Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 408 Get Lost

“I know, grandpa. I’ll try!”

“What an ungrateful woman! Do I really have to use violence? Well, so what if she knows Kung Fu?? I can do surgery! I’m still better!” He thought to himself.

In the LN Cafe

Several pieces of A4 paper were placed in front of Daisy. She clearly saw “Marriage Agreement” written on the paper.

Only the content of the agreement made her clench her fists in anger and dismay.

The first half of the agreement was normal, but the conditions attached later made Daisy want to punch him on the face.

First, I voluntarily provide one million yuan of living expenses to the wife every month.

Second, the wife can’t touch my things without permission.

Third, during the marriage, we shall sleep in separate bedrooms.

Fourth, the wife shall bring no one over to the apartment.

Fifth, no pets are allowed. The wife should shower and clean every day.

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth… There were more than twenty regulations in the agreement. It was too much!

“You came over from C Country to just let me take a look on this nonsense??” Daisy asked coldly with her arms around her chest. She was just repressing the urge to kill him.

Chuck nodded and replied, “Ask for whatever you want. Anything you want.” So their marriage could just be a contract marriage. Easy as that. Nobody should complicate things any further.

Daisy smiled charmingly and casually replied, “I only have one simple request.” Chuck couldn’t stop staring at her. He couldn’t deny that she was indeed beautiful…

“Just say it. I’ll meet your needs as long as they stay reasonable.”

She picked up the A4 papers on the table, threw it to his face and shouted, “Pick up your contract. Get lost!” Papers were scattered all over the place.

Daisy left the LN coffee shop without even looking back.

She went outside and looked back at the coffee shop’s signboard. LN… He knew that this was Lola’s shop.

“Why do you have to flirt with me if you have fallen in love with another woman?” She thought. “I won’t marry you even if men in this world are all dead!”

Chuck sat straight, closed his eyes, and tried to control his emotions.

He had never seen such an ungrateful woman before! No one had ever treated him like this!

To the surprise of eve

The Mighty Soldier King is back!

With the original intention to protect his beautiful boss, he accidentally gets involved in dangerous adventures and trouble.

Will our Mighty Soldier King be defeated? Or will he sweep away all obstacles?

Lola may have used Lillian’s name to check in. Go and search for more information.”

… Joey respected Mrs. Si in his heart and thought that she knew so many tricks. She was very witty and clever!

It was already two in the morning.

A fancy car was parked at the door of a five-star hotel located in western district. The sleepy doorman sobered up when he saw the fancy car.

A noble man in a white shirt and black suit pants came down from the car and strode hurriedly into the hotel.

The doorman surely knew him since this hotel belonged to the SL Group of Companies. He politely greeted, “Welcome, Mr. Si!” He became alert immediately and pushed open the hotel’s door.

Harry nodded coldly and just kept on walking.

Joey went to the front desk of the hotel, took the deputy card of a presidential suite and handed it to the man who was already about to enter the elevator.

The presidential suite was at the 33rd floor. Harry rushed into the elevator and pushed the button for the 33rd floor.

Lola fell asleep already so she was in a sweet dream and didn’t know that the door was already opened.

She suddenly woke up when she felt a familiar kiss on her face.

She looked at the familiar face in shock and confusion…

“I am in a hotel. Why do I see Harry? I must still be dreaming.” Lola thought. She was still in a daze.

Lola closed her eyes, turned over and got back to sleep.

She then heard a familiar voice. “Baby, we must go home. Come on.” Lola suddenly opened her eyes.

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