Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 410 How Dare You Keep Your Second Purse from Me

On one night when Harry went back home, he saw Lola sitting on the bedroom’s sofa, staring furiously at him.

As soon as he saw that his wife was angry, Harry’s first action was to comfort and reassure her.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Why are you looking like this? Please tell me, ” Harry asked her. Then all of a sudden, he thought of something. There was an uneasy feeling coming up to him.

Lola shook away his hand and stood up from the sofa. She then took a box from the table, and threw it in front of him.

Harry lowered down his head, with his palm touching his forehead. He couldn’t have expected that his wife would discover it so soon.

“Harry, how did you get these cheques valued twenty million dollars each?” Lola interrogated him right away. She stood in front of him, with her arms crossed in front of her chest. She looked down at him with authority.

“This man has always been so bold about things. How dare you keep your second purse from me!” Lola angrily thought to herself.

Lola accidentally remembered the Palaiba Tourmaline pendant that he gave to her a long time ago. She has not worn it for a long time. She wanted to take it out for her to wear again. Then she happened to discover that Harry had kept a secret purse for himself!

And she also felt so lucky that she had mistakenly opened the wrong drawer. The box was hidden inside the drawer of his wristwatches.

She even felt amazed when she saw all of his expensive wristwatches.

Then, a special black box attracted her attention. When she opened it, she was shocked to find some cheques in it!

Harry now felt helpless, and he randomly stretched his arms on the back of the sofa. He was trying to look cool and calm inside.

However, even if he was such a man with a real dignity, he had to speak honestly to his wife. “That’s what I have earned lately.” And that was the amount of money that remained. He had returned thrice what Joey has spent for him the last couple of weeks.

… “This man is really capable of earning a lot of money! Just two weeks has passed… He initially only had two hundred dollars. But now, he is earning dozens of million dollars!” thought Lola.

She said to him, “They’re all confiscated! You can’t have them!” Her cold words put Harry back to hell again. Oh, no…

But Harry just put on a mysterious smile on his face. He thought, “It doesn’t matter that my money is confiscated, anyway. I have lots of methods to earn money back.”

Then he stood up from the sofa and said, “If my wife is happy, it’s up to you to take my money away. But, I must have you tonight! That’s my only desire!” He then rested his hands on h

Jean Wen sacrificed herself for family interests. Before her husband divorced her, she made every effort to please him.

“You are inexperienced in bed,” he said coldly.

“You! Give that land to my family, or I won’t agree to divorce,” Jean replied furiously.

“Fine. It is exactly what I am thinking about,” he sneered.

that it was Saturday. “Nicole, my dear baby. How are you?” She held her daughter in her arms and kissed her again and again.

“Mommy, daddy said that you need to have your breakfast as soon as you get up in the morning.” Nicole said very sweetly. Her father asked her to tell these words to her mother.

“Breakfast?” thought Lola. “Well, I’m getting up late recently. I always skipped eating breakfast.”

“But okay. I know. I’m getting up now, ” said Lola. When she sat up from her bed, the quilt wrapped around her slipped off.

Nicole instantly opened her mouth and blurted, “Mommy, shameful!”

… Lola glanced at her daughter, and was speechless. How could this little kid know how to laugh at her.

“You tricky Nicole. Wait here. I’ll just wash up first.” She got out of the bed, and Nicole saw her slightly swollen belly.

It aroused her curiosity so she asked her mother, “Mommy, are my younger sisters there in your belly?” She pointed at Lola’s belly.

“Yes. They will come out to meet you after a few months!” Lola replied happily. She wondered why Nicole thought the babies would be all girls. Maybe she was influenced by her father. Harry crazily loved daughters. Her father kept hoping that the twins would be girls.

“That’s so great!” Kneeling on the bed, Nicole happily clapped her little hands. She would have someone to play with very soon!

Then after Lola finished her washing and brushing, she took Nicole downstairs, and had her lunch right away.

After eating her lunch, she went out for a walk. She got a phone call from Wendy, “Hello, my sister-in-law.” She was holding Nicole’s hand when she answered the phone.

“Lola, I have something to tell you, ” said Wendy over the phone. Her voice sounded quite happy and excited.

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