Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 419 How Can She Escape

“Stop lying. Since I’m pregnant, the babies are growing up day by day and I will become fatter. Now, you get up very early in the morning and return home very late at night. If you don’t like me anymore, you can be straightforward. I will leave and never bother you again!” Recalling the experiences she had this month, Lola felt that she was cheated on and almost cried out.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh. He thought that his wife was so cute and clingy. Then he explained, “I’ve been engaged in an investment contract recently. The funds are great and confidential, so I have to deal with it myself. You are thinking too much.” He held her in his arm and kissed her lips tenderly. Her belly was bigger and she became fatter, but these were because she was bearing his children. How could he not appreciate her right now?

Lola glared at him. Doubts were creeping up on her mind. She found it annoying to marry an attractive husband.

Then she suddenly said, “I want to go shopping today!” Considering her health and laziness due to pregnancy, she hadn’t gone out for shopping for a long time. She did nothing but just stayed at the balcony and read novels.

Harry thought about it for a moment. “Sure, I will go with you.” He was worried about her security and health as Jemmy showed up around C Country recently.

“I want to go shopping right now. So if you need to go to the company, I can go shopping by myself.” He must be kidding. If he followed her, how can she escape?

Harry looked at his watch and said, “You can go shopping after lunch. I will ask several more people to protect you.” In fact, he had already ordered some SWAT from the police department to protect her.

Lola nodded. They went downstairs together.

Two chefs were preparing breakfast for Lola in the kitchen on the first floor. Mrs. Du stood next to them to help. Seeing that Lola was going downstairs, Mrs. Du rushed to her and respectfully said, “My Lady! Hurry, please have your breakfast.”

As she was saying this, she walked towards the dinner table and helped Lola to her seat. Harry also helped Lola sit at the chair and didn’t leave until he saw Mrs. Du put breakfast in front of her.

Sitting in the car, Harry felt that Lola was a little weird today. How could she let him go so easily? No way! He needed to let the bodyguards keep an eye on her! It was too dangerous outside.


“Do you still want to run away after what happened last night?”

Their relationship changes overnight. She tries to keep her distance from him, while he comes closer and closer.

Spoiling her, he gives her everything she desires. His only wish is to keep her around. The whole world is envious of what she has.

“Never rush in a relationship,” she says calmly.


Yolanda always thought that she would plot a revenge against her. Recently, the affair between Yolanda and Harry really bothered Lola. She would never let Yolanda off the hook again.

Yolanda smiled coldly and asked, “Lola, are you stupid? That old pocket watch was so valuable that it could even buy half of the world. Do you want to share the wealth with others?” Yolanda found out the secrets of the old pocket watch which represented countless wealth and she also knew that the watch was the key to endless money.

Lola glared at Yolanda disdainfully and didn’t want to talk with her any longer. She decided to step away immediately.

Sensing that she was about to leave, Yolanda intended to follow her, but was stopped by the female bodyguard. “Miss, please stop following Lola!” So without any choice, Yolanda had to watch Lola walk towards another baby clothes store.

Yolanda glared at the female bodyguard in dismay and clenched her fists tightly.

She felt that her presence didn’t affect Lola at all. No matter what she said and what she did, Lola wouldn’t give any response.

With these feelings inside, Yolanda threw the cosmetics she just bought into a trash can and pointed to the ones Lola just bought. She asked the client to wrap it for her.

The cosmetics cost over 60, 000 dollars. Yolanda felt frustrated to spend so much money. She has become so poor that she even felt dismayed about that tens of thousands of money, even just thousands.

However, it was okay because she knew that she was going to get back all the wealth that should belong to her.

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