Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 127 - Identity Of The Culprits?

Chapter 127: Identity Of The Culprits?

The people present there currently furrowed their brows upon hearing Hei Bao’s words.

“We’ll make do with him. Have you seen his face yet?” Hei Wan spoke.

“No, not yet. If they are death warriors as well, they probably have poison hidden in their face covers. I just didn’t want to take the risk there.” Hei Bao replied.

“That was wise. We can check it once we go inside.” Hei Wan spoke while nodding her head.

She turned around and walked in through the entrance of the town center. The others followed behind, and Lin Mu did the same. Hei Wan went to a different room this time instead of the office. They went to a room that was on the second floor.

The room was mostly empty, except for a table and a few chairs. The walls were made of stone and had no windows. The eight people walked in through the singular entrance and closed the door upon entering.

“Place him on the chair and lock him with the chains.” Hei Wan ordered.

There were some chains and shackles that were kept on the table. It seemed like to Lin Mu that Hei Wan had already expected this and had prepared this beforehand. The diver of the carriage and Hei Bao went ahead and restrained the culprit with the chains and shackles.

After this was done, Hei Bao carefully removed the face cover of the culprit, revealing the poison sacs that were hidden within. If someone else had carelessly removed the face cover, they would have just exposed themselves to the poison and would probably die.

Hei Bao put the cloth that had the poison sacs attached to in a separate corner of the room, away from others. He then removed the final layer of the cover from the face of the culprit, revealing his face.

Though in the end, the revelation turned out to be disappointing as none of the people could recognize the man that was the culprit.

“Anyone know who this is?” Hei Wan asked and looked around.

Everyone shook their heads, denying that they did not know. Lin Mu tried to remember if he had ever seen this person before, but could not. Hei Bao walked towards Lin Mu and gestured for him to follow him. While walking, he whispered to him.

“We need to see the other copse too.” 

“Ah yes. I’ll take it out.” Lin Mu replied after reaching out of the room.

Lin Mu took out the corpse and carried it with Hei Bao to the room. The Ming Brothers looked at the corpse with interest and confusion. Lin Mu could guess what they were thinking. They placed the corpse on the ground, and Hei Bao did the same process again.

He removed the cloth with the poison sacs and revealed the face of the culprit. This time Lin Mu recognized the face as his brows furrowed. 

“I know this person.” Lin Mu stated.

Everyone turned to look at Lin Mu upon hearing his words.

“Who is it?” Hei Wan questioned.

“I don’t know his name, but I know that he’s one of the guards that had disappeared after the beast attack.” Lin Mu answered.

The dead culprit was none other than one of the guards he had seen at the entrance of the town the night he had killed the black-robed men. 

Hei Wan turned to the two men that were wearing the large straw hats that covered their faces.

“Investigate their identities and find some guards that may know more about this dead ‘guard’.” Hei Wan ordered.

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The two men nodded and immediately left the room to carry out their orders. Finally, Hei Wan turned to look at the Ming brothers.

“You two know that it’s best if this information is kept confidential for now, right?” Hei Wan spoke in a cold tone.

The Ming brothers immediately felt cold sweat appear on their backs upon seeing the cold stare of Hei Wan. While they couldn’t actually see her face because of the veil, they could still feel the hidden pressure and intent.

They hurriedly nodded to show their acknowledgment.

“Good, then. Call in your leader, I’ll discuss this with him.” Hei Wan spoke.

A relieved expression appeared on the faces of the two mute brothers, as they felt better that their leader was now going to be here instead. They nodded and cupped their hands in respect before leaving as well.

Once they were gone from the room and the door was closed, Hei Wan let out a sigh.


“Now we can speak freely.” Hei Bao spoke.

“Yes. What else did you two find out then?” Hei Wan questioned.

Hei Bao then showed her the two crossbows in response, along with the other items he had retrieved from the two culprits. While Hei Wan did not seem to be bothered by most of the items, she still furrowed her brows upon seeing the crossbows.


“Wen Dao armaments. It would have been so much easier if it was someone else. Why did it have to be them?” Hei Wan spoke with a helpless tone.

“Will your lord be able to do something, maybe?” Lin Mu asked.

Hei Wan shook her head upon hearing Lin Mu’s question.

“No, unfortunately not. While Wen Dao armaments are rather secretive about their customers’ identities, it would have not been much of a problem getting it from them. But the problem now is that they’ve gained the backing of cultivation sect recently.” Hei Wan explained.

Hei Bao tilted his head in confusion after hearing this as well.

“This is news to me. When did this happen? They must have done something to gain the cultivation sect’s favor.” Hei Bao questioned.

“I found out about it recently as well, it only happened about a week ago. Apparently, some disciples from some cultivation sects took fancy to their workshop and decided to take them under their wing.” Hei Wan answered.

“Just disciples? What kind of a sect are they from that they can just take an influential and powerful workshop like Wen Dao armament under their wing?” Hei Bao asked with shock on his face.

“We don’t know. But looking at the cultivation base of the disciples, I fear that they may be from one of the top sects, perhaps. The disciples all had a cultivation base at the core condensation realm.” Hei Wan answered.


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