Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 405 Confront Harry Face to Face

After they went down the apartment, Harry handed the keys of Lola’s car to one of her bodyguards and asked him to drive her car back. Then he took Lola into his car.

As soon as they were inside the black Lamborghini, Harry sarcastically asked her, “Did you enjoy your hot pot?” Harry asked Lola in a cold voice while driving the car. Lola shouldn’t have eaten such things now that she was pregnant. Harry thought in dismay.

Lola nodded determinedly and replied, “Yes, it was so delicious! Do you want to have hot pot, too? I can take you to a restaurant tomorrow.” Then she added, “You can eat it in a mildly spicy recipe.” In order to let Harry accompany her to eat hot pot, she was willing to give up her favorite flavor of super spicy hot pot.

Harry smiled gently and replied, “You are thinking too much!” When he heard his words, Lola was disappointed.

She glanced at Harry, grinding her teeth in anger. “I think we are not suitable to each other in every aspect, whether in personality, hobbies, or even on the food that we eat!”

“But I think we are perfectly matched in every aspect, especially when… we are…” He smirked and whispered seductively to her ears.

With this, Lola blushed immediately and pinched Harry’s waist. She reminded him, “Don’t be such a bad influence to the babies, Harry! You should do some prenatal education!”

Prenatal Education? Harry raised his eyebrows and said, “It is too early to do that now.” He estimated that the babies inside Lola’s belly were still as big as little flesh balls. It was too early for them to receive prenatal education.

Harry then stopped the car at the gate of the mansion.

He went to Lola’s seat and carried her to help her to the mansion.

“Put me down. I can walk by myself. Thank you.” Lola protested. She didn’t like to be spoiled at all. She haven’t walked a lot after she finished her dinner. The hot pot was not digested in her stomach yet. She should walk first.

“Honey, don’t move. I got you.” She was now the focus of all his attention. He wanted to make sure that she was safe every minute.

…. Lola became so speechless. She didn’t move. But she thought that Harry was too wary. Maybe he was overreacting. Ever since Lola became pregnant, he would not let her walk by herself…

Harry put her down at the door of one of their bedrooms in the second floor. He opened the door and walked in while still holding Lola’s hands.

On the desk of the room, there lay their 5-inch wedding photos. A tape was also right there.

He stuck the tape at the back of the photos. Every time he finished sticking the tape to a photo, he handed it to Lola for her to sti

“Do you know what you did wrong? It’s alright if you just wanted to own me. But you should not have helped Molly leave me!”

When Brian learns the truth, there is no chance for Hannah to win his heart.

Molly, who wants to run away from Brian, seems to be the only one to blame for Hannah’s misfortune…

and now was the day when Lola should go to Chuck’s place for a check-up.

Harry was very busy in his company. He didn’t have time to accompany her to the hospital today.

Inside the examination room, a nurse stood beside the bed and looked at Chuck who was skillfully operating the medical equipment.

A few minutes later, Chuck said, “Okay, everything is fine. That’s good news.” It was time to completely open his angry fire on Harry. Chuck thought.

He turned off the equipment and took out a stack of files he had previously prepared and handed them to Lola. Lola was getting up from the bed right then.

“What’s this?” Lola asked suspiciously.

A slow sly smile was creeping around the corners of Chuck’s lips. He said, “I’m leaving now. Just check the files by yourself. Take good care of yourself, Lola.” Harry, watch and see what will happen to you! Chuck thought secretly in his mind.

SL Group

A red Maybach stopped at the gates of the company, attracting many people’s attention.

From the car came out Lola in a white and black trousers and a pair of white high heels. Many people turned their heads to gaze at her undeniable beauty.

Lola was only wearing light makeup. “Bam!” She angrily slammed the door and walked towards the building in her stilettos.

The receptionist saw that Miss Li was coming. She immediately greeted her. But she hesitated for a while when she sensed the angry expression in Lola’s face.

What happened to Miss Li? She looked so upset. The receptionist wondered.

When she came back to her senses, the receptionist immediately pressed the elevator button for Lola.

“Thank you.” Lola said emotionlessly to the girl. She grasped firmly at the portfolio in her hands. She was ready to confront Harry face to face!

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