Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 117 - Healing Zhou Ye

Chapter 117: Healing Zhou Ye

As soon as Hong Luo spoke, a serious expression appeared on Teng Xiaolian’s face. He looked at all the mercenaries who were looking at Lin Mu and furrowed his brows.

“What are you all doing, staring? Get to work! Take away the body to a side and make room. Return to your posts we will handle it here.” Teng Xiaolian ordered in a stern voice.

The common mercenaries snapped out of their daze upon hearing the orders and scrambled. Some of them took away the dead body that was on the shield and the others returned to their posts. Due to the alarm, a majority of the mercenaries had gathered here, thus a lot of positions were left unmanned.

This could have become dangerous if some enemy decided to take advantage of their current distraction. Teng Xiaolian ensured that all the mercenaries were far away before separating from the group. 


“This could have become risky. Hopefully, not many mercenaries noticed the process of healing.” Teng Xiaolian spoke up after letting out a breath of relief.

The members of his team and Hong Luo turned to him as realization dawned in their eyes.

“Oh, heavens! We were so close to committing a mistake.” Long An spoke.

“True. It was good that we were already surrounding Lin Mu and were covering most of the angles. So they should not have seen much.” Hao Xiao spoke.

“Still, we will have to talk with the ones who saw it. We cannot let them speak of this. We don’t know what kind of background he has, but if he knows a High-grade healing technique, then there is no doubt he’s from one of the top sects.” Teng Xiaolian explained.

The others understood the seriousness of the situation and nodded in response. They knew that while the common mercenaries won’t have any thoughts about Lin Mu, but if they randomly spoke of this and some wrong people found out about it, it would get problematic.

There was no lack of people who wouldn’t do everything to get their hands on a High-grade Healing technique. But if they really were blind enough to attack Lin Mu and by any chance he got injured, they wouldn’t be able to answer to the seniors of his sect.

Because they themselves were cultivators, they knew how fearsome cultivation sects were, and it was just even more so for the top sects. For the top sects were the very beings that ran this Empire, even though there was an imperial family. Their influence and power were nothing to scoff at. Many had perished in their foolishness of challenging the top sects and many more will.

Teng Xiaolian just didn’t want for them to become one of them too. Even if they were not at fault directly, it would do them no harm to just be extra sure.

Lin Mu was completely focused on Zhou Ye, thus did not notice all that had happened around him. He had his eyes closed, thus did not know that there were such great changes in Zhou Ye’s body. He was currently observing Zhou Ye’s condition through his spirit sense and was channeling his spirit qi into his.

Lin Mu could see that while the meridians and dantian did not completely heal, the impediment to spirit Q’s flow was at least reduced. It could flow much faster and efficiently now. This was also one of the reasons behind the quick healing of Zhou Ye.

“That’s enough,” Xukong spoke up.

“Huh, okay senior.” Lin Mu replied as he opened his eyes.

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Since he was extremely focused on helping Zhou Ye, he was a little abrupt in waking up. He finally took a look at his work and was shocked.

‘What! How did he get healed so fast?’ Lin Mu internally exclaimed.

“I didn’t expect this either.” Xukong spoke with a little disbelief in his voice.

Lin Mu felt a little storage upon hearing Senior Xukong’s tone.

“What do you mean, Senior? Was this not supposed to happen?” Lin Mu questioned.

“No, not really. I think I underestimated the effectiveness of the method I showed you. For a world of this level, I should have guessed it.” Xukong answered.

“Is the technique you showed me something special?” Lin Mu asked.

“It’s a basic healing technique, but I guess for a world like this it should very rare. I doubt many people would know of a technique of the same quality.” Xukong replied.

It was at this time that Teng Xiaolian and Hong Luo approached Lin Mu along with the rest. While it seemed as if Lin Mu and Xukong had been talking for a few minutes, in reality barely ten seconds had passed. Their mental communication was much faster than talking normally. 

Lin Mu turned around and saw the mercenaries standing behind him. 

