Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 105 - Finding A Solution

Chapter 105: Finding A Solution

A glint of joy appeared in Lin Mu’s eyes upon hearing senior Xukong’s words.

“What is it senior Xukong?” Lin Mu asked with a bated breath.

“You remember how the mercenaries disappeared?” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu suddenly realized what senior Xukong was meaning and hurriedly replied.

“Of course. The memory confounding powder!” Lin Mu exclaimed.

“Indeed, if you use it correctly, you will not only be able to erase people’s memories but also alter their perception by changing the scene,” Xukong explained.

“Yes, senior. This way I can also spare Lu Xiao by erasing his memories. But will this be effective though, as an hour has already passed?” Lin Mu said with concern.

“It should be no problem in using it on Lu Xiao, as he’s been unconscious the entire time. His memories will still be at that point. But in the case of the mercenaries and the staffers, the main function of the memory confounding powder would be to confuse them.” Xukong explained.

“So the crucial point would be to somehow change their perspectives. This will be a little difficult if I want to plot a good scheme.” Lin Mu muttered.

‘Guess, for now, I’ll just use it on Lu Xiao first.’ Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu then thought about how to use the memory confounding poison and realized that he didn’t know the specifics of it. Thus he turned to senior Xukong again.

“How should I use the memory confounding powder, then senior? I mean, wouldn’t it affect me as well?” Lin Mu questioned.

“You just need to cover your mouth and nose, to prevent it from being inhaled. As for how to use it, you just sprinkle a very minute amount as it is very potent. The amount you have in that vial is enough for more than five hundred people.” Xukong answered.

“Now then, to use it on Lu Xiao. You just need to partially open the cap of the vial and bring it close to his nose for a second. After that, just open his eyelids and see if his pupils are dilated or not. If they are, then it means that it is working.” Xukong instructed.

Lin Mu thus listened to senior Xukong’s instructions and withdrew the vial of the memory confounding powder. He cleaned his face of the blood and then used a piece of cloth to cover his mouth and nose. An idea then struck him and he withdrew the featureless mask he had received from Hei Shi. He then put it on his face as an extra precaution.

“That’s good. If push comes to shove, you will at least be able to hide your identity. Also, I would suggest you change your clothes as well.” Xukong advised.

Lin Mu understood the value of the advice and chose to follow it. He then opened the vial of the memory confounding powder and used it on Lu Xiao for a second. He then quickly closed the cap and opened Lu Xiao’s eyelids to check upon him. Sure enough, his pupils became dilated, and the effect had taken place.

Lin Mu then decided to clean up the office. He first put the bodies of the Town head and Han Lei in the ring. He now had a daunting task ahead of him. He had to clean the blood splatter and small pieces of flesh that had spread around. 

Lin Mu had already cleaned the blood from his face when he changed his clothes, thus he had one less thing to do. He then took out some cloths from the ring and started cleaning the office. But to his misfortune the blood had already stained the wooden floor and the walls, thus making it impossible for him to clean it.

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“This won’t work. I need help.” Lin Mu muttered.

“You can try asking that Hei Shi girl. She is supposed to be tailing you, isn’t she?” Xukong spoke.

“Oh yeah, that’s true. But the problem would be to leave this place.” Lin Mu replied.

“Hmm, you can try spreading the memory confounding powder from the window. It will affect more people, but it should be fine and would only add to the chaos.” Xukong suggested.

Lin Mu thought it over and decided to do it. He went to the large window that faced the street in front and opened it. He slightly peeked into it to make sure that no one saw him. He found out that there was an awning below the window that hid it from the people below, thus he could easily spread the memory confounding powder from there.

Lin Mu thus checked the flow of wind first and then started to lightly sprinkle the memory confounding powder from the window. He couldn’t tell if it was effective or not, but the sounds of the people below had reduced at least. He then spread some powder in the hallway outside the office as well. That way if someone went to the office they would be affected too.

“Now to find Hei Shi. I don’t know where she is, so it would be a little difficult.” Said Lin Mu.

Lin Mu then walked over to the balcony that was located over to the side and slid the door open. He looked around and made sure that no one was watching. The balcony was diagonal to the entrance of the building and was near the roof of another building near it. 

Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and then braced himself. Taking a deep breath, he jumped off the balcony and blinked over to the other roof. By teleporting himself, he avoided making any noise and safely reached it.

Lin Mu laid low and looked around for Hei Shi. Finding her was turning out to be a hassle. She had told him to hold up three fingers in case of an emergency, but that would only work if she could see him. It was currently useless in this situation.

‘Don’t tell me do I need to go to the safe house to request assistance?’ Lin Mu thought.

It was now that he observed a carriage approaching the town center from the other end of the street. He found the carriage familiar and then saw the man that was driving it. It was the same man he had greeted in the shop above the safe house; it was the same man who was dressed in the clothes of the high official.

“I think I can do something now.” Lin Mu said to himself.

Lin Mu waited for the carriage to pass by the building and then blinked on to its roof. The roof of the carriage had raised ends, thus people could not see him. He crawled to the front and called out in a low voice to the driver.

The driver did not seem to listen to him when he spoke a couple of times, thus he then used his spirit sense to alert him. Lin Mu had already known that the driver was a cultivator too. As soon as his spirit sense touched the driver he shivered and looked above him. There Lin Mu was showing his hand from above the carriage.

“It’s me, Lin Mu. We met in the morning.” Lin Mu said.

The driver narrowed his eyes in response.

“Come down, once I turn into an alley.” The carriage driver said.

The driver then turned the carriage into the nearest alley and Lin Mu jumped down to his side.

The driver turned to look at Lin Mu and spoke.

“What are you doing out here? We were just about to come to get you?”

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Lin Mu tilted his head in confusion upon hearing this.

“What do you mean come to get me?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Hei Shi did not see you come out of the town center for a thirty minutes, thus she came to report to us. The leader then told us to initiate a rescue mission.” The driver answered.

Just as the driver completed his sentence the door of the carriage opened and out walked Hei Wan along with two more people. 

“Seems like we were worried for nothing.” Hei Wan spoke.

“How did you come out Hei Shi has been watching the entrance all this while?” Said Hei Bao, who was also in high-quality clothes right now without his mask. 

The last person to walk out of the carriage was another person who was wearing a mask. They did not speak anything and just stood to the side. Lin Mu determined him to be the same man who had come to interrupt their meeting in the morning.

“No, there’s actually an even greater problem.” Lin Mu spoke.

“What kind of problem?” Hei Bao questioned.

“It would be better if I show you in the carriage.” Lin Mu spoke upon seeing a few commoners entering the alley.

All of them nodded and then entered the carriage, except for the driver who instead pretended to check the horses instead. After everyone entered the carriage and they closed the door. The windows of the carriage were already covered, thus there was no fear of anyone seeing in.

“So can you show us now?” Hei Wan asked.

Lin Mu nodded and withdrew the bodies of the Town head and Han Lei, much to the shock of everyone.

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