Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 409 When I Earn Some More

She was sure of it now. She really heard Harry’s voice. She sat up on the bed and stared at the man.

“Ah! He could still find me even if I used my sister-in-law’s identity card to rent a room? His abilities are really exceptional!” Lola thought in dismay.

“Mr. Si, don’t disturb me while I am sleeping! Leave me alone!” She complained like a child. And then Lola, once again, lay in the bed. With the air conditioner on, the air of the room was so cold that she didn’t feel hot when she covered herself with the quilt.

So, she tightly wrapped herself in the quilt again.

Harry sat down at the bedside, reclined beside her and comforted her, “Honey, you ran away from home just because of that simple mistake of mine. Are you really a good wife?”

When she heard him, Lola suddenly sat up again and stared angrily at him. “What simple mistake? If I have an affair with a man outside our relationship, could you still think that’s just a simple mistake?” She retorted.

Harry’s face suddenly became serious and replied, “I won’t allow you to do this! You can’t even try to make an assumption!” He also didn’t want her to imagine such thing!

“Harry Si, I don’t want to see you now. Get out of here!” shouted Lola. She then lay on the bed once more, with her head covered by the quilt.

Harry held her along with the quilt in his arms and said, “If you don’t want to see me next time, you can kick me out of the house and you stay home. Will that be okay?” She couldn’t leave their house.

If he still couldn’t persuade her, then he had to make a threat to her. This was for her own good anyway.

“Kick you out of the house?” asked Lola. She pulled the quilt away, and stared at him. “You’re so thick-skinned that even if I beat you, you won’t get out of the house! Don’t you try to fool me, Harry?” she said.

Harry looked at her, could not help but laugh and answered, “Honey, let’s go home. Come on, now.” Since he couldn’t remove the quilt from Lola, Harry carried her together with the quilt in his arms and walked towards the door.

“Let me go! I don’t want to go home with you!” Lola shouted frantically. She was so disappointed and just kept struggling. She was still angry and didn’t want to go home with Harry. She just wanted to be by herself for the meantime.

He suddenly stood still and whispered in her ear: “Tonight, the bodyguards failed to watch over you. I’m going to peel off their skin and throw them to the river to feed to the fish.” Of course, he just wanted to scare her. That was just a mere threat. Since Lola was safe in the hotel, he would, at most, just dismiss them.

Lola was silent and looked at the man in front of her in disbelief. ”

“Let’s go and register our marriage on your birthday!”

Marrying Daniel should have been her best birthday gift, but everything was ruined the moment when she caught him sleeping with another woman on the day before her birthday.

“He’s going to marry that woman! She… was my best friend!”

get married, too!

Harry gulped a mouthful of water and coldly glanced at Joey. “I will double your money and pay you back in the future. Get out of here!” he said.

… Joey didn’t get out. Instead, he took a step forward and very seriously looked at Harry. “Above all, do you think how long can I keep you with a little deposit money?” he asked.

Harry swallowed the steak and coldly said, “How long can you keep me with sixty million?” Since his finances were confiscated, he had to try to lower the requirement as far as possible.

Joey wasn’t calm anymore and asked, “How did you know how much money I have?” The next minute, he felt that what he just asked was ignored!

His money was kept at the private bank of the SL Group and the rest of his money was also used to buy the investment products there.

Harry looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot. “Get out, get out. I will reimburse you for all your expenses with triple your money. Don’t worry.” He impatiently drove Joey away.

When Joey heard this, he became very joyful and said, “That sounds great! Wait for me. I will get the invoices and ask you to reimburse me!”

But after Joey left the office, Harry tore up the invoice which was on the office table and threw it into the trash can.

They looked at each other as brothers and didn’t care about the money. That was something which couldn’t be purchased with money.

When Harry took him to his side back then, Joey was also penniless.

At that time, he advanced him a year’s salary, bought him a new house and also helped him decorate the house.

As for Lola, she was so extraordinary that she could make Harry willing to hand over his finances to her. She was really powerful!

From now on, he had to flatter her and adore as often as he could!

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