“That was amazing! Brother Lin Mu.” Hong Luo praised.

“Yes, I never would have guessed that I would get to witness a High-grade healing technique today.” Yi Duyi who had stayed silent for the most part spoke up.

“Brother Lin Mu’s skills are indeed excellent. You were even able to pull someone back from their death like this.” Hao Xiao spoke in a flattering tone.

“Ah, thank you.” Lin Mu replied a little awkwardly as he was not expecting for them to praise him so much.

He then looked around and noticed the absence of the other mercenaries.

“Where are the rest of the mercenaries?” Lin Mu questioned.

“You don’t need to worry about your knowledge of high-grade healing technique leaking, brother Lin Mu. I sent the mercenaries away before they could see too much. I’ll also talk to the others and make sure that they keep their lips shut.” Teng Xiaolian replied, thinking that Lin Mu was worried about the mercenaries.

Lin Mu did not respond and just stayed silent. But in reality, he was actually talking with senior Xukong.

“It seems like I was right. It is indeed deemed as a high-grade healing technique in this world.” Xukong spoke.

“But senior, you said that this is a basic healing technique, then why is it a high-grade healing technique here?” Lin Mu curiously inquired.

“While it is a basic healing technique, its intended use is not for commoners or mortals. Instead, this is a basic healing technique for the physique of immortals.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu was a little dumbstruck on hearing senior Xukong’s words. He had not thought that he would be using a technique that was intended for immortals here. 

“Also, it seems like these mercenaries are smart and tacitly understood what they should and should not see,” Xukong spoke.

“Yes, senior. This should make it easier for us.” Lin Mu replied.

Lin Mu suddenly thought of something that made him a little excited.

“Wait, senior if this is so effective in healing, can’t I use it on myself?” Lin Mu questioned.

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“No, you cannot. The technique can only be used on others. Try thinking a bit more, can you imagine using it.” Xukong replied.

Lin Mu listened to Senior Xukong’s words and tried imagining. He reached the same conclusion and indeed found that it would not be possible. If he did it, it would be the same as a tap filling its own tank. There would be no difference.

“Then senior, do you have other healing techniques that I can use?” Lin Mu asked with a little hope in his eyes.

“No, the ones that I have, are not suitable for humans,” Xukong answered.

‘Though there are other techniques I have that can help you in healing, but you are not ready yet.’ Xukong inwardly said. 

Lin Mu nodded slightly and refocused his eyes on the people around him. They were looking at him patiently and were not speaking anything. Seeing that no one was asking him any questions, Lin Mu decided to speak to them.

“What are we going to do now about Zhou Ye?” Lin Mu questioned.

The mercenaries’ brows furrowed in confusion upon hearing his words.

“Zhou Ye? You know this person.” Hong Luo asked first.

“Yes, he’s one of the two hunters in the town, that are also cultivators.” Lin Mu answered.

“Hmm, We’ll wait for him to wake up and then ask him what happened. From the wounds on his body and the other corpse’s I can deduce that it was a spirit beast that attacked them.” Teng Xiaolian spoke.

“The other corpse?” Lin Mu asked.

“The other person that Zhou Ye was dragging on the shield was actually a headless corpse. We don’t know who that person is exactly, but we do know that they belong to the elite team of the Ashen cloak mercenaries.” Hong Luo answered this time.

While Lin Mu was healing Zhou Ye, they had already received a preliminary report from the other mercenaries, thus knew about the corpse.

“That means that the dead mercenary was a cultivator as well, doesn’t it. But if that is so, then shouldn’t they be in an elite team with other cultivators?” Lin Mu questioned after thinking for a bit.

Teng Xiaolian and Hong Lou’s expressions fell upon hearing Lin Mu’s question.

“That’s the thing we’re dreading. The mercenaries in an elite team stay together, rarely do they separate.” Hong Luo spoke.

“But if that mercenary was killed, then that means…” Lin Mu trailed off.

“The entire team probably met the same fate.” Teng Xiaolian spoke with a grim tone.

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