Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 133 - The Twelve Types Of Elemental Qi

Chapter 133: The Twelve Types Of Elemental Qi

Lin Mu opened his eyes and looked around and saw the backyard of his house. He could see the wall of the courtyard in the distance and the wall of the house itself behind him. He touched his body and ensured that everything was fine before taking a breath of relief.

Although Lin Mu knew that he would be safe, he was still a little bit nervous about using this skill and passing through a wall. Since he had a hard time understanding senior Xukong’s words, he didn’t know how exactly it worked then, but now that he had actually done it, he understood it.

The feeling of passing through the wall was strange to him. It was as if he was moving through a cloud of mist, such that while he felt the presence itself, but there was no obstruction and he was easily able to move through it.

“That was strange, yet fine.” Lin Mu muttered.

‘I should try it out a few more times.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

He thus activated the skill once again and tried passing through other things. All of his attempts were successful, as he found out that there was nothing here that he couldn’t pass through.

“If I use this while fighting, won’t I be invulnerable as all hits will just pass through me?” Lin Mu spoke to himself.

“Not exactly.” Xukong interrupted Lin Mu’s thoughts.

“What do you mean senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“While you are able to pass through all the objects here, it won’t be possible for everything. For example, attacks that are done with the help of spirit qi skills or techniques will still harm you. These attacks won’t be unaffected by the skill ‘Phase’. And even in terms of objects, if there are defensive formations or qi barriers placed on something you won’t be able to pass through them either.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu thought for a few seconds after hearing senior Xukong’s answer. 

“So does this mean that anything that has qi in it will be able to affect me? If so, then is there any way that it can become effective against it as well?” Lin Mu questioned.

“In a broad sense, yes. Spirit qi is a force of nature that affects every object on an intrinsic level, thus you will still be affected. And of course, if your comprehension of spatial elemental qi reaches a high enough level you will be able to use it against qi attacks and defensive techniques as well.” Xukong answered.

Lin Mu was lost in thought after hearing Xukong’s words. The information was a lot for him, and it took him time to comprehend it. As he comprehended the information, more questions arose in his mind from them.

His mind worked and churned out more doubts and questions that it needed answers to. Lin Mu’s inherent curiosity couldn’t help but come out.

The thing that had interested Lin Mu’s interest was the term that Senior Xukong had mentioned, ‘Spatial elemental qi’. While he had heard about it before from his mouth, he was now interested to know more about it.

“Senior, what is this ‘Spatial elemental qi’ you were talking about?” Lin Mu questioned.

“Spatial elemental qi is one of the twelve types of elemental qi’s in this universe,” Xukong answered.

“Elemental qis? Do they have different types? But then what type have I been using all this time?” Lin Mu questioned.

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“Yes, there are multiple types of Qi. While there are numerous types in the universe, those twelve are considered to be the main types, while all others are either combinations or derivations of those. The qi that you use does not have a type. It is the most basic attribute, less qi.” Xukong answered.

“What are the types of qi then?” Lin Mu questioned further.

“The twelve different types of elemental qi are classified into three categories; the five mortal, the four heavenly, and the three primordial. The Five mortal elements are: Fire, wood, earth, metal, and water. The four heavenly are: Wind, lightning, light, and darkness. And finally, the three primordial ones are: Space, Time, and Chaos.”

Lin Mu felt as if a new world was opened to him after hearing Senior Xukong’s answered. This time he was able to understand the words completely and comprehended them.

“How do I increase my understanding of the spatial elemental qi then, senior?” Lin Mu questioned.

“That is a complex thing to answer. With the abilities that your ring has imparted to you, you should be able to understand and comprehend it, eventually. The more you use it and focus on its workings, the more you’ll learn the intricacies and details of it. 

There are other ways to learn as well, of course, but they are going to be difficult for you, especially because you want to comprehend more about the spatial elemental qi. If it were something from the five mortal or even the four heavenly elements, I would have been able to suggest you something, but for the three primordial elements, it is difficult.

My own comprehension of the spatial element comes from my bloodline, and even then it took me countless years to master it.” Xukong explained.

“If you do want to increase your comprehension of them, you will need special techniques that allow you to do that, unique treasures, or perhaps just a stroke of luck,” Xukong added at the end.

Lin Mu was once again lost in his thoughts. Xukong had expected him to ask another question, but surprisingly he didn’t.

“I understand senior.” Lin Mu simply said.

Xukong was a little surprised as he was ready to explain more to him further, but Lin Mu seemed to be satisfied for now.

‘I need to wait for it. When I get the opportunity I’ll take it, being impatient will only do me harm.’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Just as Lin Mu was about to return to his room, a voice called out to him.

“Sir Lin Mu!” The voice spoke.

Lin Mu walked to the gate of the courtyard and opened it. The voice that was calling out to him belonged to Hei Ping, who had been standing guard here for the past ten days. Lin Mu looked at his face and saw that he seemed to be slightly nervous.

“What is it?” Lin Mu questioned the man.

“I have a message. Leader Hei Wan has asked you to come to the safe house, the final person from the reinforcements has arrived.” Hei Ping replied.

Lin Mu instantly understood what he meant by ‘the final person’. It was none other than the core condensation realm expert that they had been waiting for all this time. Now finally they could carry on with their plan ahead.

“I’ll set out right away.” Lin Mu answered.

Lin Mu then returned to his room and changed his clothes, which he had been wearing for the past ten days. After doing that, he left the house and locked it before leaving for the safe house. This was the first time that Lin Mu was out of his house in ten days. 

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The first thing that he noticed was that the people in the neighborhood actually seemed to be calm and happy. There was no sort of hidden nervousness and unease that was in them during this time of the year. 

“Seems like Hei Wan did well in allaying their fears.” Lin Mu muttered to himself.

Lin Mu continued walking and was able to see some mercenaries around as well. This was a new change, as the town head had falsely accused them and shunned them before, which made them avoid coming into the town. Even the common residents had become suspicious of them because of the town head’s words, but now that Hei Wan had taken control, it seems to have gone to normal.

Lin Mu reached the safe house after fifteen minutes and knocked on the door. The door was opened by the old woman that ran the shop. She looked at him for a moment before letting him inside. Lin Mu walked in and saw that unlike before, the shop was completely empty and there was no one sitting in the front room. 

He followed the old woman to the other room and came to stand in front of the secret entrance. The old woman held out her hand to him, asking him for the identification badge. He gave it to her, and she opened the hidden entrance for him.

Two minutes later, Lin Mu was at the door of the safe house. He opened the door and instantly saw many people sitting in the room. They were dressed in different types of clothes, and some looked no different from commoners. There were also some that were dressed as mercenaries while others that were dressed as merchants.

Overall, it was a mixed crowd of people and Lin Mu felt as if he had walked into the middle of a busy market. but as soon as he walked in though, tens of weapons were pointed at him by these people. 

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