Walker Of The Worlds

Chapter 146 - Desperation

Chapter 146: Desperation

Hei Yingjie did not let the alpha steel back wolf initiate the first attack. Instead, he sprinted forward and attacked first. He swung his saber with an intense speed and slashed at the Alpha wolf.

“Haa-!” Hei Yingjie shouted.

The Alpha steel back wolf did not flinch from Hei Yingjie’s approach but instead looked at him closely. It stared until the very last moment when he was just a meter away from it. Then just when the attack was about to reach it, the Alpha steel back wolf disappeared.

“Huh, What?!” Hei Yingjie exclaimed as he saw his foe disappeared.

“Where did it go?” he spoke as he looked around.

But just as he was about to move, Hei Yingjie suddenly felt danger from his back. His spirit sense immediately spread around and he saw what was approaching him. It was none other than the Alpha steel back wolf.

The Alpha wolf had increased its speed exponentially and was now coming towards Hei Yingjie. Reacting at the very last moment, Hei Yingjie leaped to the side to avoid the attack. The Alpha steel back wolf missed its target and flew ahead.

It landed on the ground and dug some trail marks as it exerted force to stop itself.


The Alpha steel back wolf turned around and growled at Hei Yingjie. Deep malice could be seen in its eyes and one could tell that it was incredibly infuriated. It lunged at Hei Yingjie once again, but this time he used his saber to block its attack.


A loud clanging sound was heard as the tough body of the Alpha steel back wolf hit the saber of Hei Yingjie. The man in question was pushed back several meters due to the force of impact and could not help but stabilize himself by digging in his feet into the ground.

Lin Mu and the rest of the membered witnessed the encounter and were incredibly shocked by it. They had never expected the fight would turn direction in such a manner. Before, Hei Yingjie was at least able to keep up with the alpha steel back wolf.

But now that the Alpha steel back wolf had awakened its bloodline ability, its strength had increased and it became hard to compare it with that of Hei Yingjie. Its speed had already increased by a lot, while its strength had also increased due to its muscles compressing.

The Alpha wolf and Hei Yingjie kept on clashing and exchanged blow by blow. Lin Mu was able to watch it in the few moments that he got between fighting the other steel back wolves. Their numbers seemed to have finally started reducing, and they had killed ten more of them.

Lin Mu did another scan of the area and saw that the remaining amount of steel back wolves was around forty.

“We have to end this quick, Hei Yingjie won’t be able to hold it back for long.” Lin Mu uttered.

By now, he had heard the words of the other members of the Hei coops and knew that Hei Yingjie was going to force himself to end the fight. Lin Mu kept on fighting the steel back wolves and was trying to kill as many as he could so that he could then help Hei Yingjie.

Lin Mu did not want to let Hei Yingjie die here. He felt as if a bad taste would be left behind in his mouth if he escaped and let Hei Yingjie die.

“Dammit! I’ll kill you all.” Lin Mu cursed.

Lin Mu now started chanting the severing heart sutra and targeted as many steel back wolves as he could. Before he was not using the severing heart sutra as he had to interrupt himself and help the other members. But now he was just focused on killing the beasts.

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The effects of the severing heart sutra took place and three steel back wolves were now affected. Lin Mu’s target range for the severing heart sutra had now increased to three from the previous two. His regular use of the sutra had increased his proficiency.

The steel back wolves became dazed and were now slow to act. Lin Mu took this opportunity and quickly killed them. 







One by one the steel back wolves started dying under Lin Mu’s blade. Finally, the time arrived when no more wolves were coming forth to attack them. Lin Mu looked around and saw that only a couple of the steel back wolves were now left fighting.

Most of them had fallen under his hands, while the rest had been handled by the members of the Hei corps. They were covered in injuries from head to the toe and were extremely exhausted. Everyone except for Lin Mu was now nearly out of spirit qi.


Just as Lin Mu was looking around, the sound of a painful shout was heard. He looked to the side and saw that Hei Yingjie now had a large claw wound that extended from his right shoulder over the abdomen all the way to the left side of his waist.

The diagonal injury was caused by the Alpha steel back wolf and could be evidently seen as its claws were dripping with blood, Hei Yingjie’s blood. Hei Yingjie flinched in pain and was knocked back. The Alpha steel back wolf took advantage of this vulnerability and lunged at him again.

Hei Yingjie rolled to the side but dropped his saber in the process.

“No!” Lin Mu shouted as he sprinted towards them.

The distance between them was now far though, as they had moved away while fighting. They were over a hundred meters away from each other. Lin Mu knew that he won’t be able to reach Hei Yingjie before the wolf attacked him. 

Lin Mu gave up on hiding his skills and just decided to use them. He thought that it will be worth it even if he ended up exposing himself. Lin Mu thus used blink and moved forward ten meters in a second. During this period the alpha steel back wolf had attacked Hei Yingjie again.

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