Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 416 I Don’t Gossip

When they saw Lola, Eason and Ben stopped singing immediately and looked at Harry with guilty eyes.

“Oh, my god! That girl initially sat far away from Harry. When did she get so close to him?”

Although Harry was usually very calm, he now seemed to be a little worried. Because he had been working on the investment program the whole month, his friends had persuaded him to take a relaxing night off! But now, his wife was also here!

The room then instantly became silent, and without uttering a single word, Harry pushed away the girl from him and stood up from the sofa.

Eason and Chuck found that Harry was in a little panic.

“Why are you here?” Harry came to his wife and held her closely to him by her waist.

However, Lola pushed his hands away and the room went silent again.

The hostesses were now so frightened that they said nothing.

Harry was the most famous guy in the city! He was the dream guy of a lot of girls! But now he was being refused and pushed away!

Lola turned on the light in the room, and then came towards the girl that had just tried to seduce Harry.

She held the girl’s jaw with her thumb and index finger, and looking at Lola, the girl was too scared to utter even one single word.

“Harry, my dear husband, you have such bad taste! She is wearing a false, cosmetic face! Just look at how much foundation she has! Aren’t you afraid that you’ll be poisoned by those cheap lipstick red lips?” Lola humiliated both her husband, and the girl, rudely. “Since when did he have such bad tastes?”

Eason and the others dared not to laugh, even though they really wanted to do so. Meanwhile, Samuel sobered up. Chuck had never moved his eyes from Lola since she first entered the room. Even if she was pregnant, she still looked very beautiful.

Harry stared at Eason severely. He was the chief culprit in all of this! “Why did you call a hostess? You see what you did? I have to do a lot of explaining for the trouble you put me into!”

“Honey, come here! Please, don’t be angry, sit down please!” Harry led Lola to sit beside hi

It all starts on that fateful night.

When Ella, who is the dear sister of Samuel’s best buddy, sneaks into the hotel where the drunken Samuel resides and gets pregnant…

“I don’t want a divorce!”

“I don’t want a divorce!”

“I did no such thing!”

Ella jumped on the bed and cried out. “I don’t want a scheming woman as my wife. Just sign the paper…

‘t control yourselves when a girl seduces you! This must be the real reason why you leave home so early and come back late!”

“No, no! You are wrong! You’ve misunderstood me completely!” Harry spoke sincerely as he pulled her small hands.

She got rid of his hands, and again stood up and said coldly, “Don’t come home today, and don’t enter my room when you’re at home! You can go anywhere you like now.”

Joey was waiting for Harry, and when he saw the open door, he thought, “Boss has taken less time to handle Lola! ”

Harry followed her, pulled her hands again and constrained her in his arms. “Honey, let’s go home.”

She sneered at him, “Go home? You wish! You’re rich. Find a hotel to stay in for the night! I’ll ask Joey to hire some women for you!”

The people in the hall looked at the couple strangely, “Why do you need to show your love in a nightclub?”

Harry followed her closely. He refused to let her go alone and insisted on going home together. He pressed her against a wall.

He lowered his head, kissed her lips and didn’t care whether he ate the lipstick on her lip or not.

Lola kicked and pushed him, but Harry wouldn’t release her.

“Mr. Si and Mrs. Si are such an affectionate couple! They can show their love even in a nightclub!”

“Yes. What a happy couple they are! Mrs. Si is also pregnant, isn’t she? I can’t see that she’s pregnant!”

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