Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 415 They’re Together at the Night Club Now

Inside a shabby old apartment at two o’clock in the morning

Yolanda was watching viral internet video again and again. In the video, the man she loved the most had married another woman with a gentleness she had never ever seen.

The wedding ceremony was grand, gorgeous! Yolanda now realized how reluctant he really was when he married her at the time!

The Weibo comments were all words expressing people’s amazement and envy. There were also a lot of people sending their blessings and best wishes to the couple through Weibo.

But even more people were making fun of Yolanda, and she gripped her phone tight with her feelings of hatred.

Envy, jealousy and anger! All of these emotions flooded her heart in a torrent of rage.

Steven had been really stupid. He had taken 20 million from her but had failed to accomplish his task of killing Lola. And on the contrary, even worse, he was killed by Harry.

Now Yolanda was pregnant with Nael’s child, but she didn’t dare to tell this to her family, because she wasn’t married.

Nael was going through the divorce process with his wife. What could she do? Did she really want to marry that poor agent?

She had already thought about an abortion, but Nael did not agree to it. He said that the child was the first of their new bloodline.

Yolanda was still gripping firmly on the phone, and soon she was about to smash it into pieces.

“Harry must’ve been happy with his wife in their bedroom on their wedding night!” thought Yolanda. Ha-ha-ha! She was furious! She couldn’t believe that she was reduced to everyone reviling and condemning her! Her parents now even had to work for others to earn a living.

All of her bad fortune was now attributed to just these two people! Although Steven had disappeared from the world, there still had to be other killers; Yolanda was determined to kill Lola. Yolanda thought that if Lola was dead she might still have the chance to win Harry’s heart back.

Her eyes were flaming with anger while she sat on her bed and pondered on her next move.

It was over a month since the wedding ceremony had ended, but there were still many people still delighted in talking about it.

Lola had been pregnant for less than 6 months, but her belly was really big. It was almost as if she was about to go into labor, and everyone thought that Lola was actually pregnant with twins.

Mrs. Du cooked all kinds of soups for Lola, and Lol

When her sister ran away from the wedding, Autumn was forced to marry Charles.

His name had been linked to innumerable ladies.

He had different girlfriends for every day of a year.

Autumn had never thought that she would fall in love with him.

singing karaoke happily together. Chuck was calling loudly at a beautiful woman who was a meter away from him to pour some wine for him, while Samuel was guzzling down wine incessantly and with agitation.

Only one man was at ease and simply sitting in the corner. His indifferent attitude daunted the beautiful woman beside him from being even close to him.

The woman pondered for a while. Now, everyone in the C Country knew that Harry’s wife was pregnant. This was a very sensitive period in his life, and maybe Harry needed a woman for his needs.

She thought that if she was that woman, then she would become rich, and her fate would change.

She became bolder, and moved closer to Harry. She took up a bottle of luxury wine and poured a little in his glass. When she was about to lift the glass to his mouth, the door was then pushed open by Joey.

When Joey saw that Lola was coming, he stammered, “Bobo… bo…” The word “Boss” lingered in Joey’s mouth for a long time.

Harry then raised his eyebrows and looked at Joey, but Joey looked very strange to him. At this time, the beautiful woman beside Harry had already put the glass of wine beside his mouth.

He was about to push aside the wine back to her, but Joey opened the door.

Except for Harry, Joey would only follow a woman’s orders. He opened the door obediently. Harry looked at the expression on Joey’s face and realized what happened. Indeed!

Lola appeared at the door, and she glanced over the room in a firm and forceful manner. The coldness shining from her piercing look was the same as the coldness radiating from Harry’s eyes.

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