Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 125 - Assassins

Chapter 125: Assassins

Lin Mu and Hei Bao heard her words clearly, and their eyes went towards the direction of her finger. They spotted the two assassins and locked on to them. 

The two assassins had evidently realized that they had failed in their attempt to kill Hei Wan and Hei Bao, thus they had turned around to escape.


The guards that were standing in two files at the sides of the crowd immediately became already and acted on the orders that were issued. They surrounded the crowd and made sure that they were covered from all sides. 

The crowd was panicking, but was still responsive enough to listen to the words of Hei Wan and the guards. The mercenaries on the other hand were used to danger, thus they did not panic, but instead withdrew their respective weapons and got ready to fight.

“We have been waiting for this moment, brothers! Time to show those culprits what it means to challenge us.” A mercenary from the group shouted.

“YEAHHH!!” The mercenaries shouted in unison, having no fear on their faces.

The culprits were on the other side of the square on top of the buildings. They were already a good distance away, thus it would be a little difficult for Lin Mu and Hei Bao to catch up with them. Still, they weren’t going to let them go.

“I’ll take the one on the right, you go after the left.” Lin Mu spoke.

Hei Bao nodded in response and jumped down onto the lower roof from the balcony, just as he had done yesterday. Lin Mu too did the same and went after the assassins. 

Lin Mu strengthened his legs with spirit qi and increased his speed. He leaped down from the roof and started running through the streets in the direction of the culprits. He ran for a bit and once he was sure that he was away from the eyes of people; he blinked to the top of the roof of a building.

Once he was up there, he could see the culprit in the distance clearly. The culprit was still pretty far from him and he had to catch up with him. Lin Mu observed that while the culprit was far, he wasn’t as fast as him. 

Lin Mu was steadily catching up to him. The culprit was running on the ground and thus had not spotted Lin Mu yet, who was high up on the roofs. Lin Mu would leap from roof to roof and when some of them were too far apart, he would just use blink to teleport to the other side with ease.

Lin Mu’s regular use of ‘Blink’ had made it easy for him to maneuver through the buildings. In a minute, Lin Mu had caught up with the culprit and was on the right of him, up on the roof of a house. By now they had crossed up the central area and had entered the residential area. 

Because the houses were relatively smaller in size than the buildings in the central area, the culprit finally saw Lin Mu. If the culprit’s face was not covered with a cloth, one would have been able to see an absolutely stunned expression on his face.

Lin Mu took this moment where the culprit was stunned and blinked right behind him. The culprit just became even more shocked when the person in front of him had disappeared in the blink of an eye into thin air.

Lin Mu appeared behind the culprit and punched the man on his head. While the punch was not strengthened with spirit qi, Lin Mu’s tenth stage body tempering realm strength was already enough to knock him out instantly.

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The culprit fell on the ground and scattered the dust on it. 


Lin Mu let out a breath after ensuring that the man was incapacitated, but still alive. Honestly, he was a little unsure of his strength and had held back. He was a little worried that if he used too much strength, he may just end up killing the man instead of knocking him out.

Lin Mu then realized that he actually didn’t have a rope to tie the man with.

“Ugh, I need to remember to buy more things now.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

He then took out some clothes and wrapped them around the man’s hands and legs to tie him up. Now that he was done with this, another question came to his mind. It was about transporting the culprit. He could just wait there for the guards to come, but he was worried that the culprit’s companions may find him, or perhaps the culprit would free himself.

Not having any other idea, Lin Mu just decided to put the man in his ring temporarily. Though he knew that he couldn’t keep him in there for long or the man would suffocate. 

“Try to store some air in your ring. I’ll restrict it in a place so that the man can breathe in it.” Xukong chimed in Lin Mu’s mind.

Lin Mu’s eyes lit up, and he replied.

“Yes, senior.”

Lin Mu had actually tried storing air in his ring before, but the problem that occurred was that the air would just diffuse in the environment inside the ring. Even senior Xukong had been unable to grasp the size of the space inside the ring, thus one could only imagine the sheer massiveness of it.

No matter how much air Lin Mu tried storing in the ring, it would just end up spreading and would become useless. His previous experiment of storing beasts had already made him understand the consequences. But now that senior Xukong was helping him personally, it shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.

Lin Mu willed it, and the air in his surroundings started to enter his ring. He could actually see the dust in the surroundings, moving towards him. A minute later he reckoned that he should have stored a sufficient amount of air in the ring, though he still couldn’t estimate the exact quantity of it.

“Don’t worry, this should be enough air for him to breathe for an hour at least,” Xukong spoke.

“If you say so, Senior.” Lin Mu respectfully replied.

He then stored the unconscious culprit in the ring and started running towards the direction of the second culprit. Lin Mu of course wouldn’t leave Hei Bao alone to deal with the culprit. He actually didn’t even know if Hei Bao had caught up with the culprit or not.

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