Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 413 Her Beauty Was Really Breathtaking

French red wine, liquor, champagne…As long as there were people who toasted to Harry, he accepted them all and poured the wine into his mouth.

Harry toasted to all the guests on the first floor. Then he went to the second floor. Lola looked at Harry’s face with concern. His usually expressionless face has now grown red.

“Don’t drink too much wine! You’ll get too drunk, Harry.” Lola whispered to him with caution.

Harry firmly held her hands and reassured her. “I’m fine. Do you feel tired now? We could take some rest.”

She shook her head. She was not tired. Instead, she felt very energized and very enthusiastic.

They held each other’s arms and went upstairs. There were three long tables on the second floor. All the guests were Harry’s friends and brothers.

“Wow! The bride and the groom are here!” Ben shrieked, attracting all the guests’ attention towards Harry and Lola.

“Harry! You are awesome. Your grand wedding ceremony is on live broadcast all over the world. All the girls in the world are enthralled by your charm. Nobody will notice us, poor boys, now. Your poor brothers would have no chance to find a wife!” Eason joked. His face has turned red already. He probably drank too much wine.

Beside Eason, there was a woman whom Lola felt very familiar with. But she failed to remember who she was..

Harry exchanged good-nature banters with his brothers. The woman beside Eason walked towards Lola.

“Hi, Lola! Do you still remember me?” Ella clinked her glass to Lola while shyly approaching her.

Lola thought for a while. She still couldn’t remember who she was. Ella looked at her bewildered face and gently smiled.

“I have been to brother Harry’s office in D City before. We have met that day.” Ella whispered to Lola’s ears.

Lola suddenly realized that she was the woman she had met several years ago. When she went to Harry’s office to send his clothes to him, she saw that the woman was sitting on Harry’s legs.

Ella stared at Lola, who she has always admired and adored. Ella felt ecstatic that Lola now became the wife of her dear brother Harry.

Harry was such an indifferent man. But now… Wow! It was unimaginable to Ella that his heart would be totally captured by a woman.

“Oh! You are…” Lola did not know her true identity. But it seemed that she was not interested in Harry now.

Ella pointed at Eason, who was now forcing Harry to drink and said, “That’s my brother. We grew up together. Last time, what you saw was no

“Do you still want to run away after what happened last night?”

Their relationship changes overnight. She tries to keep her distance from him, while he comes closer and closer.

Spoiling her, he gives her everything she desires. His only wish is to keep her around. The whole world is envious of what she has.

“Never rush in a relationship,” she says calmly.

ld rest. I will handle this.” Harry held Lola’s waist and walked inside the hotel.

There was a special room reserved for Lola.

Lola felt a little tired. She lied on the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Harry kissed her forehead, tucked her in the quilt and walked out of the room.

It was not until 7 o’clock that all the guests left the venue. Guests who were in a hurry to go back were sent home through Harry’s private plane. And there were some guests who stayed at the hotel for the night.

When Lola woke up, it was already 8 o’clock in the evening. She realized that she was already in the mansion.

She was alone on the big bed with red sheets. It was very quiet.

She was barefoot on the carpet. She slowly opened the door of the room. She wanted to go downstairs. When she reached the stairway, she heard some noise from the first floor.

She reached out her head to see what was happening. Harry was drinking with his brothers in the hall of the first floor.

Ben was already sloppy and wobbly. Eason was playing the finger guessing game with Samuel. His face turned crimson as he has drunk too much already. Joey and Chuck were talking to each other in low voices. Harry was playing a drinking game with a foreign man, Jordan and Joseph. His face was also very red now.

She felt that it was not appropriate for her to went down now. But she was so hungry…

She went back to the room, took out her cellphone from the handbag. Her bag was full of red envelopes offered by the guests. She texted Harry, “Dear, I’m hungry now.”

Within three minutes, the door was pushed open. Harry walked in with a plate of food in his hands.

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