Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 417 Same As You

Two waiters who were guarding the door stared at them kissing intensely and gossiped with each other in a low voice.

But what happened next now threw them into a total shock – Boss Si suddenly held up Mrs. Si and left the night club…

Alas! Their public display of affection came quite by surprise, hitting hard these single waiters’ hearts.

At the door of the castle

Lola then willfully sat still in the front passenger seat, unwilling to get off.

Harry got out of the car, moved her over, and then lifted her up.

Lola had been pregnant for over six months; she needed to rest in bed instead of wandering around erratically.

When they climbed to the second floor, Harry first put his briefcase into the study room.

When he came out of his study, Lola wasn’t there anymore. He then heard a crack coming from the bedroom – Lola locked herself from the inside.

Harry felt quite helpless. He took out his phone to call for help, but he found that its battery was already dead.

He went back into the study room, fetched the spare key, and then opened the bedroom’s door.

Lola was washing in the bathroom, the sound of gurgling water hiding the sound of the door opening.

She furiously removed her make-up from her face and then put her hand in the bathtub water, while looking carelessly out the window.

“Jerk! Tonight, tomorrow night, the following night after… At least for a month you will never sleep on the same bed with me again!” she thought.

“How dare you try to find another woman when your wife is at home! Aren’t you afraid of STDs or AIDS?”

Harry took off his clothes, opened the bedroom door, and then walked in.

Lola didn’t close the window curtains so she could see the sea, and he could see her standing beside the bathtub, with her back turned to him. She was murmuring something to herself, but the voice was too low to hear it clearly. Harry figured soon enough that she was cursing him.

Seen from behind, Lola’s waist had expanded a lot, but it felt soft when he hugged her at night.

He walked over to her and held her from behind. Lola was scared and tried shouting for help, but he covered her mouth in time.

“Honey, calm down, it’s only me.” He removed his hand from her mouth and turned her to face him.

When he saw him, Lola’s heart started racing. She asked curiously, “How did you get in?” She clearly

“Who does she think she is? I won’t marry her even if she is the last woman on earth,” said Hiram Rong.

“Marry into a family with tens of billions of assets? How lucky I am! I won’t be so foolish as to break off the engagement. At worst, I can receive money as part of the divorce settlement,” said Rachel Ruan.

Their great-grandfathers made a pact about their engagement a hundred years ago…

dn’t know a single word of what to say.

“That night…” He didn’t even finish his first sentence when the doorbell rang again.

Who was at the door? Ella walked past Samuel to open the door.

Her scent filled his nose, just like that night, a month ago, and Samuel shut his eyes with regret.

The man outside was Eason.

“Eason…” Ella blocked him from entering the door.

Eason was about to enter the apartment when he saw that Ella was pushing the door. “What are you doing? I want to ask you something. Let me in.”

“It’s too late, ask me tomorrow! I need to sleep now!” Ella tried not to let Eason see Samuel, or that would’ve been awkward.

Eason saw that his younger sister was acting weird, and he wondered if someone was inside the apartment with her.

At one of Ella’s careless moments, he swiftly squeezed inside through the door’s crack. And indeed, it was awkward when Eason saw Samuel.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief, but it really was Samuel. “What are you doing here at my sister’s place? It’s already late.” He glanced at them suspiciously.

Ella was just about to answer Eason’s question, but Samuel replied, “Same as you.” He looked directly at Eason, with his hands in his pockets.

If it were any other woman that got knocked up by him, he would have never taken responsibility for the woman, nor for the baby. But it was Ella…

Eason then understood, and his face turned pale with fury. “Is it your baby?” He pounced forward and grabbed Samuel by the collar. No one could take advantage of his younger sister, not even his best friend.

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