been more than 500 million. It seemed that Xie Clan had a good mastery of trade, and knew how to please Chu Yang. They definitely wouldn’t disappoint Chu Yang.

“It’s pretty good. Xie Clan is very large and influential! I want all these.” Chu Yang said in a low voice, “The approximate value of these things must be 550 million taels. This should be the current market price.”

Xie Qing Mo and Xie Qing Yan looked at each other as soon as Chu Yang spoke out this figure. They saw the look of affirmation in each other’s eyes. [He is correct. The finalized market price of these things should be this; it can be ten million up and down! This King of Hell Chu has a very sharp vision!]

Chu Yang thought for a moment, “I promised you… 20% higher than the market price. Therefore, I will give you one-hundred million for these.”

He took out golden notes worth one-hundred million as he said this, and handed them over to Xie Dan Qiong on the spot.

Xie Dan Qiong’s hands were continuously shaking, “Brother Chu, you have been grateful enough to extend the time limit. Moreover… my Xie Clan will be very ashamed to do business with you again if I sell you this stuff at this price. Please, Brother Chu Yang, keep it.”

Chu Yang replied with a smile, “Brother Xie, you also know this… and I’ve already told you that a man never goes back on his word! Does Brother Xie think that I am a nasty man who doesn’t live up to his promises?”

Xie Dan Qiong’s face filled with a helpless look. He then looked towards his third uncle.

Xie Dan Mo slowly nodded and said, “The Young Clan Lord shouldn’t decline since Brother Chu has such frank mindset. There will be ample time to show hospitality later…”

Xie Dan Qiong forced a smile and said, “So, I will gladly accept it in that case.”

Chu Yang laughed out loud and patted his shoulder. He thought, [How would I be able to entice you further to show me more good stuff if I don’t let you make a profit from the get go?] He said, “Brother Xie, no need to be so polite. I have this mindset regarding money. So, these are just a bunch of numbers and nothing more. They really don’t matter to me.”

The eyes of Xie Qing Mo and Xie Qing Yan lit-up when they heard these words.

Xie Dan Qiong issued an order, and called several people to come in. He ordered them to wrap the things that Chu Yang had chosen, and asked them to be sent to the camp of the Gu Clan.

“This place is quite big.” Chu Yang looked at this warehouse where these rare metals were stored. Then, he insipidly said.

“Of course… as it should be.” Xie Qing Mo showed a somewhat affectionate expression. He then said, “Minister Chu, our Xie Clan has been stocking up these items for many years. We can further collaborate if Minister is interested.”

Chu Yang’s eyes lit-up. And, he replied in high spirits, “Really? Then, I would like to plunder a lot today. Ha ha ha…”

The nephew Xie Dan Qiong and his uncles laughed heartily as well. Xie Dan Qiong said, “If Minister Chu sees anything… and fancies it… then consider it yours!”

The four of them started to laugh heartily. All of them were extremely happy.

Chu Yang thought, [I expect that you will live up to your words. It seems that I would be returning with a load of treasures from this journey. I said that I will plunder… do you genuinely think that it will be that simple?]

Xie Qing Mo thought, [I expect that you will live up to your words. Do you think that you are going to plunder us? We are going to plunder your pocket instead…]

“Minister Chu, please come here. Please!” Xie Qing Mo politely pulled Chu Yang and brought him over to the front of a thick shelf, “Minister Chu, look at this item. What do you think about it?”

“Seems like a good item!” Chu Yang’s eyes brightened up. It was a chunk of an unusual item that had a lot of holes on its surface. It sparkled and released a faint cold light that could make anyone heartbeats race. It was neither gold nor stone. It was only the size of a person’s head, but it was exceptionally heavy. In fact, it had pressed down the iron shelf to an extent that the shelf was a little bent…

The Nine Tribulation Sword cheered up inside his Dantian. In fact, it flipped over, and somersaulted in his Dantian. This flared up Chu Yang’s determination to take this item even more…

“This thing is a chunk of Extraterrestrial Meteor Iron. It is also known as ‘Thirty Thousand Lives’.” Xie Qing Mo smiled and further introduced, “This thing came flying from beyond the heavens three hundred years ago, and fell on the earth. Its shock waves affected the entire mountain range, and turned it upside down. Thirty-thousand people within the radius of 250 kilometers lost their lives due to the impact of its shock waves!”

