Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 124 - Announcement

Chapter 124: Announcement

Lin Mu would have never expected that there was going to be a core condensation realm expert in the reinforcements. If this was true, then it was perhaps going to be much better than he thought. It would help safeguard from anything too drastic and hopefully would be enough to stop the culprits.

“I see, that’s a relief. It will definitely be better.” Lin Mu spoke.

Then Lin Mu wondered if there was one core condensation realm expert in the reinforcements, then was it possible to get more of them. He also wondered how many core condensation realm experts there were in the Hei corps.

“Do you have more core condensation realm experts? We would most likely need them later if we are to deal with the ‘Invader’.” Lin Mu questioned.

“I think so too. You don’t have to worry, more of them will be called in when it’s the right time. In all, we have three core condensation realm experts.” Hei Wan answered, feeling a little proud.

Having more than one core condensation realm expert was often a thing of pride for most clans and organizations. Even the rich clans in the Wu Lim city didn’t have any core condensation realm experts in them. Perhaps only the mayor was the one who was a core condensation realm expert and also had some subordinates that were core condensation realm experts as well.

As for the Nascent Soul realm experts, they were considered very rare. Barely any clans in the Shuang Qian kingdom had those in their families, except for perhaps the royal family. Any nascent soul realm expert was qualified enough to start a cultivation sect of his own, thus this showed the level of prestige they commanded.

Feeling a little better after hearing Hei Wan’s words, Lin Mu nodded.

“Now then, it’s time for me to address the commoners.” Hei Wan replied.

Lin Mu nodded and let her continue on her way. He and Hei Bao followed behind Hei Wan and accompanied her to the balcony. Upon reaching there, Lin Mu stayed behind and let Hei Bao stand with Hei Wan. It would not be good of him to stand with them and would only bring him unnecessary attention.

“Don’t be too expectant of the core condensation realm experts, Lin Mu.” Xukong suddenly spoke.

“I shouldn’t be?” Lin Mu asked, feeling a little confused.

“No, you should not. Any invader that can successfully enter a world is a strong being. They would have to be at the Nascent soul realm at the very least if not higher in order to even sense the spatial fluctuations. So you can imagine their strength. 

Even if they are restricted by the world’s will, they are still not to be taken lightly. There’re more chances than not that the core condensation realm experts wouldn’t even stand a few seconds against it.

In this case though, it’s just an avatar. So it could be possible if you take the right precautions. Still, you need to be extremely prepared for anything that would come your way.” Xukong explained.

A serious expression appeared on Lin Mu’s face as he comprehended Senior Xukong’s words. 

“Yes Senior, you are right. We definitely cannot take this lightly. I’ll take your advice to my heart and prepare for the worst.” Lin Mu spoke in a determined voice.

Xukong inwardly nodded upon seeing this and let out a sigh.

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‘While he is rather obedient, he still needs to learn a lot. I only hope that I’ll have enough time to teach him.’ Xukong inwardly spoke with a helpless tone.

Right now, Hei Wan had just opened the doors of the balcony and had walked out. Hei Bao was standing next to her and was keeping a sharp look out on the people. Lin Mu understood the reason for this and knew that being vigilant was for the best. 

‘We can’t ease up right now. Better to be as alert as possible.’ Lin Mu thought.

In accordance with his thoughts, Lin Mu extended his spirit sense and kept a vigilant gaze. Hei Wan had now finally started to speak, and everyone’s gazes were on her at this moment.

“Residents of Northern town. I have heard your complaints and plights. I know what has happened and now I am going to resolve it. You have suffered for far too long and it was our dishonor that it was not taken seriously.” 

Hei Wan took a deep breath and looked at the expectant faces of the commoners, feeling a little empathic, remembering her own memories from the past.

“I have decided that we are going to hunt down the culprits that are responsible for the recent incidents. As for the beast that has been wreaking havoc, we are going to hunt it too and are forming an elite team of experts for it.” 

By now, faint expressions of happiness had appeared on the faces of the commoners.

Lin Mu was listening to her words and felt that they were good and should enough to assuage the people’s fears. Even the mercenaries who had been wronged and falsely accused should be favorable to this.

But just as Lin Mu was thinking of this, he suddenly detected something in the range of his spirit sense. It was traveling fast and was only five meters away from Hei Wan and Hei Bao. Alarm bells rang in his mind as he acted on instinct.

Lin Mu Blinked to the two people and withdrew the large tower shield from the ring. He immediately put it in front of them and held on. Two clanging sounds were heard as something collided with the shield. Lin Mu now knew that those two objects were actually crossbow bolts, whose tips were glistening with a black liquid.

“ASSASSINS!” Lin Mu warned.

Hei Bao and Hei Wan immediately entered a battle-ready stance as they too focused on their spirit sense. While this was happening Hei Bao was a little shocked, as he was not able to sense the bolts even when they had entered his range. They were simply too fast for that. Yet, Lin Mu had fortunately and blocked them.

Lin Mu was still holding out the tower shield in front of him. He kept on holding it with his right hand and withdrew the mask which Hei Shi had given him before. He wore it quickly, to ensure that he won’t be exposed.

He knew that the culprits were close, and he wanted to make sure that they were kept unaware.

It was now that Hei Wan spoke up.

“THERE! On the roofs, there are two of them.” 

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