Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 103 - Kill...

Chapter 103 – Kill…

While Lin Mu was in this blood red vast expanse. Xukong was pondering on the scenario that was currently underway.

‘First the Buddhist path, then the Sword path, and now the Demonic path. There has never been a technique that could combine so many cultivation paths into one, especially for polar opposites. The Demonic path opposes the first two paths. How can it exist stably alongside them?’ Xukong pondered.

Xukong was no longer worried about Lin Mu since the Heart Demon had perished. His concern was that the Heart Demon would harm Lin Mu, but the mysterious ring had taken care of that and had destroyed it somehow.

Although there was an immense demonic aura spread in the mysterious ring, Xukong knew that it was the ring’s doing and it was just helping Lin Mu. Xukong tried to observe the outside world with his spirit sense once again but found that it was now completely impossible to do so. Before, he could still do so even with the world’s restrictions, albeit he would have had to bear the backlash.

But now the mysterious ring seemed to have locked itself down, preventing the spirit sense from leaving. Lin Mu’s mind was also being shielded still, so Xukong didn’t have any luck there either.

“I’ll just have to wait and watch,” Xukong muttered to himself.


The real world still seemed to be frozen and Lin Mu was standing in the Vast expanse in the Blood red lands, listening to the demonic amalgamation of voices talking. At first, he had felt strange upon hearing the voices.

Lin Mu had thought that he should have felt scared or fearful upon hearing such voices, but strangely he did not. Instead, the more he listened to them, the more he felt comfortable. The voices were first speaking in a language that he could somehow understand even though he had never heard it.

But later it changed into violent chants. The chants were esoteric and Lin Mu could not comprehend them, yet still somehow at the same time, he understood them. It was as if the chants resonated with his inner heart and made him understand them on a more intrinsic level.

The chants were trying to invoke something within Lin Mu. He felt the rage that was at a breaking point, suddenly growing even more. It was as if a full container of water that was about to break suddenly increased in volume.

Lin Mu subconsciously started repeating after the chants. The more he chanted, the more his rage grew, but at the same time made him feel comfortable. It was providing him a strange kind of solace. It was telling him that it was his right to be furious and the target of his rage was wrong and anyone that opposed him was to be exterminated.

Lin Mu kept on repeating the chants and felt them getting carved in his memories. They were getting clearer and clearer. Until eventually, the chants stopped and Lin Mu disappeared from the Blood red expanse.

Lin Mu saw the Town Head standing in front of him, still frozen with a grim expression, and suddenly felt the time start flowing again. The specs of dust that were suspended in the air started swirling, and the fine breathing movements of the people in the room could be felt again. Even the faint heart beats could be heard loud and clear in his ears.

An enraged smile filled with malice appeared on Lin Mu’s face as he now started chanting the Burning Heart sutra. Veins popped up all over his body, as his face turned red with rage. Then, without even hesitating, Lin Mu extended his hand and grasped the face of the Town head in front of him.

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The Town head and the Vice captain were too shocked to even respond, when Lin Mu’s fingers dug into the face of the town head. But before he could even scream with pain, spirit qi strengthened Lin Mu’s hand, and he exerted force.

~crack~ ~squelch~

A sickening crack and squelching sound could be heard as the town head’s head turned to mush in Lin Mu’s hand. The force of the grip was so strong that it splattered blood and brains all over the place. Even on Lin Mu’s face, one could see the splatter of blood along with a few pieces of white brain matter on his forehead.

Still, even in a condition like this, a malefic smile was blooming on his face.

Lu Xiao, who was watching the entire incident with dread, had now collapsed on the floor, his pants wet with his urine. He Had evidently been frightened enough to pee himself.

Han Lei was barely able to take control of his wits as he recoiled in horror.

“What… what… what have you done!?” Han Lei spoke with difficulty.

Even though he himself was a cultivator, Han Lei had never experienced a scene like this before. The raw strength that Lin Mu showed was extremely horrifying to him. Even for a peak stage Qi refining realm cultivator, crushing a person’s head in this manner was impossible, they would have to use a martial technique or a weapon to get the same effort.

Though what shocked Han Lei, even more, was how easily the Town head was killed. He knew something that few people in this town knew. He knew that the Town head was a spirit qi cultivator as well, that too one at the Late stage of the qi refining realm. He had always hidden his cultivation from everyone in the town, thus barely anyone knew about his strength.

The town head’s cultivation was also why the captain and vice caption of the town’s guards were so respectful of him. But seeing a person being killed like this made him doubt reality.

Han Lei was suspicious of Lin Mu from the start, as he had heard that he had broken down doors with ease last night. He had heard this from the other member’s of the Night vigil but never expected for him to so strong as to instantly kill a cultivator.

Suddenly the gears in his mind started moving at great speed as he connected the string of incidents.

“You… you were the one who killed our men and also raided the old warehouse.” Han Lei spoke in a stunned tone.

Unfortunately for Han Lei, he had made a mistake when he said that. In his shock, he had given away his secrets and confirmed Lin Mu’s conjectures. Though Han Lei was not the one to be completely blamed for his mistake. Perhaps if it was someone else in his position and witnessed the same set of events, even they would respond in the same way.

Though Han Lei having said that only sealed his fate in the hands of Lin Mu.

“Ah… this only makes it easier for me.” Lin Mu uttered in a hoarse voice.

Han Lei drew his sword from his hilt and pointed it at Lin Mu.

“Don’t! Don’t move.” Han Lei spoke shakily.

Lin Mu paid no heed to his words and simply withdrew his own sword from his hilt in response. He swung it towards Han Lei who blocked it with his own sword but found it almost impossible to do so. The force of Lin Mu’s attack was nearly enough to blow his sword out of his hand.

Knowing that he won’t be able to handle this on his own, Han Lei started to think of possible solutions. His eyes then wandered towards the collapsed Lu Xiao, as an idea popped into his mind. He strengthened his legs with spirit qi and lunged towards Lu Xiao.

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Lin Mu instantly followed him. He didn’t even need to strengthen his legs with spirit qi as even his own raw strength was currently enough. But even still, he was a tad too late as Han Lei reached Lu Xiao and held him up in front of him as a shield.

“Don’t you dare move, or I’ll kill your friend here.” Han Lei spoke as he placed his sword at Lu Xiao’s neck.

“Wha…” was all Lu Xiao could utter before he zipped up his lips in fear.

The chattering of his teeth could be heard as he shivered with utter terror. One could tell that this day would continue haunting him for years to come and would become his worst nightmare. That is, ‘if’ he were to survive today.

The smile on Lin Mu’s face dulled a little upon seeing this as he spoke,

“Futile effort…”

Then, in the next instant, Lin Mu’s body turned blurry for a moment as he disappeared from in front of Han Lei. Han Lei’s eyes turned wide open upon seeing this phenomenon and then became forever stuck that way.

A sword was now pierced through his head. It entered from the base of his neck and popped out through the top of his head. The tip of the blade was just a few millimeters away from Lu Xiao’s own head, but he was unaware as he could not see behind him.

The now dead body of Han Lei slumped down on the ground, freeing Lu Xiao.

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