Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 420 Took Off His Suit

It really was a bummer that Yolanda showed up. It was just like Wendy had said; an ex-girlfriend was like toad, a toad who wasn’t scary, but that only made you emotionally miserable.

She pouted her lips and then picked up her phone from her purse; she then called Harry.

“Do you know who I saw just now?” She wearily looked at all the baby things that Harry had already bought so she didn’t have to.

Hearing her apathetic voice, Harry smiled, and said, “Who did you see? Since it’s a bummer, I guess that would be Yolanda.”

“No one else is bad news for Lola but Yolanda, so it must be her, ” thought Harry.

“Hum, you’re quite clever!” Lola talked with Harry and stared at a small nursing bottle; she wondered whether her breast milk would be enough for the two children after they’re born. She then took two bottles in two different colors from the shelf and handed them to the shopping assistant behind her.

Harry thought that maybe Yolanda had bribed Jaime, and he said, “Be careful and stay away from her. After you give birth, I’ll hunt her down for you.”

“My wife will then decide whether she could live or not, ” thought Harry.

Lola smiled, and said, “Will your heart be as painful then as it is now? Will it, Mr. Si?” She satirized him on purpose.

“Lola, you really are an outrageous woman, did you know that?” He rubbed his sore spot between his eyebrows, and thought that his little wife was harder to handle than even a billion yuan investment plan.

She pouted her lips again, and said, “Harry, why do you talk to me like that?” She wanted to add up everything that he had done to let her down!

She also respected herself, since Harry was flirting with other women, and she kept her calm while talking with him.

“Did the recent events worn out his personality?” thought Lola.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh at her words. He then put a cigarette in his mouth, lighted it, and was about to smoke it.

Hearing the lighter’s sound, Lola shouted, “Harry! You are smoking again!” She knew that at home he hadn’t been smoking recently, and thought that he had quit smoking for good!

What she didn’t know was that he was now secretly smoking at the company. He was a chain smoker!

Harry then put out his lighter. “Honey, it takes

It all starts on that fateful night.

When Ella, who is the dear sister of Samuel’s best buddy, sneaks into the hotel where the drunken Samuel resides and gets pregnant…

“I don’t want a divorce!”

“I don’t want a divorce!”

“I did no such thing!”

Ella jumped on the bed and cried out. “I don’t want a scheming woman as my wife. Just sign the paper…

looked away since they were a couple and it was inappropriate to stare.

In the safe passage, Lola took off the suit and handed it back over to Philip. She said, “You are a hero, and I can’t thank you enough for what you did! I’m leaving now, but you should get out of here later, after I’m gone.”

A hero? If he had known that he had unintentionally helped Lola, he would’ve been scared of being hunted down by Harry!

After three minutes, one of the bodyguards felt something was wrong.

What took the lady so long? He dragged a random woman coming from the bathroom, gave her a hundred dollars, and then asked, “Did you see a pregnant woman inside, dressed in a light yellow dress?”

She looked at the bill blankly, and thought about what she had seen inside.

She still walked into the bathroom to be sure. Two women had just entered, but except for them, it was empty.

She walked out and shook her head. “No, she is not there.”

Oh, damn it!

One of the bodyguards remembered the couple and quickly rushed into the safe passage.

But the woman was already gone, and had only left Philip there, smoking.

“Where is My Lady?” asked one of the grumpy bodyguards. Philip calmly put out his cigarette, and said, “Your lady?” Philip looked at them with confused eyes.

“I mean the pregnant woman in the light yellow dress. If something were to happen to her, Mr. Si will hunt you down and punish you accordingly!” Then, the bodyguards rushed out through the safe passage to find their lady.

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