Then, Xie Qing Yan continued, “This thing was as big as a house back then. It was flaming and burning like the sun. After that, we sent our men, and asked them to wait for it to cool down. Then, they smashed over and over on the surface of this burning thing with sledgehammers. This big chunk was exposed from the inside of it… Look at these holes. They are actually burn-marks from that time.”

“Great!” Chu Yang touched the item. Then, he exerted his wrist, and held this ‘Thirty Thousand Lives’ in his hand. He felt his wrist fiercely pushed down by the weight of this item. However, he urged his strength, and managed to hold it firmly.

“We don’t know what this thing is. But, it is heavy, wonderful, and matchless! Only this person’s head-sized piece weighs more than 2500 kilograms!”

Xie Dan Qiong looked at this unusual item.

The name of this item seemed to be like a thrown-out bluff. But, it was extremely solid. In fact, it was nearly indestructible. The Xie Clan had kept it this entire time, but they didn’t know the use of this item. Chu Yang had come here at this moment. So, the first thing they thought was to sell out this ‘trash’ to him.

“This a good item! I want this!” Chu Yang nodded in satisfaction, “Brother Xie, please tell me the price of this.”

Chu Yang didn’t know what this thing was. But, he knew one thing… [It can make the Nine Tribulation Sword react. So, it has to be a good thing! The important thing to note is that the Nine Tribulation Sword moves lazily even when it spots Star Iron, Nightmare Steel and other items. But, it somersaulted for this chunk of Extraterrestrial Meteoric Iron… So, it’s obvious that this thing is very precious.]

Xie Dan Qiong looked at this item, and discussed with his uncles. Then, he said, “Brother Chu, we don’t know what the use of this thing is. So, we don’t know its price. Moreover, it has never appeared in the market. So, there’s no market value to have a reference with. You see… how about ten million taels?”

These three men had discussed the price of this thing. And, they had decided it to be ten million taels. It was neither too high, nor too low. But, it wasn’t meager either. They wanted to show the sincerity of the Xie Clan. But, they didn’t wish to suffer a loss either.

One must know that the Xie Clan had spent up to a million in silver taels for the manpower and physical resources to retrieve this Extraterrestrial Meteoric Iron. But, that was three-hundred years ago.

“Very well! So, it’s a deal then!” Chu Yang straightforwardly said, “I will add two million taels to make that twenty-percent higher than the market price.” He effortlessly took out golden notes to pay for the item.

King of Hell Chu was filthy rich at the moment. And, this was the perfect annotation of that!

This chunk clearly wasn’t worth just ten million taels. After all, it had made the Nine Tribulation Sword somersault. So, Chu Yang would’ve even paid one-hundred-and-twenty million to get it. In fact, Chu Yang would’ve bought it even if it were to have costed him his entire net worth!

Xie Dan Qiong and the other two felt relieved. Then, they exposed a smile, “Brother Chu is very frank and straightforward.”

[This guy is really rich, ah… he flung twelve million in the blink of an eye without knowing anything about this thing…]

Xie Dan Qiong accepted the money amidst their conversation. He then called over a few people to lift that item and take it outside.

“I don’t need to introduce this thing over here, right?” Xie Dan Qiong mischievously smiled as he pointed out to a chunk of mild-red rare item.

“Red Cloud Steel! It is a good item!” A bright light flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes. [There was a big chunk of this item in the Iron Cloud Imperial Palace. This one is also as big as that one. It is genuinely a precious thing.]

“How about a hundred million for this one?” Xie Dan Qiong said.

“Alright! One-hundred million plus twenty million!” Chu Yang readily complied.

“This is a piece of Nightmare Steel…”

“Deal is done!”

“This is a piece of Nine Hells Iron!”


“This is a piece of…”


“This is…”




They walked past thirteen or fourteen shelves in this manner. The shelves had started to look empty like anything. In fact, they looked desolate. Minister Chu had purchased everything right away!

He was like a rag-picker. He would take anything as long as he found it useful. Anyway, the Xie Clan had arranged these items here. So, how could they possibly be ordinary?

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