Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 418 How About Staying Here

Ella was so shocked that she immediately drew her elder brother closer to her, and said, “Eason, this is our own business. You can go back now!”

Eason glanced at his sister and then released Samuel from his grasp, not even changing the expression on his face. He warned Samuel, “I’ve taken you as my brother, but if you ever misbehave with Ella, then we’ll have a problem with that!”

Eason uttered all these hurtful words just because they all knew that Samuel still loved his first girlfriend.

But he wondered how had Samuel stayed and slept with his sister. Rationally, they shouldn’t have done such a thing. Samuel wasn’t the sort of man that didn’t have his sense of propriety. Eason thought it over carefully, but he still had no idea.

After Eason left, only Samuel and Ella remained in the apartment. Ella was a little restless when she was left alone with him.

“Samuel, please sit down!” said Ella. She then tensely fiddled with her fingers and didn’t even dare to look at him in the eyes.

Samuel looked at the woman who was a little timid, denying his own speculation that Ella had taken the initiative to go to his hotel room that night.

He must’ve been the one who had come up with the idea!

“That evening, I was drunk, and I did something that hurt you, and I am sorry. But, Ella, at that time you already knew that I already loved someone else. You won’t be happy if you’ll marry me, ” said Samuel. He smoothed his short hair and then, still restless as he was, sat on the sofa in the living room.

With her eyes getting red and almost filling with tears, Ella, who now was excited by what he said, walked up to Samuel and held his large palm into hers. “No, Samuel. I’m willing…” she said. She was, indeed, more than willing to marry him.

When he heard her calling out his name in such an intimate manner of speaking, Samuel became even more upset.

He looked at the women in front of him, and he found that she wasn’t so pure anymore, but more feminine. She wasn’t the girl he used to know but, perhaps maybe she had changed into a real woman after that night she had spent with him…

Unexpectedly, Samuel nodded, and said, “I will go visit uncle Bo in the following two days.”

Ella managed to hold back her tears and nodded eagerly, tightly holding on to Samuel’s large palm with her hand.

Samuel stood up from the sofa, and said, “You should go to bed early. I will try to get everything ready as soon as possible.”

When their hands were separated from each other, Ella suddenly felt empty. But, she was still very happy.

“Samuel, you drank alcohol tonight, so how about staying here for the night?” asked Ella. She was w

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on. She would happily accept and enjoy all of the meal! Harry had especially hired a chef that came from a five-star hotel and who specialized in seafood.

Lola glanced at him and then continued to apply the moisturizer to her face, saying, “Oh, why don’t you prepare the seafood feast for your other mistresses?” Her voice was filled with jealousy.

Harry then burst into laughter, and replied, “There are no mistresses! You are my only beloved woman!” He then kissed her on her soft, perfumed face.

But Lola quickly finished applying the moisturizer to her face and pushed Harry out of the bathroom. “Don’t think that I will ever forget that you hooked up with another woman last night. I won’ be so kind to you this time!” she said.

“Hooking up with another woman…” thought Harry.

“Do you think it is really necessary for me to hook up with other women?” he asked. He took a sidelong glance at Lola, who was looking him in the eyes, and wondered since when had he become so worthless.

Even if he was really worthless, and he had already transferred all his shares to his wife and daughter, he was still an acting CEO!

When she looked at Harry, who seemed so arrogant, Lola smiled, and said, “Right, right. You’re handsome and rich, and there are a lot of ladies coming from rich families, and a lot of superstars who are infatuated with you and are willing to support you, that you don’t have to seek out other women! Yes, yes, and it seems that Mr. Si already has many superstars and young models!”

… Harry wondered how she could ever possibly mention that he had young models and superstars; Lola really disappointed him this time. “You are the only woman in my heart, ” he said. As for all the other women, they were simply just other people in his eyes.

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