Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 403 International Arrest Warrant

“Wow. Harry, I think there’s good news for you.” Chuck’s strange-looking eyes made Harry frown in confusion.

“Hey, what happened?” He stepped forward and asked anxiously.

Chuck checked and re-checked several times, then confirmed, “Mr. Si, Lola is pregnant with a twin. Congratulations.” But one of the placenta was so small that it wouldn’t show in the picture if not for the advanced equipment. Medical technology has been so advanced nowadays.

Harry stared at Lola’s belly in shock and amazement. He could hardly believe that there were two babies inside her!

The sudden news also caught Lola by surprise… That’s incredible! She will be having a twin!

“Great! So that expensive machine will be yours soon!” Harry tried to calm himself down, but he just can’t stop himself from smiling.

Chuck stared discontentedly at Harry. It was the first time that he had seen him so happy! In fact, he should be happy about this deal. The machine worth over 100 million yuan, and later it would be his. It will be very helpful for the hospital and for his work! More importantly, there were only two set of machines of this kind in the world. That was how rare and expensive it was. And one of them was to be his. That should fill his heart with so much joy!

But he somehow felt jealous at the sight of the happy couple, especially Harry.

Then he remembered Daisy. He curled his lips and determined to find some trouble for the happy man in front of him.

Chuck then left after changing the medicine prescription for Lola’s arm.

Harry led Chuck to the ground floor and asked him, “How long has she been pregnant?” Harry put on a very caring and thoughtful face.

Chuck understood what he meant immediately. He answered, “Twelve weeks. But you can’t have sex with her until the embryo is five months old. Remember that.” Nah. He wouldn’t let Harry fulfill his cruel and selfish wishes.

But the practice nurse beside Chuck put in confusingly, “Doctor Chuck, pregnant women can have sex after the first three months, can’t they? You told that to me yourself.”

… Chuck cast a glare at her, then answered angrily, “Yes. You are right. In some other cases, maybe…”

Harry smirked and said, “I will tell the driver to send you back. Come here every 15th of the month. Lola should be regularly checked up.” He knew Chuck was trying to play tricks on him. But now he saw right through it.

“Your wife is all right. I don’t have to visit her regularly

Falling from nobility, Zen Luo became a humble slave and served as a human punchbag for his former cousins. Inadvertently, he found a way to refine himself into a weapon and a legend started because of that. With a strong belief in never surrender, he strove for revenges and pursued big dreams. Warriors from various clans contended for hegemony and the world was stirred. Relying on the body that was comparable to a powerful weapon, Zen beat his numerous enemies on his way to the immortality. Would he succeed eventually?

as fled from C Country already. The UN has issued an international arrest warrant to hunt him down.

They have also deployed police in Mando Bay. He would be arrested once he came back.

Lola felt bored at home, so she drove to be with Lillian who was also in C Country.

Considering recent security problems, Harry stepped up the protection for Lola. So Lola’s car was always surrounded by several guard cars. There were cars trailing her wherever she went.

In Joseph’s apartment, Lola played with her niece joyfully.

“Shel, Aunt Lola is here to see you!” Joseph named his daughter after Shel, though Lillian had other thoughts in mind. But she couldn’t do anything since Joseph was really persistent with the name.

Lillian poured for her a cup of juice and asked in a worried tone, “Is Nicole doing well in the new school?” She always wanted to see Nicole in her spare time. But she was too shy to come alone as Lola was not in C Country before.

Lola sipped the juice and answered, “She is good. I don’t spend much time with her recently as she always stays at the old house.” Harry’s grandfather liked Nicole so much that he wanted to see her practically every day. He loved her so much!

And she was pregnant now. So she left Nicole in the old house to keep Harry’s grandfather company.

“When’s the wedding ceremony?” Lillian asked curiously and sat down beside her.

Lola thought for a while, then remembered the date Harry told her. She answered, “It is on the early weeks of August. August 8th.” With the unfortunate wedding incident that happened last time, she hoped the wedding could go smoothly this time around.

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