Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 407 I’ll Give You My Wallet Now On

“You did that in order for her to be with Chuck? I don’t believe you!” She didn’t believe him. She tried to shake off from his grip and walked towards the door of the boardroom.

Harry embraced her and said, “Don’t you know that Chuck has feelings for you?” Didn’t she see that? It was obvious!

… “Chuck loves me?” Lola was confused. She was stunned. He said he would chase after her. But she thought he was just joking. At that time, it was just impossible.

He would sometimes help her annoy Harry. But she didn’t think that he was that serious.

“Is that true? Or it this just Harry’s excuse for him to escape from her anger?” Lola was having some doubts in her mind. “All right. Let’s divorce then and I’ll be with him.”

“Honey, you really shouldn’t take divorce lightly.” Harry warned her. Now that he had remarried her, he would never break up with her again. That was his promise to her.

“Don’t try to throw me off. Let me go! Harry you damn bastard! You won’t get away with this!” Lola bit him on his arm to force him to let her go. But he didn’t.

“OK. I’m a bastard. But I did all these just for you! Only by doing this can I shift his attention from you. I’m sorry. Okay?” He looked at Lola and uttered these sincere words from the bottom of his heart.

Lola thought it made sense. She calmed down a bit.

Harry felt relieved.

Lola said, “That doesn’t work either. How can you still spend money on other women? Is that right? You already have a family, Harry.” She glared at him. She thought it was unfair.

… Harry chuckled to himself and said to Lola, “Honey, it’s all my fault. I won’t spend a penny on that woman anymore. I promise.” He would invest everything he has for Lola, Nicole, and the twin.

She pushed him away and said, “Sorry, Mr. Si. I won’t believe in you anymore. You have lied to me again.” Lola let him know how it felt to be betrayed.

Lola opened the door and walked outside. Harry ran after her with the portfolio in his hands.

The assistant in the 22nd floor was so shocked by the scene that Boss Si was

Jean Wen sacrificed herself for family interests. Before her husband divorced her, she made every effort to please him.

“You are inexperienced in bed,” he said coldly.

“You! Give that land to my family, or I won’t agree to divorce,” Jean replied furiously.

“Fine. It is exactly what I am thinking about,” he sneered.

girl he had slept with. He should be more mature!

Chuck knew Harry did this. He just didn’t anticipate that he would make a response that fast.

He guessed that Lola probably gave him so much trouble. Ha-ha…

“Boy, don’t play dead! Speak up!” He took a look at his phone. It was still connected to the call. Alas! His grandson was always less talkative and eccentric.

He knew his grandson was obsessive about cleanliness and was strict with women. Now there was a girl he was willing to sleep with. Why didn’t they get married as soon as possible?

“Grandpa, I’ve talked to her about this. She refused to marry me. It’s not my fault!” Chuck felt annoyed when he thought of how that woman kicked and fought with him. She was a difficult person to deal with!

His grandson was refused by a woman. That was really beyond belief. So the woman wasn’t with him for money and status. They must get married, then! “Chuck, I’ll give you one week to solve this problem, or I will beat you to death.” He slammed his crutch onto the ground as he said this to Chuck.

Chuck was annoyed and for a moment, he regretted that he offended Harry. He must be so in love that he accepted Lola’s request of helping her fool Harry. He should have been more careful about his actions.

A director was controlled and beat up by his grandfather who was in a crutch! How awkward that was!

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