Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 107 - A Hidden Safe

Chapter 107: A Hidden Safe

The staffer then saw the sword that was drenched with blood and the injured Lu Xiao. He realized the severity of the situation as fear appeared on his face.

“I-I’ll… go call the guards.” The staffer said as he turned back to run downstairs, without even being prompted to.

A few seconds later the staffer was gone, as he shouted out for help. 

“Well, that was easy. Onto the next part then.” Lin Mu spoke.

The others nodded, and Lin Mu turned around to go out through another balcony that opened to the front of the town center. This balcony opened above the mercenaries that were standing outside the town center. This was also the very balcony that the mayor used for giving his announcements and orders to the common people.

Lin Mu made sure that he made enough noise to attract attention. To do this, he slammed open the door of the balcony and walked onto it. The noise of the doors slamming attracted the attention of the people as they looked up at the balcony.

“Is the mayor going to do an announcement today?” A commoner said.

“Huh, has he finally decided to see us?” A mercenary spoke with dull eyes. Evidently, he was under the effect of the memory confounding powder.

“No! Who is that?” A few people shouted after seeing Lin Mu appear on the balcony disguised in the black clothes of the culprits.

People pointed at Lin Mu, and he noticed this.

‘At least they see me.’ Lin Mu thought.

Lin Mu then looked to the side and jumped onto the lower roof that was to the side. Then from there he ran forward and leaped on to the building that was next to him. Lin Mu would have taken this route before instead of leaving from the office, as this was much easier, but the people would have seen him.

But now that very fact was helping him. Lin Mu ensured that he made flamboyant moves so that the people remembered him here. It was now that Hei Bao appeared from on the balcony and looked at Lin Mu.

“Catch him! He murdered the Town Head and the Vice Captain.” Hei Bao shouted.

The people who were not paying attention to Hei Bao were now definitely paying attention to him. Some of them had seen him enter the town center along with Hei Wan and knew that he was important seeing the respectful treatment they got from the staffers.

Shocked expressions appeared on everyone’s faces, which eventually changed to horror. It was only now that Hei Bao’s words clicked into their minds.

“WHAT! What did he say?” Someone shouted.

“The town Head and the vice captain has been murdered!” Someone shouted while running away, intending to alarm the rest of the people.

Hei Bao then followed Lin Mu the same way he had gone by jumping down onto the lower roof and tailing after him. They passed over the roof of the buildings and houses, making people not able to track them.

Unknown to the people, Lin Mu and Hei Bao had stopped after a few buildings, and Lin Mu had changed into different clothes. He would change into his normal clothes after he was inside the town center.

“You need to get back to the town center now. Make sure no one sees you.” Hei Bao spoke.

“Yes.” Said Lin Mu, while nodding his head.

Lin Mu then got on to the ground in a separate alley and returned to the area where the town center was. He climbed back to the roof using the previous building where he had climbed onto the carriage from and then blinked onto the balcony of the town head’s office. 

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The crowd of people were still alarmed and were no longer paying attention to the balcony, thus it was easy for him to enter back again. After entering the office, he quickly changed back into his normal clothes and peeked outside the room into the hallway. 

Lin Mu saw that some guards and Hei Wan were standing outside and had not checked the office yet. Lin Mu had spread the memory confounding powder outside the hallway, thus anyone approaching would be affected. He had already informed Hei Wan about this, thus he was not worried.

Now he just had to pretend to hide in the other room that was attached to the office. Lin Mu opened the door and walked in, only to see that the room he had walked into was a bedroom. It was also luxuriously decorated similar to the office, with paintings and precious vases.

There was a large bed at the other end of the room. It was covered with Veils on all four sides and had silk sheets and pillows placed on it. There were elegantly carved wardrobes and cupboards placed along the walls.

Lin Mu knew that Hei Wan was delaying for time as much as she could so that Lin Mu could return and check the office. The Return of Hei Bao was the signal that they had set for the guards to enter the office. Lin Mu still had a few minutes until they would come in.

During this time, he decided to look around the bedroom and get a better gauge of it. He wanted to see if there were any more pieces of evidence or clues kept in the room that would help them identify the culprits.

But the problem was that Lin Mu could not mess up the room too much, or the guards may end up suspecting him. Though they still had another plan to deal with it if it came to it. They were intending to pin everything on the culprits.

Lin Mu started by checking the cupboards. There were some miscellaneous items kept in there, such as trinkets, paper scrolls, and brushes. He then checked the wardrobes and only found clothes kept in them. The clothes were luxurious and one could easily tell that they would be worth a small fortune alone.

“What opulence! That greedy swine!” Lin Mu cursed with anger.

Lin Mu did not notice that when he did this, a faint wave of demonic aura emanated from him and spread around the room and then quickly faded. Unknown to him, one of the ink paintings that were hanging on the wall had an additional character appear on it when the demonic aura touched it. 

While looking around the room, Lin Mu went past this painting and even gazed at it. But still, he could not tell any difference in it and just thought of it as the same as other ones. He had looked around the entire room but still could not find anything useful.

“Are you forgetting again? Use your spirit sense!” Xukong chided.

“Ah, yes senior.” Lin Mu hastily replied.

In all that had happened, Lin Mu’s mind was too occupied to think of using his spirit sense. He thus extended his spirit sense and started to scan the entire room again. But this time it was much faster.

Eventually, he ended up finding something. There was a faint spirit qi coming from behind the bed. Lin Mu went to it and pushed it aside. Although the bed was big and rather heavy, it was still nothing compared to Lin mu’s strength.

After pushing the bed aside, Lin Mu saw a safe that was hidden behind it. The safe seemed to be made of some kind of metal and had a small slot at its front, most likely for a key. It was this safe from which the spirit qi was coming from.

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“Where could the key be?” Lin Mu wondered.

Lin Mu could have destroyed the safe, but doing so could prove problematic, thus he wanted to look for the key first. If he could not find it, then perhaps he could choose this method of opening it.

Lin Mu had already checked the body of the Town Head, thus knew that he did not have it on his body. The only things he had on himself were a money pouch and a wooden seal. Lin Mu withdrew both of them and checked them.

The pouch had around some gold and silver coins, but nothing else. While the seal was a wooden one that the Town head used to stamp documents and used as identity proof. Lin Mu held the seal and felt that it was much heavier than it should be.

Lin Mu then probed it with his spirit sense and discovered that there was something hidden inside it. He pulled on the seal and it separated into two parts, revealing the item hidden within. This item was nothing else but the very key that he was looking for.

It was a metal key that had a unique pattern engraved at the end of it. Lin Mu inserted the key into the key slot and turned it. A clicking sound was heard as the door of the safe unlocked. He pulled on it and moved it aside. Unlike a normal door, instead of swiveling to a side, the entire door detached from the safe.

“That’s a strange design.” Lin Mu muttered.

But when Lin Mu looked inside the safe, his eyes went wide with surprise.

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