Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 128 - Requesting For Weapons

Chapter 128: Requesting For Weapons

Neither Hei Bao nor anyone else had expected these words to come out of Hei Wan’s mouth. Core Condensation realm experts were already a rarity in this region. Even in Wen Dao armaments, there was only one Core condensation realm expert. 

This Revelation was too much for them and they could only imagine the kind of sect the said disciples must have come from. Even in the top sects, most disciples were at the qi refining realm. Only the inner sect disciples were at the core condensation realm, along with a few core disciples.

“This means that… they are at the very least inner sect disciples.” Hei Bao stated.

Hei Wan shook her head helplessly in acknowledgment.

“That is true, and seeing their numbers, I doubt they can be from anywhere except a top sect.” Hei Wan spoke.

Hei Bao then realized that they still didn’t know how many disciples were there. He turned his eyes to Hei Bao in a questioning manner.

“There were eleven disciples at the core condensation realm and fifteen at the peak stage of the qi refining realm.” Hei Wan answered upon seeing the gaze of Hei Bao.

At this point, even Lin Mu was left speechless and could not know what to make of this. It seemed to him that another one of their avenues had been blocked by misfortune. It was now that he heard the voice of senior Xukong again.

“It doesn’t matter to us as much for now. You need to focus on the Invader instead, that is what’s going to be more problematic in the long run.” Xukong advised.

“Yes senior, you’re right.” Lin Mu replied while gently nodding his head to himself.

He then looked at the faces of the people in the room and thought about what they should be doing next. 


Lin Mu coughed and pulled their attention towards himself. 

“Now then, we still need to focus on the current situation.” Lin Mu reminded.

Hei Bao and Hei Wan let out a breath and nodded their head in acceptance.

“You’re right. We shouldn’t be distracted by needless things for now.” Hei Wan spoke.

“So, when are the reinforcements coming?” Lin Mu questioned Hei Wan.

“The majority of them should be here within a week, but the core condensation realm expert will take around ten days to reach.” Hei Wan answered.

Lin Mu tilted his head in confusion upon hearing her words.

“Why is it taking him so long?” Lin Mu questioned.

“You see, the Core condensation expert was very far from us. We only sent the message to him four days ago. While he should have received the message by now, it will still take him a long time to reach here.” Hei Wan answered.

“What was his location before this?” Hei Bao asked, feeling strange.

“The Black Dawn kingdom.” Hei Wan answered.

“Hmm, that makes sense. Crossing the borders and the counties would take that much time.” Hei Bao replied.

Lin Mu was not expecting that the core condensation realm expert would be coming from so far. He had heard of Black Dawn Kingdom before and knew that it was the neighboring kingdom of Shuang Qian Kingdom. It was located to the west of it and was nearly the same size as that of the Shuang Qian kingdom.

Lin Mu didn’t know much about the Black Dawn kingdom, except that it was a rather barren kingdom and didn’t have much farmland. The only common thing between the Shuang Qian Kingdom and the Black Dawn kingdom was that the Northern Forest existed in both Kingdoms. It was the largest forest in the Northern Lands and spanned across the three frontier kingdoms.

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Lin Mu had only heard of some tidbits from the traveling merchants that had once come to the northern town and had been to the Black Dawn kingdom before. He had heard from them that it took over two months to reach the Black Dawn kingdom from the Northern Town if they traveled by a carriage.

‘If that expert is able to reach here in ten days, then it’s still rather quick.’ Lin Mu reckoned.

“Well then, what should I do in that period?” Lin Mu asked.

Hei Wan turned to Lin Mu and thought for a bit before speaking.

“We’ll be discussing this matter with the mercenaries first, we can do that as soon as they reach here. As for the rest and considering the matter of the ‘Invader’ I think we can only proceed after all the reinforcements are here.” Hei Wan answered.

Lin Mu nodded after hearing her answer and thought it was reasonable. He didn’t want them to rush in headfirst and make a mistake which they cannot afford.

“You can do whatever you want in the meantime. We will contact you when we need your help. We are also going to assign people to help the mercenaries keep a watch on their camp, so you don’t need to be bothered with it. As for the culprits, we will be interrogating this person and investigate further.” Hei Wan explained.

‘That should give me enough time to cultivate till I reach the late stage of the qi refining realm, hopefully.’ Lin Mu thought.

Seeing Lin Mu lost in thought, an idea appeared in Hei Wan’s mind.

“Do you perhaps need something from us? You’ve helped us plenty until now, so we should compensate you.” Hei Wan spoke.

Lin Mu raised his brows upon hearing her words. He then thought over the things that he had been desiring: Weapons. 

He had tried buying them from the shops in the town but was unable to get them here. He had been told that he would need to get them from the Wu Lim City as they were rather unorthodox and were not popular enough in this area.

“I do want something.” Lin Mu spoke.

“Oh? What do you want?” Hei Wan asked.

“I want weapons.” Lin Mu replied.

“Well, that can be easily arranged. Just tell me what kind of weapons you want and we’ll get them for you.” Hei Wan spoke in an assuring tone.

Lin Mu didn’t reply to her straightaway, but instead withdrew a roll of paper from his ring. This roll of paper had the list of the weapons that he needed for training with the ‘Thousand Armament Blade Scripture’. He had long since made this list, as he had not been able to find them in any of the shops here.

Lin Mu passed the roll of paper to Hei Wan, who promptly took it. 

Upon seeing the roll of paper, Hei Wan thought that perhaps Lin Mu wanted some specific type of weapon and that its design was written on the paper. But when she unrolled it and read it, she was stunned. 

It wasn’t the design for a weapon on the roll of paper, but rather an entire list of weapons. She roughly glanced over at them and realized that there were more than three hundred weapons on there. Some of them were common weapons, while the others were unorthodox and rare.

She couldn’t imagine why Lin Mu would need these weapons. While the common and uncommon weapons were fine with her, but some of the weapons that were mentioned on the list were simply unheard of to her. She had never seen names such as these.

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Hei Bao approached Hei Wan and curiously peeked on the roll of paper that was in her hands.

“This… this is enough to equip a small army!” Hei Bao exclaimed.

Hei Bao was rather shocked by this and didn’t know how Lin Mu would even use them. 

‘He couldn’t possibly carry them all, could he? Even if he stored them in his high-grade spatial treasure, will he even have enough space for them?’ Hei Bao thought.

Hei Wan removed her eyes from the roll of paper in her hands and looked up at Lin Mu again.

“Are you sure that you want these?” Hei Wan questioned.

“Yes, I’m sure. I want all of those weapons.” Lin Mu replied.

Lin Mu was actually not expecting to get all of the weapons. He knew that getting all of them would be an expensive affair, thus he would be happy with even a quarter of the weapons. 

“Fine, then. I’ll have them imported from the Wu Lim city. Though I don’t know how much time it would take as some of them would probably have to be custom made.” Hei Bao replied.

‘Wait, she’s actually getting me all of them? That’s makes it easy then.’ Lin Mu inwardly spoke, feeling surprised.

He suppressed his surprise and made sure that it was not displayed on his face before speaking again.

“That’s fine, I will wait for them. Thank you for the offer though.” Lin Mu spoke in a grateful tone.

Hei Wan simply nodded and gestured to one of the men with the straw hats. She handed the list to him and told him to get it ready. The man accepted and left the room to carry out his given task.

“I’ll retreat for now then. I’ll be at my house, so you know where to find me.” Lin Mu stated before leaving the room as well.

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